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Salesforce CRM is a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, which is developed on platform. With the help of Salesforce organizations can easily track and mange their leads, accounts, contacts, cases, partners, customers, opportunities, activities, products, campaigns, documents and many more.

Salesforce doesn’t require software at customer end, for using it customers just need to login similar to other secure website and it is ready to use by your organization. With the help of Salesforce organizations can manage their relation with the customers, entire sale cycle, and track competitor’s information and can make action plan to stand against them. Thus, Salesforce provides a competitive advantage to your organization.

Spectramindis skilled in many areas of implementing Salsforce:
Configuration, Customization, Implementation, Development, Administration, Service and Support, and Training of Salesforce CRM based on client requirement.
Personalizing UI.
Managing Partners.
Calculating Forecasts.
Tracking of organization products, documents and maintaining price book.
Configuration and implementation of campaign plans and continual improvement on it.
Creation of various Reports and dashboard to see the big picture of organization’s current status and improvement.
Configuration tuning.
Migrating data from other CRMs.
Customizing email notification template.
Integration with other applications/3rd party applications with the help of Apex and Web Services.
Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
Integrating Salesforce with organization portal.
Distributing applications through AppExchange.
Creating and integrating Flex and AIR UIs
Creating classes and pages using Apex and VisualForce

Why Spectramindfor Implementing Salesforce?
Highly professional and experienced team available to handle and deliver client requirements with excellent communication and technical skills.
We have extensive experienced team available for Configuration, Customization, Implementation, Development, Administration, Service and Support, and Training of Salesforce CRM.
Our approach towards each project includes highest level of product knowledge as well as industry best practice compliance.
We have delivered number of Salesforce projects successfully in a much optimized manner that helps our clients to optimize and improve their processes and provide competitive advantage.
Spectramindis focused on quality deliverables that helps our clients to improve quality and reduce risk.
Our extensive experience means working with us can save your project cost by up to 70%.

Instructor Led Training Program for the Salesforce Certification examination

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