MCITP certifications training

Course 1 : 70 – 640 -Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring:

Configuring DNS for Active Directory
-Configuring zones
-Configuring DNS server settings
-Configuring zone transfer and Replication
-Configuring the AD infrastructure
-Configuring a forest or a domain
-Configuring trusts
-Configuring sites
-Configuring AD replication
-Configuring the global catalog
-Configuring operation masters
-Configuring additional AD server roles
-Configuring AD Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS)
-Configuring AD Rights Management Service (AD RMS)
-Configuring read-only domain controller (RODC)
-Configuring AD Federation Services (AD FS)

Configuring and maintaining AD objects
-Automate creation of AD accounts
-Maintain AD accounts

-Create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs)
-Configure GPO templates
-Configure software deployment GPOs
-Configure account polices
-Configure audit policy by using GPOs

Maintaining the AD environment

-Configuring backup and recovery
-Perform offline maintenance
-Monitor AD

Configuring AD Certificate Services

-Install AD Certificate Services
-Configure CA server settings
-Manage certificate templates
-Manage Enrollments
-Manage Certificate revocations

Course 2 :. 70-642 -Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring:

Configuring IP Addressing and Services
-Configuring IPv4 and IPv6 addressing
-Configuring Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)
-Configuring routing
-Configuring IPsec

Configuring Name Resolution
-Configuring DNS Server
-Configuring DNS zones
-Configuring DNS records
-Configuring DNS replication
-Configuring name resolution for client computers

Configuring Network Access
-Configure remote access
-Configure Network Access Protection (NAP)
-Configure network authentication
-Configure wireless access
-Configure firewall settings

Configuring File and Print Services
-Configure a file server
-Configure Distributed File System (DFS)

-Configure shadow copy services
-Configure backup and restore
-Manage Disk Quotas
-Configure and monitor print services

Monitoring and Managing a Network Infrastructure
-Configure Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server settings
-Capture performance data
-Monitor event logs
-Gather network data

Course 3 :. 70-643 -Windows Server 2008 Application Infrastructure, Configuring:

Deploy Servers
-Deploy images by using Windows Deployment Services
-Configure Microsoft Windows Activation
-Configure high availability
-Configure storage

Configuring Terminal Services

-Configure Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services RemoteApp (TS RemoteApp)
-Configure Terminal Services Gateway
-Configure Terminal Services load balancing
-Configure and monitor Terminal Services resources
-Configure Terminal Services Licensing
-Configure Terminal Services client connections
-Configure Terminal Services server options

Configuring a Web Services Infrastructure
-Configure Web applications
-Manage Web sites
-Configure a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server
-Configure Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).
-Manager Internet Information Services (IIS)
-Configure SSL security
-Configure Web site authentication and permissions

Configuring Network Application Services

-Configure Windows Media Server
-Configure Digital Rights Management (DRM)
-Configure Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services server options
-Configure Windows SharePoint Services e-mail integration.

Course 4 :. 70-647 -Windows Server 2008, Enterprise Administrator:

Planning Network and Application Services
-Plan for name resolution and IP addressing
-Design for network access
-Plan for Terminal Services

Design Core Identity and Access Management Components

-Design AD forests and domains
-Design the AD physical topology
-Design the AD administrative model
-Design the enterprise-level group policy strategy

Designing Support Identity and Access Management Components
-Plan for domain or forest migration, upgrade and restructuring
-Design the branch office deployment
-Design and implement public key infrastructure
-Plan for interoperability

Design for Business Continuity and Data Availability
-Plan for business continuity
-Design for software updates and compliance management
-Design the operating system virtualization strategy
-Design for data management and data access

Course 5 :70-648 (covers 70-640 and 70-642)

Upgrading your MCSA on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008, TS
Configuring Network Access

-Configure remote access
-Configure Network Access Protection (NAP) components
-Configure network authentication
-Configure data transmission protocols
-Configure wireless access
-Configure certificate services
-Configure DHCP
-Configure IPv4 and IPv6
-Configure routing

Configuring the Domain Name System (DNS)

-Configure DNS
-Configure zone resolution
-Configure DNS client settings
-Configure DHCP and WINS for DNS

Deploying Servers
-Configure Windows Deployment Services (WDS)
-Capture WDS images
-Deploy WDS images
-Configure Windows Activation
-Create virtual computers
-Configure virtual server settings
-Install Windows Server Enterprise
-Install Server core

Configuring Server roles
-Implement server roles by using server manager
-Configure AD LDS
-Configure AD RMS
-Configure the AD server role
-Configure the read-only domain controller (RODC)
-Configure AD certificates services and PKI
-Configure AD Federation Services (AD FS)

Maintaining the Active Directory Environment
-Configure backup and recovery
-Perform offline maintenance
-Configure custom application directory partitions
-Configure AD DS auditing
-Configure audit policy by using Group Policy objects (GPOs)
-Monitor Active Directory

Configuring the Active Directory Infrastructure
-Configure communication security for AD
-Configure authentication

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