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Team Foundation Services

Consulting, Training, and Everything In Between.
Team Foundation Services (TFS) is an excellent development resource once it is all set up and configured right, but getting there involves a lot of specific skills and complicated tasks. SPectramind's experienced engineers can help jumpstart your TFS installation project.

We will install all the pieces needed:
A Domain Controller with Active Directory
Sharepoint Portal
Team Foundation server
Configure groups, users and access rights

TFS Training:
Once TFS has been configured Spectramind’s engineers can help you start using the tool effectively.
How to configure your personal workspaces
How to use the source control portion of TFS
How to customize process templates to match your needs

You will learn:

  1. How to create TFS projecTeam Foundation Server
  2. Configuring Team Foundation Notifications
  3. Creating Custom Reports in VSTS
  4. Customizing Process Templates
  5. Customizing Work Items
  6. Enforcing and Customizing Check-in Policies
  7. Intro to Version Control - Branching
  8. Intro to Version Control - Changesets
  9. Intro to Version Control - Checkin Checkout
  10. Intro to Version Control - Diffing
  11. Intro to Version Control - Shelving
  12. Microsoft Excel Integration
  13. Microsoft Project Integration
  14. MSF Agile Process Template
  15. Navigating the VSTS Project Portal
  16. Project Management with Work Items
  17. Project Metrics Data Warehouse
  18. TFS Admin and Setup
  19. Understanding VSTS Reports
  20. Using Team Foundation Servers Command Line Tools
  21. Using the Team Explorer

Contact Details:

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Mr Vijay - UK , LONDON
Mobile : 07503587379

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