Inner Child Healing is an alternative, spiritual and experiential practice for healing negative self beliefs that are holding you back from your natural ability to reach your best and most rewarding life experiences, in love and work.

You may need long-term intense work to heal, or a more short-term focused coaching and support on dating, couples or marriage and even divorce decisions and support. The same focus may be needed to break a negative food or drug or sexual dependency or addiction or to make career and business choices and decisions.

Inner Child Healing is a deep spiritual and experiential way of healing old, often unknown or forgotten wounds from childhood that keep holding you back from getting the love and power that you seek. You may choose to do the longer and deeper work that requires a commitment to the completion of the whole journey. It is worth every step made possible with loving support, humor, and hard work!
Perhaps you need more direct, here-and-now coaching to develop your inner resources to reach specific life goals and solve real life problems. Life Coaching is then the best and shortest way forward. Either way, the seeds are already there, within you!
You may come to restore the loss of intimacy in a relationship, to find a way toward connection from a place of loneliness or isolation, to learn to handle conflict. Whether you are looking for a mate, making the relationship you have more satisfying or to face the ending of one, you may just need some direction and support in finding your own answers, believing in your own power to grow, create and overcome.
Finding, excelling in, or changing a career path is another way of learning to use your power for and belief in your innate and special gifts that will be made manifest by a strong coaching relationship. Successful business people rely on that special coaching support.
The way forward is for you to choose after talking it over in a consultation either in person, in a video chat or on the phone. Call to set up the first appointment to start reaching for your goals. They are achievable. You deserve to have the life you dream of.

The Healing Process

This is only one of many stories of healing through hypnosis. Going into our past can heal our emotional traumas because we can provide resolutions that could not have been possible at that time. The unconscious is accepting of such healing. But even brutal memories can be healed by providing a protector to empower the shamed and frightened child. We can also change our perception of pain, and its consequent reduction and even elimination; the reduction of anxiety and tension; the messages to sleep, to stop smoking, over-eating, using drugs and alcohol. The left-brain logic that we use most often in our waking state is rather limited and literal in its approach to problem solving. The right brain holds the secret to a more imaginative, global and emotional ap proach. The function of both sides of our brain is essential but often a strong censor keeps us locked out of the right side and from a deeper understanding of ourselves. Perhaps we can think of it as a door that can be unlocked only with the key of hypnosis which allows us to move through the pain of a forgotten grief, as Fan did,to find the exact place which needs the healing. Our mind, our body and our spirit are connected at this deep level so that believing it is so can really make it so.The journey into that place is one worth taking so that you can see your Inner Child and become a good parent to that child. Finally there is hypno-anaesthesia. “Glove anasthesia," the actual anaesthetizing of a part of the body such as the mouth (dental surgery), or the stomach (child birth) is used together with dissociation, that allows the person to simply be “away” from their body in a beautiful place while an other painful procedure is going on. (A natural experi ence for children molested in brutal ways to leave there bodies temporarily that can then be used also to heal them.) Our post-operative healing is also speeded and enhanced with post-hypnotic suggestions (positive suggestions for change given while the client is in trance).


You may ask, “But how does it work? Will l be able to do it? Well, it works easily if you want it to, if you are fairly trusting, feel you're with a competent professional and are some what suggestible. That covers the vast majority of people. Most people can achieve a light to moderate trance state— sufficient for most therapeutic purposes. About ten percent can go so deeply into trance that they can be operated on without any other anesthetic. Yogis are buried alive and live to tell the tale by going into a deep Delta state, totally self induced. On the other end you are often in a trance while driving or washing dishes. All you have to do is concentrate on the suggestions given by the hypnotist. The talent is truly yours. The knowledge that the hypnotist most needs is what to do with the subject to achieve a healing of the problem that together you have identified. We are still far from understanding why hypnosis works. One way of looking at it on a theoretical level is to say that hypnosis provides a way into the center of our governing apparatus, to the core of our unconscious mind where all our directions for rational and irrational behavior live, usually only vaguely know to us but oh so powerfully felt.

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