The purpose of this course is to provide practitioners with universally applicable principles and practices that will enable individuals and organizations (large or small) to successfully introduce or re-energize portfolio management approaches. Specifically, this course provides:

A complete picture of portfolio management – what it is, the case for doing it, how it fits with other related organizational activities, how to get started and sustain progress.
Descriptions of the principles and practices upon which successful approaches to portfolio management are built.
Examples of portfolio management that illustrate how the principles and practices can be adapted to suit local circumstances.

Foundation Exam format

All 50 questions should be attempted.
All answers are to be marked on the answer grid provided.
Please use a pencil and NOT ink to mark your answers in the Answer sheet provided.
There is only one correct answer per question.
You have 40 minutes for this paper.
You must get 25 or more correct to pass.
10 minutes extra for native language speakers

Practitioner Exam Format

This is a 3-hour objective test examination.
Exam contains a Portfolio Scenario upon which the exam paper is based.
All questions are contained within the Question Booklet.
Additional information is provided within this Scenario Booklet for a number of questions.
Where reference should be made to additional information, this is clearly stated within the question to which it is relevant.
All information provided within a question must only be applied to that question.
Each of the four questions is worth 20 marks, giving a maximum of 80 marks in the paper.
The pass mark is 50% (40 marks).
Within each question the syllabus area to which the question refers is clearly stated.
The exam is to be taken with the support of the MoP Guide only, i.e. no material other than the Question Booklet, the Scenario Booklet, the Answer Booklet and the MoP Guide is to be used.
You are permitted to use a simple calculator in the exam.
45 minutes extra for native language speakers

Course deliverables and MOP implementation tools -

Official accredited student e-course material - Foundation & Practitioner
MOP Foundation e-training manual (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Practitioner e-training manual (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Foundation material Hard Copy
MOP Practitioner material Hard Copy
MOP Principles summary (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Management Baseline summary (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Quick Brush - Foundation and Practitioner (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP mind maps (.mm files) (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Templates (Prepared by Spectramind)
Complete Official Syllabus delivery 'Click here' for the full official syllabus
Comprehensive introduction to the complete AXELOS BMP portfolio of which MOP is an integral part of
Introduction to the P3M3 maturity model - Project, Programme and Portfolio delivery perspectives.
Introduction to BMP Risk Management - Principles and context - M_o_R perspective
Case study to differentiate 'Leadership' and 'Management'
Brief Introduction to P3M3 and P3O - Programme perspective
MOP Summary Audio files (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Foundation Exam flyer video (prepared by Spectramind)
MOP Foundation sample papers (prepared by Spectramind)
100 MOP Practitioner exam style sample Questions (prepared by Spectramind)
2 Official Sample Foundation papers
2 Official Sample Practitioner papers
e-Participation Certificate (1 for Foundation and 1 for Practitioner)
Sample MOP Programme walk through
MOP official Foundation Exam
MOP official Practitioner Exam
Brief Introduction on how PRINCE2, PMBoK and MOP can be used together in a programme / portfolio environment
Brief Introduction on how MOP, MSP PRINCE2 and ITIL can be used together to achieve corporate objectives and benefits of strategic importance
Assignments shall be given between Foundation and Practitioner trainings so as to be better prepared for the tougher Practitioner exam

Please note - The Official MOP Manual (AXELOS Limited) will be used for the purpose of Foundation and Practitioner training. However please note that this book is for the practitioner exam only. It is not one of the deliverables to the delegates. If the delegates are interested in buying the official manual, Spectramind can help them with procuring the same at best possible price.

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