SHIP Painting

Course Description
The Spectramind course is a five-day QA course that was developed by Spectramind to train coatings inspectors to inspect critical coated areas as defined by US Navy policy documents. These areas include (but not limited to): cofferdams, decks for aviation and UNREP, chain lockers, underwater hull, bilges, tanks, voids, well deck overheads and others. The content of the course is similar in nature to the Spectramind CIP Session I, but with a particular focus on ship painting issues.

What makes this course especially valuable is that it also provides both the technical and practical fundamentals for coating inspection work for any steel structure projects other than ships.

Course Content
– Corrosion
– Corrosion Control
– Inspection of Corrosion
– NAVSEA Documents
– Chemical or Detergent Cleaning Methods
– Mechanical Cleaning Methods
– Abrasive Blast Cleaning
– Waterjetting and Alternative Surface Preparation Methods
– Surface Preparation Method Selection
– Coatings
– Safety
– Coating Application
– Coating, Defects and Failures
– Specialty Coatings and Surfaces
– Coating Inspector Preparation
– Condition Assessment
–Coatings Inspection Instrument Exercises and Workshops

Benefits of Attending
After attending this course, you will be able to:

Identify different types of corrosion
Describe methods of corrosion control
Demonstrate the use of environmental tests and
coating inspection instruments
Identify Navy single and multiple part paints
Explain the different causes of coating failures or defects
Create a coating inspector’s inspection plan and log book
Check the shelf life and condition of paint in the can
Document that abrasive blasting, environmental conditions, paint procedures meet Standard Item 009-32, Chapter 631 and, when applicable the manufacturer’s guidelines
Conduct post-blasting/post-surface prep inspection including condition of surface, profile, residual soluble salts and readiness to paint
Recognize hazardous areas related to paint and coatings and their applications
Become familiar with procedures for doing condition assessment

Course Format
The first four days are devoted to classroom lecture and extensive hands-on training. On the fifth day, the NBPI Course Exams are given.

The exam consist of three parts:

Multiple Choice/Fill in the Blank Exam
Practical Exam (using inspection instruments)
Written Inspection Plan Exam (You will be asked to write an inspection plan based off of the 009-32.)

Who Should Attend
The course is primarily designed for people and organizations that are
involved in painting work on Navy Ships. However, the comprehensive nature of this course makes it an ideal tool for anyone who desires basic certification in paint inspection. The NBPI compares favorably with other inspector certification courses that are available in the coatings industry.

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Course 2:Institute of corrisions UK - Paining inspector course


This course is approved by the Institute of Corrosion (UK) and is designed to prepare individuals for the ICorr Painting Inspector Level 1 examination.
The course is suitable for candidates with or without experience in industrial painting or inspection and will also be applicable to those who require a knowledge of painting inspection but do not wish to take an examination.
Most of the paint systems used in industry are addressed plus an awareness is given of other coating systems used for anti-corrosion reasons.

Course content

QA, QC and inspection (basics)
Normative documents
Corrosion (iron and steel)
Surface preparation (ferrous)
Tests to detect surface contamination
Coating categories/types
Main paint constituents
Paint drying and curing
Corrosion protection methods (basics)
Layers of a paint film
Types of paint systems
Paint data sheets
Paint/paint film testing
Weather conditions
Paint application methods
Coating faults
Health and safety
Environmental considerations
Standards applicable
Pre-requisites for attending this course

Examination Booking
Contact ICorr Test Centre UK: 01709 550999

Special Notes

(1) A course for anyone who wishes to become a painting inspector.
(2) The course content is largely theoretical but involves hands on experience with relevant inspection equipment.
(3) This course covers general information suitable for BGAS-CSWIP certification routes but does not give specific British Gas/Transco detail.

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