Managing Business Analysts

Managing Business Analysts

By understanding how to best manage business analysis professionals you will be able to maximize the impact your individual BAs and overall business analysis practice will have on your organization.

Both large and small organizations are realizing the benefits of using business analysis professionals on all business and IT projects. A business analysis (BA) professional acts as a liaison among many different stakeholder groups to facilitate the right solutions. For example, the most common use of a BA is aligning business people who have a business problem with technology people who know how to create automated solutions.

In order to realize the maximum value a business analysis discipline can bring to an organization, BAs require consistent support, encouragement, and coaching to empower them to fulfill this critical role. Additionally, for business analysis to be successful in organizations, both the IT and business community must embrace the business analysis process. The most important support group for the BA is their direct manager.

In this course you will learn:
The positive impact a strong business analysis practice can have on your organization.
The key characteristics of a successful business analysis professional.
Strategies for managing and working with business analysis professionals.
Current industry trends impacting business analysis.


Identify problems and opportunities that can be addressed by business analysis practices.
Discuss positive impacts good business analysis practices have on organizations.
1.5 hours

What Makes a Good BA
Learn the scope of the business analysis role.
Understand how the role is used in the industry.
Discuss the key characteristics of a successful business analysis professional.
1.5 hours

Strategies for Managing Business Analysis Professionals
Support the BA throughout the business analysis process.
Understand the most productive BA work environments for:
Lead or Senior BA
Intermediate BA
Junior or New BA
Learn the importance of requirements reviews and collaboration.
How to motivate your BAs.
Coaching BAs about leadership.
Understand Agile development approaches and the impact on business analysis.
3 hours

Current Industry Trends
Provide overview of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).
Learn the Project Manager and Business Analysis partnership framework.
Discuss considerations for the PM/BA combined role.
.5 hours

Develop Your Action Plan / Course Summary
Develop an Action Plan with next steps to better manage your BAs.
Student questions/discussion topics.

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