Turn Your Life Around with Reiki!

Reiki First Level Workshop

…In India, we advise tourists, “Do not make the mistake of leaving India before seeing the Taj Mahal”. And I feel like saying to everybody who happens to be a tourist to this world, “If you have come to this planet and have got this beautiful life with so many possibilities, do not make the mistake of going away from here without experiencing the bliss of Reiki… — Varsha Sangal

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Wednesday, 28th September , 2016

Timing: 9:30 am till 6:00 pm

Venue: Sector 50, Noida

Contribution: Rs. 5100/- (Contribution per person inclusive of course fee, veg lunch & tea/coffee, participation certificate)

Ps Note: Prior Registration Necessary, medium of instruction Hindi & English

Reiki is a boon to modern man allowing him to have better control of his health. Apart from being a powerful catalyst for personal growth and transformation, Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy-healing system of remarkable ease and efficacy that heals at the very causal level. The Reiki energy can be felt by the sender and receiver both, and when photographed by scientists through Kirlian photography it appears to be a laser-like beam emanating from the practitioner’s hands.

Working from the idea that all human problems and diseases result from the illusion of separateness, Reiki re-establishes our lost connection with ourselves and the oneness that surrounds us in a multiplicity of forms.

Reiki can be used to heal yourself and others. When practiced regularly, Reiki begins to bring an all-round change in life’s quality and does not leave any aspect of life untouched with its blessings.

The uses and applications of Reiki are limited only by our own imagination, which is why it is being acquired and practiced by healing practitioners, masseurs, physical therapists, psychologists, students, house wives, executives, corporate leaders, people who are interested in personal growth and by people who are simply curious.

Reiki cannot replace modern medicine but it often manages to do what the latter cannot accomplish—that too with relative ease and without much discomfort and expenditure, often bringing all round growth in one’s personal growth as a very positive side-effect. Immediate great benefits often result for some even with one Reiki session.


Lecture introducing the concept of Reiki
Gratitude exercise
Attunement (This is a process by virtue of which the Reiki teacher transfers the power of Reiki to the participant)
Meditation (an exercise to dissolves emotional and mental blocks)
Providing Reiki to self (practice session)
Providing Reiki to others (practice session)
Distribution of certificates and literature
Benefits of Reiki:

Simple, quick and easy to learn and use.
Can be used to heal pets, plants, infants, children, yourself and others.
Can be combined with any other bonafide therapy.
Can be done anywhere and anytime. Does not need any special place, equipment or a rug to perform it.
Reiki attunements last a life-time and may be beyond that.
Unlike other workshops on the subject, the focus is not merely on knowing but more on how to stay on the path with consistency.

Better physical, emotional, psychological, mental and spiritual health. Often results in magical recovery from diseases.

Reiki retards the aging process and improves mental potential and alertness. It also re-establishes the lost imbalance in the body.
Whereas modern medicine tends to heal only the physical body, Reiki attempts to heal at all levels of one’s being in a holistic manner. Reiki facilitates the return of the body to its own perfection.
Reiki enhances one’s ability to respond to life situations more appropriately without being stressful. One starts becoming more and more ‘awake’ instead of ‘sleep walking’ through life. Lessons meant to be taught by life situations are grasped with relative ease obviating the necessity for harsher route to learn them.
Reiki can transform life situations, transcend time to affect both past and future and can therefore heal past karmas and future events.
Reiki can help manifest your desires or intentions.
It can be used in the industries for better production, safe and harmonious operations, improved, synergized and cohesive teamwork, improved customer relations, locating better resources, improved creativity, less wastes and for stepping up sales.

It can be used for developing intuition which in turn can be used for finding creative solutions and for inventing and improving new gadgets. Dormant and forgotten capabilities start surfacing. One starts getting more and more creative. Learning process gets accelerated and intuitive insights for new applications of what one has learnt may surprise the one who practices it.
Above all it can be used as your contribution to make earth a cleaner, greener, loving, peaceful and blissful place to live on.
It helps eliminate many of the side and after effects of allopathic treatment such as chemotherapy. After any surgical operation body needs to cope with the readjustment process and badly needs energy to grow new tissues or to combat germs etc. Regular Reiki full body treatment may provide all this energy and hasten the recuperating process. It shall also mitigate any physical pain.
The intake is controlled as per the needs of the patient and hence is completely safe. It also protects the practitioner from taking on the disease of the patient. In fact, the practitioner too receives the healing while he gives it to the patient unlike other therapies where the practitioner may feel drained after the treatment.
Does not need one to be spiritual or to perform physical exercises, yogic postures, breathing techniques, drastic changes in one’s life style or meditation, though one may do any or all of these things if one wants to.

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