Nowadays organizations are facing challenges caused by a growing list of tools which need network access (application monitors, security/IDS, sniffers, VOIP analyzers, data recorders, compliance auditors, content filters, etc), such as:

Lack of network visibility
Not enough SPAN port and TAPs.
Many tools require “big pipe” aggregated view.
High tool cost
Expensive to place tools at all required access points.
High cost to monitor 10G networks.
Overloaded staff
Setup and maintenance is complex and difficult.
Troubleshooting is too time consuming.
For those organizations the Ixia (formerly Ixia Anue) solutions may be of interest. Organizations that use the Ixia Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) achieve complete network visibility with the easiest drag-and-drop control panel in the industry. In addition, Ixia users can finally eliminate TAP and SPAN port shortages, increasing network access points and simplifying network monitoring analysis and diagnostic troubleshooting:

Increase network visibility points: Never let TAP or SPAN shortages prevent you from troubleshooting a network issue again.
Maximize network tool utilization: Monitor your 10Gb network with your existing 1Gb tools and avoid costly upgrades.
Expand network monitoring capacity: Monitor multiple access points simultaneously.
Reduce management complexity: Capture complete network visibility with the easiest drag-and-drop interface in the industry.

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