Mr. Vijay forms a trust

Mr. Vijay forms a trust in his name to confer awards to eminent personalities in Professional Education industry and to help needy students/artists in Professional Education field.

He Started this Trust because he wanted to give back something to the Professional Education world for having brought him to the position he is in now. Every year, the Trust will give awards to talented Indian male and female professionals. Members of the Trust are Anuradha ,Thimma Reddy and Hanumayamma, and Srikshitha .

The objectives of this trust are:

To advance Indian Culture and Literature, service of this country for the benefits of our nation.
To function as a non-commercial trust and as a secular organization.
To help financially and give pensions to old and needy Professionals of education field .
To establish, maintain and run Certification oriented colleges and academies.
To confer Vijay Bhaskar Reddy.I award to one eminent personality in the field of Education every year.
To sponsor Certification programs/Educational CD and cassettes, etc. which promote and advance Indian Professionals.
To help the poor and needy students of merit in Certifications by means of financial support for the certification studies and also presenting them the required Books.
To help the poor and needy students of India who require medical help.
To bring biographies and documentaries of legendary educationists of India which will be a factor of inspiration to the next and future generations.
To maintain a library of Certifications(both books and CDs of all types of exams and course)
If you would like to make contributions to Mr.Vijay's trust, please make payment to the following trust account.

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