Light Language Training

Light Language Training

What is Light Language ?

• Light Language is used as a tool for, as well as for self-empowerment, and co-creation. Geometric shapes and colors are used individually and within grids to reshape the aura and co-create reality.
• The Language of Light is based on the technique of healing at the speed of light, from the Curanderos (Master Healers) of Mexico.
• This technique uses sacred geometry and light to create a clear message for the Universe, the originator of this language.
• Light Language is a universal language which surpasses any social barriers we have self-imposed, and touches every being in a healing and loving way in accordance with their personal journey.
• Light Language can be described as what our thoughts and reality look like at their core blueprint. When we break down reality into its basic geometric patterns we learn that each shape and color is like a sacred language. These symbols create the life that we are experiencing and attracting to ourselves. If you want to change your health, your life situation, your career, your outlook on life, or your emotions, a practitioner can read your auric light language and then reconstruct it into a new energetic blueprint.
• Light Language is a “caught” teaching. It cannot be learned just by reading a book about it or by watching a video. To truly learn to work with Light Language requires sitting in the presence of a Light Language teacher. As the student sits in the trained teacher’s presence, she/he subconsciously receives 10,000 pieces of information per minute out of the teacher’s aura. This is what is called a “caught” teaching. The student literally catches the material being emanated out of the teacher’s aura.
• In Light Language, we take the next major step in consciousness and evolution. We can learn write light, communicate with light on all levels. Light Language combines physics, sacred geometry, and light. Unlike words, Light Language stays true to form.

Coming from the Mayan Lineage of Curanderos de Mexico, from 26 generations of miracle healers, Light language is one of the language of creation, going 5 times faster than Light, that is made of sacred geometry shapes (polyhedra) and colors.

It’s a conscious use of the building blocks of the Universe to support the manifestation of any intention and to uplift your consciousness towards Unity.

This is the Language of Lightworkers!

Check this introduction video :

Learning Light Language will help you to:

· Discover your own inner geometries and decide what you want to transform/shift in your life.
· Understand the geometries of consciousness around you, in the environment, in people, in the society.
· Create 7 chakra grids to transform your aura and your way to interact with reality. This can be done on others as well.
· Create 7 shapes and colors grids for objects, places, that will bring magic and specific qualities to them.
· Create 49 shapes and colors grid, to support the manifestation of any intention, in a clear way, in a specific set of time.
· Emanate at a speed faster than thought 7 shapes and colors grids to bring instant transformation in an environment or in someone.

Everything is a geometry, or a set of geometries. Thoughts, emotions, actions, patterns, habits, beliefs…they all are reflected in our auric field as geometries, carrying different frequencies that our spirit perceives as colors. By becoming more aware of the geometries around you, and within you, you can emanate new geometries and colors to create a long lasting change, or to fine tune your qualities.

This is one of the most powerful tools to become a conscious co-creator of your life, as it enables you to have a fast, direct impact on your own reality.

Grids will put you in process, of awareness-transformation-healing, as every deep and efficient healing takes time to be integrated. But Light language will help you to integrate it faster, deeper, in a easy and gentle way.

Direct emanation will have a faster impact, but the effect will be shorter.

When you learn Light Language, you receive in your auric field, geometries and colors that later you can emanate directly around you or in grids. This is a caught teaching that requires the presence of a teacher of the lineage next to you. This cannot be learnt in books. It’s a direct transmission from the auric field of the teacher to your aura.

In the first 2 levels of Light Language, you will learn 13 geometries and 18 colors. This is a great start to begin creating your life more consciously, with more magic, more clarity and more intentional power.

You will learn the meaning of these geometries and colors, how to emanate them, and how to combine them in grids.

You will write grids for yourself, and for communities.

After the course, you can already write grids for people, for places, and you can support your community, as a service to the world.

You will be able to write 7 chakras grids, 7 shapes stationary grids, and 49 shapes and colors grids.

You will be provided with 2 books, one for each level, in English, that explains all the details you’ll need to remember, and that contain many healing grids, already written, for the most common diseases.

This is a certified course, by Light Language School of Starr Fuentes, the holder of the Mayan lineage of Curanderos de Mexico ( Healers of Mexico). You’ ll receive your attestation at the end of the course.

Few More videos on Light language

Light Language Grids

A grid is like a prayer or a request that is written using sacred geometry and colored light, the language of thought. Grids attract energies. When we write grids we are letting God/ Creator/ the Universe/Source know exactly what we want in a way that is very clear. Particular shape and color combinations are chosen depending on what it is you want to manifest or create with that particular grid. There are rules and guidelines that are followed when writing grids, using information taught to us and that we have permission teach to others.
Once the grid is written, the shapes and colors each have a meaning and will form a message that will diffuse into your various subtle bodies (Aura). The vibration of these shapes and colors in your Aura then informs the Universe of your need and in response the Universe will manifest it in your life.
Light Language practitioners carry these geometric symbols in their auric fields naturally and are able to read and understand this language of light and assist their clients in re-creating their geometric blueprint.

Light Language Origins

• Light Language originates from Aztec tradition and Mayan teachings from Mexican curanderos. Starr Fuentes studied under a teacher named Esperanza in Mexico for three years to learn how to use this non-verbal healing therapy which uses color and sacred geometry.
• The Mayan art of manifestation through color, light and sacred geometry
• The basic of all creation is sacred geometry, shape and color. Everything which exists in the universe is made of it.
• The ancient Mayan knowledge of Light Language has been passed down to us through an unbroken lineage of more than 26 generations of Mexican Curanderos (master healers). As we enter into the “Light Age,” our spiritual evolution is moving upward through the chakras. Now we are more ready than ever before to apply this wisdom to our lives.
• Your thoughts create your reality. Every thought you have is, on the subconscious level, composed of a specific sequence of colored geometries. These geometries move at a speed beyond the speed of light. The Mayans knew how to access this “light code” in the subconscious mind and use it for shaping their conscious reality. In Light Language, you, too, learn to read and write light, and communicate on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes.


• Remembering your Source language is THE way to communicate best with Source, allowing you to converse instantly and receive the answers you need in all aspects of your life.
• Being able to utilize the frequencies of light language will increase your healing abilities tenfold, building immense credibility and testimony in a healing practice, if you own one.
• You’ll feel an energetic improvement on any products you implement with light language.
• And you’ll be able to capitalize on your light language attunement, as well as any gifts that it helps usher in through multidimensionality.
• Knowing how to communicate in light language removes all confines placed on typical language. It is a way for your soul to connect instantly with other souls and converse, without a single word being expressed. It is truly phenomenal.
Expansion of Your Spiritual Self
Logic does not come into play when learning Light Language. It is best to put analytical reasoning aside and open yourself up what may seem illogical. This language is experiential in nature—an expansion of your heart and merging of energies. It opens you up to all-knowing.

Learn How to Speak and Listen Using Light Language

In a one-on-one session the recipient subconsciously "catches" information that is emanating from the Light Language teacher's aura.
Because of this, it is not possible to fully understand Light Language (and certainly not CATCH light) through reading about it in a book or an article. Both the student and teacher must be present.
There are three initial levels of training to learn Light Language, beginner (LL1), intermediate (LL2), and advanced (LL3). LL1 introduces the student to 7 shapes through meditation sequences. The LL2 student learns to read and create 49 shaped-grids. In LL3 students create 144 shaped-grids utilizing 144+ colors and 80+ shapes. Beyond these three levels, additional classes and techniques are offered to enhance your knowing.
Light Language Classes
1. LL1 - Beginning Light Language
2. LL2 - Intermediate Light Language
3. LL3 - Advanced Light Language

Class 1: Beginning Light Language Class (LL1)

Duration : (4-5 hours class)
Prerequisite: None.
At the beginning level we use 7-shaped sequences and consciously create what we desire in our lives. Learn to recognize how we use color and geometry in our every day language, thoughts, and behavior. Make instant and long-lasting changes in yourself and your environment with the 7-shaped grids. Change the energy of a building, a room, or your office. Learn how to put magic in food like in the movie Chocolate. This course builds a firm foundation in Light Language. Manual included.
At the Beginning Light Language level, you learn to reshape your auric field and create a firm foundation in the Language of Light. Learn to use color and sacred geometry to shape your activities.
Discover how to recognize color and sacred geometry in your language, thoughts, and behavior. With Light Language you can shift the energy of just about any situation you encounter. As you learn to re-shape your aura with color and sacred geometry, you become conscious of the subconscious choices you’ve been making. With this new level of conscious knowledge, you can solidify the energies you wish to keep in your field and replace other energies, beliefs, and patterns with new vibrations. Learn to magnetize to yourself what you truly desire. Make instant and long-lasting changes in your self and your environment.
You will learn:
• Ways to change or enhance the form in which cash comes to you.
• How to attract or discern the type of relationship you desire, or enhance the energies of your current relationship.
• How to choose the way you receive your psychic information and use your psychic abilities in different ways.
• How to shape the energy of a room, space, or location.
• How to use Light Language to increase self-confidence, release fears, build self-esteem, and more.
Course includes 46-page Beginning Light Language manual.

Class 2: Intermediate Light Language

Duration : (10-12 hours class)
Prerequisite: Beginning Light Language.
At the intermediate level you learn to write 49-shaped grids for relationships, prosperity, cash, spiritual development and more. Receive powerful health grids for over 165 dis-eases. Work with the original cause of dis-harmony and dis-ease in your life and re-write the script. Manual included
At the Intermediate level, you build on your conscious and subconscious knowledge of light. As you master a new level of Light Work, you learn to create in your aura powerful 49-shaped light grids for attracting to you specific situations, healings, and outcomes. As you discover the patterns and obstacles that have been in your path, you are able to uncover the cause of your dis-ease, lack, or reason for not yet having what you would like to create. In the teachings of the curanderos, there are nine different categories of causes, and nine areas of life to which they can be applied. As you write yourself new light grids, you heal the cause and re-write the script in your life.
Light Language Grids can be created for yourself, for other individuals, or for your community. There is much that can be done to create change in the world around you. Whether it involves cleaning your city’s water supply, helping the homeless, improving education, or finding homes for animals, a grid can be written to create that healing or positive change. As you align with the energies of a place or situation, and reconfigure the energies in accordance with the highest good of all concerned, you create healing and harmony on a larger scale.
Build on your abilities as a “presence healer.” Every dis-ease has a shape or form. In Intermediate Light Language, you learn to re-configure the form of the auric field by creating 49-shaped healing grids. Each healing grid can be likened to an ongoing 49-chakra healing. Once a grid is written, its energy continues to re-configure and re-form one’s energies for an ongoing period of time. Learn the gridwork for the healing of over 200 dis-eases, as taught by the Mayans. During this class you will also build these grids on a subconscious level in your own auric field, so that as you walk through life, anyone who enters into your presence and wants a healing will automatically receive a subconscious healing.
No healing experience is necessary to take this course. Light Language is useful in any profession, in any walk of life. Learn to construct a new wave for your reality, and create positive change for your community and the planet.
Course includes 250-page Intermediate Light Language manual.

Class 3: Advanced Light Language

Duration : (6 full day class)
Prerequisite: Intermediate Light Language.
At the advanced level, learn to write 144-shaped grids using 80 powerful geometries and 144 colors to create change on all levels and rewrite your blueprint. Includes 3 manuals.
The advanced level of light language is a powerful and life changing class where you will spend six days learning and integrating a tremendous amount of energetic information. During this time, Keren-or works with the Mayan Masters to create multi-dimensional light grids shifting all of your bodies to fully absorb the sacred geometrical shapes, light colors, and grids enabling you to take a full vibrational step forward.
In this class you will learn: how to write 144-shaped grids that follow the pattern of our DNA using 80 sacred geometrical shapes and 144 light colors. These grids are created to assist you and others in manifesting long lasting changes on all levels. Community grids at this level hold enough power to help change the energies and perceptions for entire countries allowing them to shift with more grace on the physical plane.
At this advanced level, grids are powerful enough to clear the energies of life threatening diseases.
If you’re ready to step up to conscious light work for the planet, this class is for you. You will become empowered using the teachings of light language that the Curanderos of Mexico mastered. This will give you the confidence to know that you can and ARE making a difference in yourself and the world around you. Join us and take the next conscious step in the dimensions of advanced co-creation.
Includes four large manuals (over 800 pages total)
Manual is provided.

India Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Light Language 1&2 Healing Session Illahi Noor Initiations Cutting the Chords Quantum healing Magic Cube Magic Transformation Light Language 3 Venue Contact
1. Karnataka Bangalore 15-June’18 to 17-June’18 11-Jun’18 12-June’18 13-June’18 14-June’18 18-June’18 19-June’18 24-June’18 to 29-June’18 SPECTRAMIND, DBS center, Cunningham road, Bangalore Mr. Vijay

Other classes available :

Class 1: Light language level 1
Class 2: Light language level 2

Class 3: Light language level 3

Class 4: Healing Sessions - Based on Mayan Shamanic techniques and Light Language.

Class 5: Cutting the Chords - Set yourself free now …….in this class you will discover about 5 healing techniques to get rid of your psychic energetic cords …… 1. Toxic and Unhealthy relationships[ addictions, traumas, codependence ,anger..etc.] … 2. Judgements related to lack of compassion and Self esteem ….3. Karmic attachment and limitations …These techniques will be energetically transmitted to your energy field. …. Course Manual also provided at end of the class.

Class 6: Quantum Healing - To to shift realities to manifest instant healing.

Class 7: Illahi Noor Initiations - that are from the golden Ray, the Supramental Consciousness from Sri Aurobindo. it is an ancient Egyptian download reactivated the last 20 years.

Class 8: Magic Cube -The ultimate Containment Field - It works on all aspects of Consciousness , physical ,emotional , mental and spiritual …. To manifest healthy boundaries and colours it as it flows through someone or somewhere ,according to your intentions.

This amazing tool will help you to:

  1. Stabilize the energy around you or around a space
  2. Heal your boundaries (For ex: if you are too empathic.)
  3. Support and boost manifestation of any kind with clear intensions
  4. Bring a coherent structure in to your life that serves your purpose
  5. Protect someone or a space from phychic attacks
  6. Ground yourself in your mastery
  7. Attract only the energies you want in your life

The ancient teaching is a sought teaching, it means it is a direct transmission from the auric field of the teacher to your own field.You will learn how to create Magic cubes for you and other, and for communities.

Class 9: Magic transformation sphere - To refocus their manifestation power.

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