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Sadhana Access Webinar: Dr Sanjeev connect with us was wonderful. His practical approach to pull energy was extremely effective on all levels of mind, body and soul. With "All barriers down " the day began on an accomplishing note.

Rajeswari Access Webinars: The concept of energy pulls was explained wonderfully by Dr.Sanjeev

His knowledge, enthusiasm & faith in the application of the Access Consciousness tools actually makes it easier for the participants to become eager about the subject & grasp it completely

Thank you very much, Dr. Sanjeev, the energy pulls are working like magic! It's been just 12 hrs from the webinar and I'm experiencing the much needed energy shift in my Universe already! 😊
I'm glad I attended the session

Chaandni Access webinars: I was extremely irritable and uneasy since 5-6 days. After the session, I slept and next morning I was back to my happy self and felt so light! Thank you, Dr. Sanjeev.
And my headache didn't come back today :)

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