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Association of International PMOs – AIPMO™

The AIPMO is a professional association for Project, Programme, and Portfolio Management Office leaders, managers and staff who define, establish, run or work in PMOs across different industry sectors.

The AIPMO is actively involved in the continuous process of improving the approaches and methods needed in PMOs and promotes the participation of institutions, corporations, academic organisations, associations, professionals, and operators in the field of PMO.

The IPMO certifications from AIPMO are for leaders; managers and core PMO team members in Project, Programme and Portfolio Offices responsible for the business justification, design, set up, running and retirement of PMOs.

AIPMO’s mission is to advance the understanding, design and implementation of high performing single, group and enterprise PMOs, through the certification of proven PMO capabilities based on its IPMO Body of Knowledge.
Professionals that are actively engaged in PMO (Project Management Office) activities or planning to be part of a Project, Programme, Portfolio or working within a PMO, will benefit from the three tiered certifications, that are part of the AIPMO certification programme:

IPMO-Foundation™ (IPMO-F)
IPMO-Practitioner™ (IPMO-P)
IPMO-Expert™ (IPMO-E)

What are the difference between the AIPMO and P3O® qualifications?
AIPMO certification courses cover three different levels whereas P3O® covers two levels.

IPMO-Foundation is for those currently working within a PMO; IPMO-Practitioner for those managing a single PMO; and the IPMO-Expert for those managing enterprise level PMOs.

The P3O® courses – Foundation (for those working in a PMO) and Practitioner (those managing PMOs) are both courses which cover the high level overview of PMOs (find out more).

AIPMO courses are much more practical, highly interactive and go much deeper into how services are created in the PMO or how different types of PMOs are set up. The course follows a case study to allow learners to develop their thinking in how different techniques and approaches work.

2 Which AIPMO course is right for me?
The IPMO-Foundation Certification is designed for PMO team members and those looking to move into a PMO Management role in the future.

The IPMO-Practitioner Certification is designed for PMO Managers and experienced core PMO team members. This course is aimed at those managing a single PMO such as a Programme Management Office or Portfolio Office.

The IPMO-Expert Certification is designed for Senior PMO Managers and PMO Directors. This course covers enterprise level PMOs – the most complex structures we see in organisations.

Before booking on a AIPMO Practitioner or Expert courses you will be asked to submit a few details to make sure the course is right for you.

If you’re still not certain see our in-depth guide on which course is right for you or contact us for more advice.

3 Do I have to take the Foundation course to move onto Practitioner and Expert?
No, AIPMO courses are stand alone. You are not required to hold the lower level certificates to complete the advanced certifications.

There are prerequisites for the Practitioner and Expert courses – they are based on previous practical experience rather than which training you have already undertaken.

4 Why do I have to submit my details for AIPMO Practitioner and Expert courses?
The AIPMO Practitioner and Expert courses combines classroom learning with discussions, case study working and workshop exercises.

It’s important for all learners on these courses to be experienced to a similar level in order to get the most out of the course.

We ask for a CV or Linkedin profile to check that everyone attending is at a similar level of their career. We want you to choose the right course at the right time to get the most out of your investment.

5 What happens after my AIPMO course?
You will be awarded with a certificate after completing the course and your basic information will be added to the AIPMO registry (more information will be provided on the course)

If you’d like to undertake further training in the future, remember all PMO Learning alumni receive an exclusive discount on any future course bookings.

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