Pega Certified Pega Business Architect (CPBA) 7.2

Course Name : Pega CPBA 7.2
Course Duration: 25Hours [daily 1hour for 1 month ]
Course Fee per participant: 25000 INR only.
Course Resources: Materials , Certification Dumps, PPts and Sample Resumes

At the end of course

Define the role of the Pega Business Architect
Knowledge of business processes, best practices and policies
Familiarity with one or more project methodologies like SCRUM/PEGA BPM
Associating project specifications with business impact and complexity
Documentation of the Application
Direct Capture of Objectives (DCO) approach throughout application development to identify objectives and requirements, and from them develop specifications that business and system architects can use to configure application features.

Chap 1: Application Design
Class structure and rulesets
Application Express
Requirements and specifications
Direct Capture of Objectives
Pega application development guardrails
Business Architect responsibilities
The 6 R’s

Chap 2:Introduction to Data model
Creating Data Tables – Local Storage
Types of Properties & Modes
Change the Appearance of a property
Table Mode and Advanced Settings
Create embedded properties
Data Pages

Chap 3:Case Design
Case steps and stages
Cases and sub cases
Flow rules
Sub flows
Flow shapes and their uses
Work status

Chap 4:UI Design
Basic UI rules and their uses
– Harness
– Flow Action
– Section
UI wireframes
Layouts and their uses
UI Controls

Chap 5:Data Modeling
Using properties to store data
Available property types
Available property modes
Data pages – Design pattern

Chap 6:Automating Business Policies
Available decision rule types
– Decision tables
– Decision trees
– When rules
Using decision rules in applications
Declarative processing
Service Levels
Sending correspondence from flows
Delegating rules to the business and Build for Change®

Chap 7:Reporting
Using the Report Browser
Using the Report Editor to create or modify reports
Report types and capabilities
– List-type reports
– Summarized reports
– Charting
Using application data in reports


Application Requirement and Specification gathering
Application Express
Run a DCO session
Embedding captured info in PEGA
Building reports
Case Management
Data Modelling
UI Design

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