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Murex is fully committed to assist clients in their transformation and ensure they make the most out of our enterprise platform.
The high level of complexity resulting from new regulations, and profound market evolution, had led institutions to seek strong commitment from their strategic vendors to support their evolving business models. Our service offering has been designed with this in mind, to take on increased responsibility and help our clients accelerate their transformation.

Murex Support Desk Analyst Programme is renowned for delivering excellence in technical training, preparing graduates to represent Spectramind as Murex support consultants on client sites worldwide. The training is delivered at Spectramind state-of-the-art Academies in the India, UK, USA and Canada.

If you need customized Murex training, either because MTEK does not offer it or because you want your very specific general requirements or client-specific aspects being covered, the services of Spectramind contractors may assist you in aquiring this very knowledge.

Course Objective

Course Taught by our Murex experts, this Murex Consultants Course teaches the student how the core functionality of the Murex system works and how it supports a Front to Back Office trading business.

The Course firstly focuses on system functionality and the system architecture and explains to you "how the system works".

The next part of the course takes the systems flagship asset class (in the case OTC Derivatives) and traces through each of the business functions and processes of that asset class and takes the user through how the system supports each of these business functions & processes (e.g. Trade Pricing - Murex pricing models and how the Murex system prices an Interest Rate Swap).

By the end of the course, the student should understand the system as a whole and also how it supports every business function and business process for Derivatives, knowledge which is crucial for any system implementation.

How would the course Help you?

This course is perfect for Technology Analysts, BAs and Project Managers who wish to understand the Murex System and how it supports a Front to Back Office Trading business. For those already working with the system, this course will improve their breadth of knowledge along the trade flow to help them solve inter-departmental problems, build test plans or as a handbook for how the system works.

In addition, we provide Industry specific CV and interview guidance. Spectramind network gives you networking opportunities with our Murex Consultants to help get internships/testing roles with them on client sites.

Topics Covered :

1. E-tradepad configuration
2. Simulation setup, market data and pricing
3. Accounting setup
4. Contract workflow setup (includes FO/BO validations, confirmation generation and matching)
5. Exchange workflow setup (includes inbound/outbound interfaces, confirmations, etc.)
6. Deliverable workflow (payment setup, payment advices, SWIFT interface, etc.)
7. Upstream interfaces (Markitwire, etc.)
8. Downstream interfaces (EUNO, FMDW, etc.)
9. EOD setup (includes fixing procedure, etc.)
10. Functional knowledge – Interest Rate, FX, Commodities, Credit derivatives and Fixed Income
11. MLC and its interaction with Murex
12. XVA Services and its functions
13. Rates services (MDCS, MDRS, RTBS) with debugging options
14. Var Module and MPC grid - CPU and GPU Configurations
15. Oynx (for testers)
16. All MX3 Services (especially in MX.3 Mandatory, NAVS, SOAPRELAY etc.,) - interactions, functions and debugging

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