1. Stewardship of the earth:

2. Fear as a distractor Implant:
The croods
How to train your dragon
Peaceful warrior

3. 5 levels of intimacy:

4. 10 seconds increment:

5. Points of view:
Chocolate ( Bollywood )
Slumdog millionaire

6. Humanoids:
The green beautiful -

7. Possibilities:
The celestine prophecy
What the bleep do we know

8. Seeking Validation:
Validation -
The butterfly circus

9. The Greatest Showman
Movie: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947) with Danny Kaye

Movie and Book: Lion in Winter about Sir Thomas Beckett in England

Movie: A Beautiful Mind

Book: The True Believer by Eric Hoffer

It's The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell
He has also at various times recommended the Recluse book series by L.E Modesitt

The oversoul seven trilogy

True believer

50 first dates and PollyAnna.


Gone with the wind.

The fifth element.

"Auntie Mame"


."Stella Dallas"…

The intern

50 first dates,



Wonderful life

Movie: It happened one night (1934)

Watch movie ‘I’m grateful’

Humanoid movies (would you like to add to the list?):
5-7: Shows a different reality with relationships (at least in the beginning)
Lucy: For so many obvious reasons but really this is what a warrior for the creation of future could be like
Avatar: this is the one everyone knows about so, duh!
Limitless: This is kind of how I imagine Gary pieces together possibilities to create, without the drugs
Tomorrowland: for all the dreamers out there
Lion: Not because of the overarching story but pay attention to the scene where his adoptive mother talks about when she was 12 and she saw a boy in her future…this showed me the magic of quantum entanglements and also the contribution one is when you are being you!

There is the movie
The lion , the witch and the wardrobe- the wardrobe being the portal .

The Green mile - starring Tom Hanks , related to the healing energy/ take out the pains and sufferings from people’s universes .
Brilliant movie .

6 th sense - a boy can send the beings without bodies .

The Matrix series of movies - where the world is a matrix and how our thoughts are a vibration to everything that gets created

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