Welcome to Money… Money… Money…!
This is an invitation to a money class that will provide more ease and joy with money.

Due to our own experience with money and the amazing tools and techniques from Access Consciousness, we would like to inspire other people to change whatever they would like to change.

What contribution can we be to you?

Have you ever felt like there’s never enough money… it doesn’t matter what you do it you still always feel like there to little… that there’s sometimes this stress that it will not be enough or that it stops you from the choices you would like to make?

What if money wasn’t a struggle? What if money could be ease?

Infinite expansion


Welcome to the How to Become Money Workbook Class!
There are a lot of people who are trying desperately to change their money situation. This class is about how to BE Money!!

Every point of view that you have created about money creates the limitations and parameters from which you receive money.

Are you ready to be brutally honest with yourself about what your points of view of money are?

You are the only one you are fooling if you are not willing to be honest with yourself!
Is money fun and light for you?


Welcome to Having Ease with Money and Your Body!
Could you imagine having ease with MONEY and YOUR BODY? What if you could choose to include your body in the creation of the money in your life? Because let’s face it: the only reason you need money is to take care of your body, to clothes it, to transport it from point A to B, to put a roof over it’s head, etc…

If you were to be only a spirit, money wouldn’t be in the equation… So during these 2 days, we will dive into the weird ideas, beliefs, limitation you have around money, creating money, having money in order for you to have ease with it, and to include your body in the experience.

We will take the 1st day to dive into the beliefs and difficulties you have around money with the help of the How to Become Money Workbook, and the 2nd day, we will talk more about bodies, creating ease with body, including your body awareness in the creation of money and wealth and in the afternoon, we will include a body process to unlock or exponentialize some energies in your body for it to be a partner with you in your creation of money in your life.

This 2 day class includes a body process and a copy of How to Become Money Workbook
(the body process will vary according to the energy of the class)

Psychology used to be the study of knowing, and what happened is we went from the study of knowing to the study of behavior. Pragmatic Psychology is about using the study of knowing as a way of creating something that’s greater than what we can do by trying to control behavior. - GARY DOUGLAS

Would you like to create a life where there is so much more ease that you know that you have to choose the ease you truly deserve? Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought you were going crazy and where you lost yourself in other people´s worlds, to a degree where you had no idea what your world was or what you wanted your life to be like?

Have you ever tried to use your mind to get out of the insanity of this world, thinking that if you finally understand the craziness of this world, that you would be free at last? Has that ever worked? Is now the time to lose your mind and start functioning as the infinite being you truly be?

What if the things you call problems and issues are possibilities to change direction that you have not yet acknowledged? What if you are not having a problem, but an awareness? Are you willing to receive it? What greatness and superpowers are depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, psychosis, schizophrenia,…? What if mental illnesses are capacities that you have not yet discovered? And what if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

Welcome to these worldwide classes where you can access your difference and your crazy and find out how you can use everything you are to create your life. Whether you are a practitioner, a doctor, therapist, parent, teacher or a person who would like to know what gift you are to the world with the difference you are, this is the class to find out.

Pragmatic Psychology is founded by psychologist Susanna Mittermaier and facilitated worldwide by brilliant facilitators.” ……is “founded” the correct word?

The target of this telecall is create more awareness and consciousness around the topics this planet is facing. We will be using the clearings of Access Consciousness™ and different concept and ideas to create the possibility of a different future, where stewardship beyond sustainability can be created together.

What if the energy that we all be together can truly change the face of the planet?

Are you willing to contribute to a future that actually works for all beings on this planet?

What is truly possible?

Please join!

Welcome to The Ten Keys to Total Freedom!

The Ten Keys To Total Freedom are the KEYS TO YOUR FREEDOM in this reality!

Gary Douglas often says that over 95% of anything that is going on can be handled by using one or more of the Access Consciousness® Ten Commandments! If you’ve never attended an Access Consciousness® class before, then this is a great introduction! (And if you have… you’ll discover a whole range of things about how to use the Ten Commandments that you never knew before!)

What if you could have a simple list of tools that could change almost anything in your life? Would you be willing to have that much ease? What if using just ONE of these tools every day could totally change your life? It’s totally possible… you just need to choose it! Are you ready to lose big chunks of your frustration, confusion and limitations? Is this the class for you? Is now the time?

Over several weeks you will explore what each of the 10 Commandments are and what it means to be living them with ease, joy and glory. Recognize when you are not choosing the 10 Commandments and CHOOSE again!

How does it get even better than this?


Money – a different possibility
What is the reality you would like to have with money?

What is possible with money you haven’t even considered yet?
This class is going to be slightly different. We going to look at the world of money.

We are going to look at the world of money in a very different way. And sorry to say we actually going to do some work.

We need to get to those areas we have not been willing to look at with money so that we can start to choose and function from a different reality with it.

All your points of views are what creates the limitation you have, the frustrations you feel and the reality you live by.

Your point of view creates your reality. So what is possible if you have no point of view…ever?

One of the purposes of this money notebook, is to get you into question about EVERY single thing about money.

You are going to have to DO this book/ class more than once. And the more you willing to, the deeper and freer you’ll get.

My question to you is: if you had no fight in your world about money… if there was no wrong or right about it… if you had no charge in any direction with money, would you have a different possibility with it?

What you will get with this class:
· A workbook
· Recordings
· After class support
· A whole new outlook on money

Money - A Different Possibility - 1 Day Class
What if what you truly desire, doesn’t exist yet?

99% of everything about money, finances and other people success is a lie. This reality is specifically designed for you to fail and for you to get rid of your money. What if there is a different choice available

Are you willing to play the game of money, or just be a victim to it.

This class is a 1 day class about getting you to see through the lies of tricks of this financial reality.

Once you become aware, you are no longer effected by it and now have a different choice to create beyond it.


Welcome to Symphony of Business
When you start to see your life, living, reality and business as one symphony you will to tap into a greater awareness of how everything and everyone connects.

You begin to perceive how every choice you make can become profitable, and how every choice you have is the source to your greater future.

Symphony of Business classes empower you with pragmatic and practical tools, methods and techniques to master the flows and energies available to create businesses that work and are sustainable.

You learn how to tap into and perceive what it takes to fine tune your business in every way so that your music is heard by all.

When you have one instrument out of tune, if affects your whole symphony. It’s the same with business.

What if you could be the master conductor and allow your businesses
to grow and expand in the most amazing ways?

What if your business could support you, and out create you every day?

What if your business could show you the miracles in this reality?

Symphony Of Business - 2 Day Class

The purpose of business is to create change ~ Gary M Douglas

Business is the platform for miracles to show up in this reality.

And the target of this class is to get you to the point where you can claim, own and acknowledge your capacities, awareness and knowing with business so that you can actualize a greater reality for you and the planet.

Most of us have been taught, educated and told how to create business through a rational, mental, linear and predictable manner. The thing is, if 97.5% of all entrepreneurs fail in 2 years globally, something is not working! And even when someone has financial or business success, there always seems to be something missing.

What if that could all change?

What if the greatest way to create business and your life is from question? No fixed points of view, no judgments. What if you had the ability to change at anything at any moment? and what if there are no answers of what is right or wrong, but the capacity to follow the energy of possibility?

What if you broke the foundation of business and stating creating from a different space all together?

SOB is about accessing your gifts talents and capacitates with business, money and everything else and using it to create from what you know is possible. Not form what should be, or the have to and must nots, but truly from the natural capacities you have that have been hidden through the rules and regulations of this reality.

And what if business is the platform for you to experience, grow and expand your greatest gifts talents and capacities?

Does your business work for you or do you work for it?

SOB was born in a class with Dr Dain Heer, Symphony of Possibilities during a conversation about using SOP to facilitate and end the void between business and people.

During the class, Graeme works on participants with SOB sessions *and includes and brings in your businesses to work on too *

This is NOT a MBA environment or class, this is about tapping into your energetic abilities, you phenomenal hidden capacities and brining you into the world so that you can instil your reality of possibly into this reality through business and creation

What if you could end the separation between you and business, you and success and you and you?

Would you like to live in the reality of possibility?

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