All the applications, servers and network devices in your IT infrastructure generate valuable data every second of every day vital for managing, securing and auditing IT. Yet using this IT data is time-consuming and painful, because it’s locked in silos of departments and technology scattered throughout the organization.

About Splunk

Splunk indexes all your IT data regardless of source, format, location or volume. Once indexed you can search, alert and report on your data to troubleshoot application outages, investigate security incidents and demonstrate compliance in minutes or seconds instead of hours or days.

The result

Teams are more productive, problems get resolved in a fraction of the time, compliance mandates are finally being met and security risks are radically reduced. Get Splunk working for you. Start by looking at the area below that interests you. Or see for yourself and download Splunk for free and install it in minutes.

Application Management – Reduce Application Downtime and Escalations.
Infrastucture and Operations Management – Improve IT Operations Performance and Reliability.
Security and Compliance – Provide Situational Awareness and Affordable Compliance.
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Free Get Started with Splunk Workshop. In just one morning, you will learn the basic techniques of Splunk.
Splunk Training. Get the most out of your investment in Splunk software with Splunk training courses and quickly become a super-user or advanced administrator.
Splunk Best Practise Installation & Configuration Service. This service helps your organisation to get started with Splunk and lays an excellent foundation for a successful follow-up by you or your staff.
Logging as a Service (LaaS). LaaS collects, stores and indexes all your IT data and makes it available for analysis, troubleshooting and reporting. All without the traditional high initial cost.

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