Unomaly delivers automated, self-learning anomaly detection, enabling organizations to take proactive operational, business and security monitoring to the next level. It helps them to save time fixing problems, improve uptime and security and give new and improved insights into risks as they develop.

How it worksHow it works

Every IT system produces realtime data on what it is doing – and that data is largely unique to each system. The data is unstructured, variant, complex and high volume. Unomaly can consume that data regardless of format, structure and without any form of parsing.

Unomaly looks through every event in realtime and consumes every parameter, frequency and change into baseline profiles. As your systems evolve, so does its data and these baselines. These profiles provides Unomaly and you with a real world view of what the infrastructure is doing – free from any form of bias. These profiles are accurate enough to detect a sneeze, yet adaptive enough to understand your having a cold.

SecurityDetect unknown and known incidents

Unomaly exploits the fact that incidents are not part of normal. By identifying chains of new, different or changing data and tying them together into scored situations, Unomaly is capable of giving you the attention to the most critical, changing and unknown parts of the infrastructure.

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