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Episode 52-Title:Dancing with the riches of your life

This Dancing with Riches of your life is a book and a series of workshops created by Kass Thomas as an invitation to approach life, work and business from a broader and all-inclusive new perspective.

When choosing careers, launching new projects, creating a business, or performing various roles in different stages of development, the classes and workshops in this Playlist are essential in providing you with a more global, integral and holistic approach to success.

What motivates and inspires us, what brings us joy, how can we best identify our strengths and overcome challenges? This Playlist invites you to have clarity about your talents, desires, and vision of the future. This in turn will allow you to choose the most contributive collaborators, methods, target audiences, services/products and timing.

Having started working at the age of 12, Kass has studied, worked in and created businesses around the world for the past 30 years.

From hospitality management to theatrical and television production, from international sales management to life coaching and seminars, Kass has experience as an employee, an entrepreneur, project manager, CEO and country representative in different languages and cultures.

Her experience and retrospect allow her to guide people through moments of change, project activation and cultural sensitivity in a way that no one else does.

This Dancing with Riches Playlist gives you a chance to interact with people, business, projects and career choices in a way that takes into consideration your priorities in life.

Kass shares highly useful knowledge, practical information and different insights in a way that helps you easily integrate them into your business and life.

Would you like to have more clarity, more financial success, more professional satisfaction and more fun in creating?

Are you ready to take a leap and enrich your entrepreneurial success?

It is the perfect moment to create and ride the waves of change: identify your own rhythm and dance with the riches of your life.

Date: Monday - 1st June 2020

Time: 8:00pm-8:45pm IST [world time-https://bit.ly/2TT6mnF]

Speaker of the day : Kass Thomas Author, Coach, Speaker, and Trainer, Access CF for 15 years, 3 day Body Class Facilitator.

Creator "7 steps to flawless communications" Program and The Dancing with Riches Business Training

From Boston, lived in New York, Paris and now in Italy, loves India

FB Instagram @theartofbeingkass

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Registration URL: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYldO2vpjktGtal5irXfMtjiy2sATu_ylCJ

Call outcome:

  • Tools to get clarity on their talents and desires -
  • A global integral perspective on business and life
  • Inspiration for future creations with ease and joy and glory

Participants Instructions:

1.The session will start at sharp 8:00pm
2.The session will last up to 45 mins
3.Q&A will be held from 8:30-8:45 on the Zoom Call.

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