ITIL V2 Service Manager (ITIL Master) Certified Program Service Delivery and Service Support

For service managers, IT account managers, process owner / managers, senior managers, architects, IT business analysts, and senior support staff, as well as Business IT service managers, IT service buyers, and Outsourcers.

This 2.5 week program (week-one Service Delivery, week-two Service Support, week-three two-day

review and two certification exams) was developed in line with the ITIL Framework, and in

considerations of the new ISO/IEC 20000 (Released in December 2006).

Its content and value exceeds the level of Service Manager Certification set by EXIN.

This is a 3-in-1 program - It not only trains the participants in ITIL concepts and knowledge, but also

prepares them for the certification exams by providing necessary information and exercises. In addition,

through extensive group exercises with real life Case Study, the participants will practice not only in the

application of ITIL knowledge but also the initiation and implementation of an ITIL program.

Unlike other popular programs, the ITIL Service Manager program focuses on how to understand and

answer exam questions. It prepares participants for “real world” challenges with practical hands-on

exercises that bring immediate value to their organizations. We promote the assessment of ITSM process

capability and provide recommendations on how to transform current practices to the ITIL best practices.

􀁻 Lecture (20% of time) – Key ITIL concept and knowledge

􀁻 Exercise (70% of time) – Enhanced learning through extensive and practical exercises.

Five key features of exercises:

i. Transfer of practical implementation experiences and skills through seasoned and experienced


ii. Crystallize the ITIL concept and knowledge

iii. Provide real life practical exercises by using case study

iv. Practice how to answer the exam questions with right format and length.

v. Practice how to answer the exam questions using effective exam technique.

􀁻 Homework – Daily homework assignments to deepen the learning by reviewing and consolidating the

learning during the day.

􀁻 Homework review (10% of time) – Additional step to solidify good and accurate understanding of ITIL

concept and knowledge.

􀃎 Note: The success in achieving certification is highly dependant upon participants’ effort in doing their

homework, and self-study for the suggested number of hours between the program sessions and after the

program completion. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the exam be scheduled one month

after the training to allow sufficient study time and preparation. This is a demanding program and

requires the participants’ undivided attention and dedication.


This program is for:

• Senior IT managers responsible and/or involved in the IT service delivery

• Service managers and senior support staff responsible for the implementation and integration of ITSM


• Process owner and managers including senior managers

• Solutions architects and IT business analysts

• Business IT service managers and IT account managers

• IT service buyers and outsourcers who intends to acquire detailed knowledge of ITIL IT Service

Management Framework and Best-practices.

• ISO/IEC 20000 consultants and auditors


• Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

• 5 years of general IT management experience with 2 years of specific IT management practical experience

• In addition to the above mandatory requirement; the participant examination qualification is also dependent

on the successful completion of the In-Course Assessment. The In-Course Assessment reflects the

participants level of participation, attendance, workload, etc.

Objectives of the program

Program primary objectives are:

1. To provide participants with;

􀂃 a strong understanding of the relevance of Service Management to an organization,

o Key content and interpretation of ISO/IEC 20000 Standard

􀂃 a clear comprehension of the key processes and responsibilities of IT Service Management

􀂃 a practical knowledge of the application of IT Service Management best practices

2. To provide participants a firm knowledge in the definition, implementation and management of an IT Service Management program, as well as the knowledge and pre-requisite to prepare for the ITIL Service Manager Certification exam.

Program Content

The Service Manager Training covers the following topics:

ITIL Service Management

• ISO/IEC 20000 key considerations and interpretation

• ISO/IEC 20000 auditing tips

ITIL Service Support Processes and Function

􀁻 Configuration Management

􀁻 Service Desk

􀁻 Incident Management

􀁻 Problem Management

􀁻 Change Management

􀁻 Release Management

ITIL Service Delivery Processes

􀁻 Service Level Management

􀁻 Financial Management for IT Services

􀁻 Availability Management

􀁻 Capacity Management

􀁻 IT Service Continuity Management

ITIL Security Management

Planning to Implement Service Management

Defining Key performance Indicators (KPIs) and relevant Metrics

Process implementation, management and on-going improvements

Program Material

The Service Manager program includes the following as reference documentation:

• Program slide presentation

• The ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery books

• ITIL Service Support and Service Delivery Synopsis documents

• IT Service Management ITIL Pocket Guide

• A extensive compilation of sample examination questions and marking guidelines

• Various case studies

• ITIL acronyms and glossary

• An collection of sample documents and templates for the implementation and management of IT services

• Extensive in-class group exercises

• Homework assignments

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