Technical Writing training from Spectramind

Course Modules:

Software Development Life Cycle

· Software Development Life Cycle
· How Software is developed, tested, maintained and retired
· How products are installed, configured, customized and deployed
· Relating software product features and business benefits
· Working with programmers and testers
· Understanding software requirement specifications
· Analyzing product architecture
· Web everywhere
· Documentation development life cycle
· Types of documents associated with software products
· Different types of software and applications

Technical Writing

· What is Technical Writing ?
· Role of a Technical writer
· Principles of Technical Writing, Documentation deliverables
· Printed documentation and Online Help Systems
· Working with images and illustrations

Documentation Process

· Understanding Audience/Readers
· Collecting and Organizing information
· Drafting information verbally and visually
· Producing Information

Technical Writing Process

· Document development process
· Estimating Technical Documentation
· Documentation Planning
· Selection of Tools
· Information Architecture
· Templates and Page design
· Audience Profiling
· Task Analysis
· Content Development
· Elements of Style
· Technical Reviews
· Editorial Reviews
· Formatting and pagination
· Document Conversions
· Content Publishing
· Quality Control
· Content Maintenance

Grammar and Editing

· English Grammar
· Punctuation and Mechanics
· MS Style Guides & Proof Reading

Technical Writing Software Tools

· Microsoft Word
· Macromedia RoboHelp
· Adobe FrameMaker
· Snag IT
· Ms Visio
· PowerPoint
· PhotoShop

Microsoft Word

About Microsoft word
· Introduction
· Features
· Starting the Application
· Accessibility, Formatting Text
· Font and Paragraph settings
· Bullets and Numbering, Cross-references
· Borders and Shading, Styles and Formatting
· Template Creation, Creating Sections
· Working with Table, Bookmark &Hyperlink
· Generating Table of Contents & Table of Figures
· Header and Footer, Footnote and Endnote
· Working with Reviewing toolbar
· Toolbars, Shortcuts, Protecting the Document
· Watermarks/Columns/Change Case
· Generating Index, Autotext and AutoCorrect

Macromedia RoboHelp

· About Online Help
· Planning an Online Help, Understanding RoboHelp Interface
· Creating your First Help project, Working with Topics & Folders
· Working with TOC, Index, & Glossary, Generating Output
· About Types of Layouts, Applying Template and Style Sheet
· Controlling CHM Window and Skins
· Working with Links, Pop-ups, Triggers, and Drop-downs
· Working with Graphics and Text boxes
· Creating Related Topics, See Also and Keyword Link
· Playing with Marquee, Triggers, and Splash Screen
· Creating Dropdowns, Expanding, Hyperlinks and Popups
· Changing the primary layout, Tools in RoboHelp Html
· Creating and Working with Tables, Creating and Displaying Browse Sequence
· Creating Manually/Automatically Multiple TOCs, Indexes, and Glossaries
· Single Sourcing - Conditional Build Tags and Batch Generation
· Creating Context-sensitive Help, Importing Files & Skins, and Merging CHM
· Understanding the Project Source Folder and Files
· Generating Reports.

Adobe FrameMaker

· Introduction
· Usage of FrameMaker
· FrameMaker v/s MS Word
· Getting Started, Accessibility
· Creating/Importing Documents
· Saving New File Formats
· Basic Text Formatting
· Working with Tags,Tables
· Tools Pallete, Drawing Tools
· Working with Paragraph and Character Designers
· Working with Frames, Anchore Frames and Alignments
· Working with Body, Master and Reference Pages
· Page Designing and Defining Variables
· Hyperlink, Cross Reference, Pop-Ups and Image Mapping
· Generating Table of Contents, Index and Glossary
· Creating Books, Conditional Text and references
· Document Conversions

Snag IT – Image Capturing Tool

· About Snag IT
· Introduction
· Features
· Starting the application
· Image Formats, Batch Convert Images
· Exploring the Program Window
· Capture Profile, Image Capturing Modes
· Creating WebPages, Creating simple Demos
· Companion Applications
· Snag IT Editor
· Snag IT Studio
· Catalog Browser

MS- Visio (Image Drawing Tool)

· Introduction to MS- Visio
· Using various technology images
· Creating DFD’s and Architectural Diagrams
· Synchronization of images
· Creating different file formats
· Special Merits,Installation sequence
· Types of shapes, Behaviour of shapes
· How to Get shapes, Templates stencil
· Connection shapes, Staking shapes
· Group/ Ungroup, Text Adding
· Data Linking, Data Graphics
· Auto Linking, Hyper Linking
· Save type – formats
· Importing into Word


· Importance of Presentations
· Saving Powerpoint
· Working on Slide Master
· Applying Design Templates
· Custom Animation and slide transition effects
· Action buttons and hyperlinks
· Slide layouts, Movies and Sounds
· Insert & edit clip art
· Create a slide background using a picture
· Customize graphical bullets
· Insert and format a table into a slide
· Add an animation scheme to selected slides
· Rearrange slides, SlideShows
· Customize slide backgrounds and templates


· Introduction to Photoshop
· Cropping images and editing
· Using advanced tools for creating architectural diagrams
· Explore the Photoshop Environment
· Basic Photo Corrections, Selections
· Basic flow mode for editing images using Photoshop
· Retouching and Repairing
· Work with selections
· Creating layers, Mask and Channels
· Correcting and Enhancing
· Slice and Link an Image
· Creating Rollovers, Animate GIF Images
· Painting and Editing
· Basic Pen Tool Techniques


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