ROP -Realms of Possibilities

Class Title: Realms of Possibilities
Cost: 50,000 INR
Duration : 2 days

Topics covered:
1. Acknowledge and release the roles that you play
2. Acknowledge the enjoyment of states that you reject and refuse
3. Allow magic to show up in your life
4. Allow yourself to be touched and your body to feel
5. Be aware of what you ask for and what you say
6. Be genuine, be you, and be authentic
7. Be in orgasmic resonance with your body and the universe
8. Be in total allowance of everything including YOU
9. Be true to you and do what you enjoy
10. Be willing to perceive, know, be, receive, have, and do anything and everything

11. Be without limitations and that infinite space that is YOU
12. Become the frequencies rather than the vibrations
13. Bust the insanity barrier
14. Choose rather than decide
15. Come out of hiding and trust you
16. Dare to speak the unspeakable
17. Detox with awareness
18. Don’t lie to yourself
19. Embrace your sexualness and be totally vulnerable
20. Expand your realities

21. Express genuine gratitude and appreciation
22. Function from the space of consciousness and awareness rather than from thinking, emotions, or attitudes
23. Get in touch and acknowledge your body
24. Get rid of your shit and lighten up
25. Give up mysticism, self-sacrifice, and higher causes
26. Give your body what it ASKS for
27. Honor you, choose you
28. Let go of all judgments, especially criticisms
29. Let go of being a surrogate
30. Let go of polarity

31. Let go of your stories
32. Live in the question and be in the flow
33. Live life as an orgasmic spark
34. Live life as just an interesting point of view
35. Live life without tension, form, structure, and significances
36. Make friends with your body
37. Make you bigger than your problems
38. Make you the source for you, and them the source for them
39. Open your mind and let go of all beliefs and facts
40. Reclaim you, your power, potency, and infiniteness

41. Release dampness and dankness and keep the energy Moving
42. Release magnetic stains, imprints, and wraps
43. Relish in orgasmic shivers in streams and circuits
44. Resolve all conflicts with yourself and with your body
45. Speak with the consciousness of all things and non- things
46. State flip, smile, open that door, and allow more joy to shine through
47. Step out of your comfort zone and expand
48. Step up, show up, and be present
49. Un-create and destroy your past and the future, and be here now
50. You as an Infinite Being and Putting it Together in Realms of Possibilities

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