Topics Subtopics
Probability Essentials Probability Rules,Conditions of Statistical Independence,Conditions of Statistical Dependence
Probability Distributions Bernoulli,Binomial,Multinomial,Poisson ,Weibull,Geometric,Negative Binomial,Gamma and Exponential,Normal
Sampling and Sampling Distributions Estimations and Confidence intervals,Central Limit Theorem
Hypothesis Testing Concepts of Hypothesis Testing,Testing for equality of variances of two samples,Comparing the equality of means of two samples,Comparing two proportions,Correlation between two samples,Tests on two variables contingency table
Business Forecasting Trend analysis and Time Series,Cyclical and Seasonal analysis,Box-Jenkins method,Smoothing and Moving averages,Auto-correlation,ARIMA – Holt-Winters method
Data Visualization Fundamentals of R Graphing Systems,Faceting, Geoms, Aesthethics, Layers and Scales,Advanced Visualizations - Variety of Histogram/Bar Charts, Tree, Polar Bar graphs etc.,Getting External Data, Data Mashups
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