System Organization:
• Configuration of various desks, entities and processing centers, along with portfolios structure.
Static Data Configuration:
• Overview of definition and addition of various financial instruments as well as various market
Front-Office Modules:
• Description of pricing and booking sequences through the eTradepad module.
• Introduction to the Simulation module usage and mechanism, and the abilities to customize
• Introduction to Murex Limit Controller module
Market Data:
• Presentation of various market data sets from all asset classes and their organization in
relation to different desks and entities.
• Presentation of the Market Data Viewer module that enables the customization of market data
access and display.
Middle-Office Modules:
• Description of trade management, Trade Query tools, the PL Closedown procedure, available
PL tools, Trade Validation (including management of Trade Events and Trade Versioning)
through user definable Post-Trade Workflow and through One-Stop Processing screens
Back-Office Modules:
• Introduction to the Confirmation workflow and confirmation templates through the Exchange
Workflow module.
• Presentation of Payment module and Accounting module, along with all possibilities of

GOM – Global Operating Model
• Design and build a multi-entity organization
􀂃 Set-up multiple entities and processing centers
􀂃 Define user profiles based on their roles in the application
􀂃 Determine the different desks required to organize front-office users
􀂃 Create a portfolio hierarchy
• Trade Repository
􀂃 Understand the structure of trade hierarchy, trades events, and the principles and
mechanism of trade versioning
Close Down Procedure & End Of Day Cycles
• Planning and configuration of a bank daily close-down procedure and entire end of day cycle

• Brief overview on MX.3 architecture
• Installation procedure
• Environment management
• Infrastructure monitoring
• Business engine monitoring
• Middleware and sequencing layers monitoring
Batch Processing
• Processing scripts technical configuration
• Procession scripts API for scheduling

Database layer
• Features
• Administration
Middleware layer
• Remote access
• Load Balancing
Sequencing layer
• Workflow Manager
• Position Server
• Real-time services
Compute Engine
• MX Session
• Trade Repository
• Viewer
• Datamart Feeder

Demonstration of an Interest Rate Swap
• Follow the flow of trade through the various Front-Office modules from pricing to booking to
risk management
Instrument Configuration
• FX instruments configuration
• Security instruments configuration (equities, bonds, equity baskets, equity index, futures,
options and warrants)
• Interest rate generators
• Commodity instruments configuration
Simulation Module and Viewer
• Simulation module mechanism and features
• Design and customization of data to be displayed and monitored
Profit & Loss
• P&L components in MX
• P&L variance analysis
Market Parameters and Rate Curve
• Market rate sheets and rate curve configuration
• Impacts on P&L
• Data model and storage procedure

• Navigation & Organization
• Pricing, Structuring and Communication Platform
Pricing Notepad
• Simultaneous pricing of various products
• Broadcaster
• Stripping tool
Risk Matrices and Graphs
• Building of Risk Matrices on Pricers
• Graphs Generation
Pricing Templates
• Layouts
• Patterns
• Pricing Templates

Structured Trade Builder
• Strategy Construction
• Strategy Pricing
• Strategy Deployment
• Simple and more complex structures will be built from scratch by the trainees

Pre-Trade Sequences
• Different pre-trade sequences
• Design and build of the pre-trade sequences
• The Murex Scripting Language (MSL)
• Use of Look-up tables and Generic Market Parameters (GMP)
• Debugging tools
Pre-Trade Rules:
• Completion
• Compliance
• Routing
• Mirroring and Hedging
• The trainee will build and test pre-trade sequences for different purposes

Architecture of the Communication Module
• Different components and their roles
Communication Module in the eTradepad
• Distribution profile
• Organizer rules
• Export templates
Pre-Trade Sequences for the Communication module
• Completion
• Compliance
Communication Workflow
• Tasks used in the workflow
• Formulae for the communication workflow
• Workflow monitoring and debugging
• Analyze and test the communication workflow
• Configure the communication module for a new product

Web Services technical architecture
Web services Security architecture
Pricing Web service
• Pricing Web service architecture
• Pricing web service configuration
• Product definition
• Web service request examples.
• Pricing web service authorizations
Quoting Web service
• Quoting Web service architecture
• Quoting web service configuration
• Web service request examples
• Quoting web service authorizations

MLC Introduction
• High Level Business Overview of System
• Overview of current client usage of MLC
MLC Configuration Introduction
• Basic Static Data
• Limits Structure
• Group and Time Configuration
• Introduction to the Limits Parser
􀂃 Basic Formulae Types and Definition
• Overview of Various Risk Types
􀂃 Bar
􀂃 Bucket
􀂃 Profile
• Introduction to Limits Management
􀂃 Default Limits and Basic Limit Management
• Engines
• Basic Limit and Risk Monitoring
• Basic Limit and Risk Reporting

MLC Advanced Configuration
• Advanced Static Data
• Matrices
• Advanced Limits Parser
• Netting and Horizontal Columns
• Advanced Limits Management
• Server Property Management
• Mx MLC Workflows
• Transaction Details
• Advanced Risk Configuration Options
• Advanced Limit and Position Monitoring and Reporting
• Automation
• End of Day
􀂃 Risk Computation
􀂃 Limits Re-Calculation
• Mx/MLC: Real Time versus End Of Day
• Troubleshooting
• Users / Groups / Rights Administration

Collateral Manager
• Pre-Configured environment deployment
• Architecture
• Collateral Manager Building Blocks:
􀂃 Collateral Static Data
􀂃 Collateral Risk Definition
􀂃 Collateral Transaction Details
􀂃 Collateral Parser
• MxML Exchange (High Level)
􀂃 Workflows
􀂃 Margin Call Document
• Reconciliation
• Troubleshooting

MDCS architecture overview
• Application Directory Navigation
• Major Scripts and Primary Settings
Real time and reporting
• Monitoring Tools
• Optimization Tools and Options
End Of Day and batch processes
• Risk Computation Monitoring and Optimization
• Limits Computation Monitoring and Optimizations
Performance and architecture case study

MDCS architecture overview
Accessing the MDCS through XML files
Configuration of the Market Data Refresh inside Murex sessions
Configuration of the Market Data import into the database (Processing Scripts & MDRS)
Configuration of RTBS
Data management and quality control through JavaScript usage in RTBS

Trade query
• P&L on one deal
Simulation viewer
• Creation of views
• Data dictionary manipulation
• Datamart data display
• P&L calculation through components
Dynamic tables/PL notepad
• Definition
• Creation and exploitation
Datamart reporting
• Running reports
• Running batch of feeders
Market data
• Definition and modification
• Market data assignment
P&L Variance
• Scenario definition
• Execution

Accounting Module configuration
• Global settings definition
General chart of accounts management
• Simple & Dynamic accounts: entries are booked in appropriate accounts according to specific
trade characteristics
• Accounts based on formula definition : definition of accounts based on logical filtering definition
Accounting rules setting
• Accounting rules definition
• Standard filters definition
• Accounting events logic
• Fx complementary rule definition
Daily Accounting activity
• Accounting queries from the Journal of entries
• Audit trail tools
• Manual entries definition and validation

• Functional Architecture
• Datamart Configuration
• Datamart Table Feeders
• Maintenance
Datamart Reporting
• Datamart Extraction (to .csv file)
• Datamart Viewer (MX.3)

Overview of Mx Generation 2000 platform and description of the functional architecture
System organization
• Configuration of various users, user groups, desks and portfolios
Instrument configuration overview
Pricing tool: First look at the module through the pricing of a simple option
Simulation general overview
• Simulation, concepts and mechanism, with samples of various Front-Office simulation screens
Market data
• Storage and organization of market rates for all asset classes including rate curves
Full trade life cycle functionality
• including trade query and trade validation, trade workflow design, techniques for applying
changes / corrections on previously booked trades, market operations management (i.e.,
option exercise), and rate fixing process
Tools for P&L / position evaluation
• P&L notepad, presentations of available preconfigured reports and report printing choices
Confirmation module
• Introduction to document workflow management through MxML exchange and templates
Payment module
• Presentation of the cash flow management tools
Accounting module
• Mechanism and sample model
Automated processing scripts
• Description of processes that can be configured in a script; illustration of an End of Day

System Multi-Tiered Architecture
• High Level Technical Architecture
• Characteristics of System Components
• System Installation
Monitoring Tools
• GUI and Script Monitor to Control all Available Services
• Troubleshooting and Monitoring Tools to Investigate Performance Cases
Processing Scripts and Processing Scripts API
• Definition and Implementation of the Processing Scripts
• Installation and Execution of Processing Scripts API
• Installation Procedure and Various Troubleshooting Scenarios

Main Recommendations
MDCS Architecture Overview
Accessing the MDCS through XML Files
Configuration of the Market Data Refresh inside Murex Sessions
Configuration of the Market Data Import into the Database (Processing scripts / MDRS)
Configuration of Rtimport_cache
• RICs Building
• Connection to the Provider

• MxML Exchange Functional Description
• Workflow and Graphical Environments
• Connecting Mx to MxML Exchange
• Workflow Tasks
Basic Technical Administration and Monitoring Tools
Data Dictionary
• Functionalities
• Building Formulae
• Formulae Examples
• Utilities
Confirmation in MxML Exchange:
• Building Confirmation Documents and Confirmation Workflows
• Detailed Workshop on a given Confirmation Scheme

• Describe MxML Exchange module and its potential with an overview of the main functionalities
and tools
• Familiarize with the graphical interface
• Connect between Mx and MxML Exchange
Data Dictionary
• Present of the wide spectrum of formulas available in the Data Dictionary
• Learn how to build additional formulas
Import/Export in MxML Exchange
• Design and build different kinds of Import and Export interfaces using the powerful features of
the Data Dictionary
MxML Exchange – Technical Administration and Monitoring
• Troubleshoot a complete workflow end to end

Data Publisher
• Structure and logic of data dictionaries
• Configuration of output tables
• Various techniques for better output performance
• Profit and Loss, cash flows, accounting, risk figures, trade information, and static data
Murex Built-in Report Writer
• Techniques to build a report or a data extract to a file
• Report import / export procedure
• Configuring and running a batch of reports within Murex

General Overview of the Advantages and Strengths of MX.3 Platform
Release Management and Architecture of the Platform
GOM – Global Operating Model
• Organization of Murex platform: Multiple entities, processing centers, portfolio hierarchy,
automatic scripts – end of day
Trade repository and various Workflows
Datamart / Exchange / Real time modules
Etradepad / Distribution
Back Office modules: Deliverable / Nostro / Accounting

Main Recommendations
Migration Project Dependencies
Functional Streams
Interface & Reporting Streams

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