Prelert provides machine intelligence software that augment IT expertise to improve IT Operations. Prelert’s machine learning predictive analytics install quickly to expose actionable information hidden in vast amounts of data. It empowers IT operations, security personnel and application support to reduce problem solving times by up to 90%.

How Prelert works

Prelert’s machine learning predictive analytics operates on raw performance data generated by your existing infrastructure and application management tools. It processes millions of metrics and log notifications in real-time to find anomalous activities that are the early warning signs of an impending problem.

Prelert uses the latest machine learning software technology to baseline the normal behavior patterns of critical applications or services across all monitored layers. When there is a problem, Prelert shows you what happened in a rich narrative of cross-correlated metric behaviors and notifications. You know where to go to resolve the issue in minutes.

100% self-learning

Prelert provides value in hours. No rules, no thresholds, no dashboards to create and maintain. Prelert is 100% self-learning. You spend less time coaxing answers from your management tools and more time building new capabilities.

Prelert use cases

Security. It isn’t possible to stay ahead of ‘bad guys’ when your monitoring is limited to ‘known bad’ behaviors. You need a system that can detect the unknown attack profiles as they develop. Learn more
IT Operations and APM. If your infrastructure is a mix of cloud, premises, virtualization and complex applications you’re likely very familiar with the limitations of traditional ‘rules and threshold’ approaches to monitoring. Use Prelert’s self-learning anomaly detection to analyze millions of metrics and log notifications in real-time to find anomalous activities that are the early warning signs of impending problems and get the causal data you need to see resolve problems as they develop. Learn more.
Powerful and easy extension to Splunk

Prelert anomaly detective’s predictive analytics extend Splunk to enable highly accurate real-time alerts without the need to set thresholds. Watch the 3 minute demo to learn more.

Free download

Download a free 30 day trial now and start solving problems in 10 minutes.

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