IAPM Differentiation
Recommended entry criteria for IAPM Programs are as follows:

Registered Project Manager (RPM) Project Management Basics – all delegates regardless of

experience. This will give a uniform understanding of the fundamentals.

Certified International Project Manager (CIPM) – delegates who are (or have been) project

managers with 3 to 5 years experience of managing projects or teams. More experienced
managers may attend, to give a broader perspective, and all managers within the experience
range can attend to ensure commonality across all projects in a single company.

Master International Project Manager (MIPM) – delegates who are (or have been) project

managers with 7-10 years experience of managing projects or teams.

All other courses / electives – no restriction on eligibility

Note – it is expected that all attendees for all seminars will have progressed towards at least a Bachelors level first degree,
regardless of other qualifications.

CIPM ™ Certified International Project Manager

CIPM™ Program Overview
Project Management is growing exponentially. It’s now used in virtually all industries, such as:
government, healthcare, telecom, IT, education and banking. Effective project management is
how these organisations streamline to improve productivity. As businesses are restructured,
project managers take over many responsibilities. Expertise in project management is a source
of security, prosperity and power to many companies.
CIPM Program
What is Project Management
• Getting back to basics
• Principles of project management
• Project stages and lifecycles
• Where are we now and where are we going
• Project components
Recognising projects – what is a project
Project Management Components
• Internationally recognized project structures and components
Why projects go wrong
• Early warning signals
Project goals and kick off
Planning and scheduling
• Types of plans
• Relationships between plans
Breakdown structures
• WBS and others
• Tools, tips and techniques
• Dilemmas in estimating
Gantt and Pert
• Multiple uses for these tools
Financial management
• Cost classification
• Cost analysis
• Cost management
• Scheduling and Cost Control
Commitment based project management
• Who are our stakeholders and how do we manage them
Goals and personal commitment
• Driving goals down from corporate to personal levels
Risk Management
• Operational management and Risk Mitigation
• What is a risk and how do we classify it and deal with it
Quality management
• The quality process
Scope management
• Dealing with project level scope changes
Project Managers role
Human resource strategy
• How to get the best out of our people
Leading project teams
• Know your team-members and their personality types
• Different management styles
• The role of teamwork
• Functional and dysfunctional teams – what to look out for and control
Communication styles
• Corporate communications, personal communications and team communications
• What happens when communication goes wrong
• Dealing with ‘big picture changes’ and conflicts
• Renegotiation previous agreements
• Conflict Triggers
• Negotiating styles
Procurement and contracts (for non-lawyers)
Project Management supplement
• Methodologies
• Running Effective meetings
• Tracking project activities
• PM software
• Facilitation
• Reporting
• Closing out your Project
• Audits and reviews
• Post implementation reviews
7 Detailed Problem Solving Case Studies
1 Personality Profiling Test
CIPM Examination

MIPM™ Master International Project Manager

MIPM™ Program Overview
This programme is designed to take Project Management competencies of the delegates to the
level where they will become comfortable with running multinational, multimillion dollar
projects. Final Certification exam will test delegates in all aspects of Project Management, from
Staff recruitment through to International relocations and Organisational Theory (Traditional
versus Modern Companies and the challenges of managing projects in such diverse
MIPM Program
Introductions and Personal Expectations
Stakeholder Management
• Identify Stakeholders
• Prioritise Stakeholders
• Manage Stakeholders
• Communicate with Stakeholders
• Risk Theory
• Risk Categories
• Risk Classification and Quantification
• Communication Styles
• Do’s and Don’ts
Organisational Theory
• Traditional vs Modern Organisations
• Management in different organizational environments
International Management and Cross Cultural Competencies
• Internationalisation of projects and programmes
• Managing international teams
• What drives International Teams
• Cultures / Codes / Conduct – behavioural patterns examined
Quality Management
• Quality Management Processes
• Measuring Quality
• Types of Quality
Financial Management for non Financial Managers
• Cost Classification
• Cost Analysis
• Cost Management
• Beyond Budgeting

The changing environment of Management
• Warning Signs and Dealing with Complex Change
Decision Making and Problem Solving
• Dynamics of decision making
• Negative Answers vs Positive answers to decision making
Arbitration and Contract Conflict Resolution
• Dispute Management Framework
• Contract Design
• Key Practices for Conflict Resolution
• Dispute Management Process
Service Level Agreements
• Establish SLA’s
• Implement SLA’s
• Measure Service Delivery
• Maintenance and support
Strategic Planning and International Business Strategies
• Prediction vs Reaction
• Changing International Business Dynamics
• Organisational Impacts and Changes to your Strategy
Strategic Human Resources Management and Performance Management
• HR as a Strategic Tool
• Performance Indicators from Corporate to Personal
Dealing with dysfunctional teams and difficult people
• Know your people
• Anticipate issues
• Personnel Conflict Resolution
Strategic Performance Management and Balance Scorecards
• Understanding and measuring corporate performance
• Drilling down to project / programme level
• Measuring Success
IT for non-IT Managers
• Increase Awareness and ‘debunk’ myths
• Control IT before it controls you
DISC personality Profiling
• Know yourself
• Know your direct reports
• Manage more effectively
Case Studies
• ‘Mini’ MBA level case studies
Examination and Written Submission.
• Seminar Based Certification Examination
• Mini ‘thesis’ on selected management topics


CIPP™ Program Overview
In recent years, Strategic Procurement and Supply Chain Management have been receiving
increased focus. This is due to the quick and large benefits that are available, often with
minimal investment. These disciplines apply across all industries, in the same way as all
companies require robust financial control. It is the experience of the discipline, not the
industry, that leading companies are looking to develop. Effective management and control of
these disciplines will make a material difference to your bottom line.
CIPP program
Baselining Existing Spend
• How much / how many
• Categorisation
• Current performance
• Issues and problems
Profile the Supply Market
• Identify all potential suppliers (inc. cross market)
• National / international
• Supplier profiling
• Supplier short listing
Build Comprehensive Tenders
• Rules and Structure
• Background / Objectives
• Business Requirements
• Supplier Requirements
• Pricing
• Terms and Conditions
• Service Levels
Tender Analysis
• Rules and Structure
• Analysis Tools / Sections
• Comparative Marking
• Shortlisting
• Verification Visits
Supplier Selection
• Negotiation – Price and Conditions
• Contracts (basics)
• KPI’s / SLA’s / development plans
• Transition Planning
Supply Base Transition
• Planning
• Old Supplier Run Down
• New Supplier Ramp Up
• Contingency
• Steady State
What is Supply Chain Management
• Getting back to basics
• Principles of Supply Chain Management
• Supply Chain Management Stages
Supplier Management
• Measuring and using KPI’s
• Measuring and using SLA’s
• Supplier Reviews
• Continuous Improvement Plans
• Supplier Development
CIPPTM Examination
Plus up to 8 Detailed and Relevant Case studies and 1 Personality Profiling Test

IAPM Elective Modules.

RPMO™ Registered Program Management Officer
Regardless of whether you are a freshly minted project manager, or a veteran, the ‘devil is in
the details’. The finest plans invented will be ineffective if the Control Process is faulty. IAPM
have worldwide experience in dealing with the results of lack of the Control Process in projects.
This elective addresses aspects of Control such as planning, administration, communication,
monitoring, reviewing, reporting and very importantly, closing out projects. We will teach you
about Team Structures and the steps required to successfully set up and manage a Project
Management Office.
RPM™ Registered Project Manager
This course is a foundation course designed to successfully launch aspiring project
managers from all industries and to ensure that all the Project Management fundamentals
are addressed and understood. For more experienced managers, this course will fine tune their
skills and hone their knowledge using real life case study scenarios, blended with interactive
learning techniques and extensive study materials. All attendees will be able to demonstrate
a sound knowledge of Project Management principles, and to be able to function over a range
of projects.
We designed this as a comparable course to PMP (PMI) but with a continuing focus of
management as opposed to tools. The course can be adapted to cover tools too and this would
cover even more of the PMP syllabus.
PQMA™ Project Quality Management Analyst
Projects live or die on the quality of deliverables. One of the four pivots of any project (Scope /
Time / Cost / Quality), quality is arguably the hardest to define and control. IAPM will help you
understand the case for excellence, help you determine quality standards and controls,
measures and tools. Reporting on quality and taking corrective action to deviations is an
essential skill which IAPM will address. A must-do qualification for all Project Managers. Quality
begins at the Planning Stage and runs through the entire project lifecycle, and IAPM will teach
delegates how to integrate the initial concepts of Quality throughout the project.
CPRA™ Certified Project Risk Analyst
Designed for project and risk practitioners within the business who are involved in formalizing
or implementing processes of risk management within the scope of projects. The programme
reviews critical analysis techniques of business decision making and enabling the process of risk
taking within the scope of projects. IAPM’s Registered Project Risk Analyst programme
examines the risks that are routinely encountered by project managers and introduces tools,
techniques and effective strategies to manage risk.
CBCCMTM Certified Budgeting and Cost Control Manager
In addition to the crucial skills of managing complex projects and teams in a dynamic and
changing environment, Project Managers are also being asked to deal with increasingly complex
aspects of Project Finance. In this elective, we will introduce the Project Manager to core PM
Skills in addition to Cost Concepts, Job and Process Costing, Quality Costs, Activity Based
Costing, Standard Costing, Organisational dimensions of costing, Budgeting and others.
CPTL ™ Certified Project Team Leader
Key Leadership Skills are made – they do not occur simply innately. Getting the ‘right people on
board’ is essential. We all acknowledge that Project Management is about People and this
elective will guide you through essential management skills such as Leadership Styles versus
Management Styles, Traits of Good Project Managers, Recruitment, Retention, Communication,
Dealing with Change, Negotiating Skills, Facilitation, Effective Team Structures and Personality
Types (know yourself and know others), Personality Testing and Interpreting of Test Results to
improve team dynamics and performance.
ACRS ™ Arbitration and Conflict Resolution Specialist
Contract disputes are an unfortunate part of project management. This elective will help you to
understand what drives disputes. The course will introduce a dispute-management framework
and show how to cost a dispute case. It will also provide some key practices for dispute
management and illustrate processes for auditing dispute management and improvements of
the process. All of this will be in the context of managing projects using other IAPM tools and
CICM™ Certified International Change Manager
Although change is one of the few certainties of life, it is often met with fear and resistance in
the work place. Yet organisations have to change to adapt, improve and prepare for the future.
As today’s business environment is accelerating the pace of change, effective change
management has never been so important. Expertise on change management will drive forward
sustainable performance improvement to keep ahead of competitors, and meet ever changing
and demanding customer expectations.
CSSA™ Contract Services Selection Analyst
Seeking external services is one of the biggest and riskiest decisions a Project Manager can
make. IAPM has prepared this elective to help our Alumni through this process, dealing with
everything from defining business requirements, to preparing an EOI (Expression of Interest), to
preparing an RFP (Request for Proposals) to preparing evaluation methods. We explain generic
terms and conditions and the process (clearly your organization needs to seek localized legal /
regulatory advice on this), Service Level Agreements, effective negotiating and monitoring of
your selected solution / providers, we deal with issues such as ‘what should I outsource and
what should I keep in-house’ and finally, we discuss Team and Organisation Structures to
manage the new environment successfully.

CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Oil & Gas)
Combining all the elements of the internationally successful IAPM CIPMTM certification, this
specialized course takes a unique view of managing projects in the Oil & Gas industry. Industry
issues and risks, processes and procedures, metric and measures are all examined in the
context of managing a project, and differences/similarities between Oil & Gas and other project
types are examined. Multinational, cultural, ethical and professional influences are all
considered and delegates graduating from this course have all significantly benefitted from the
‘sharing experience’ with other delegates. Several Oil companies have adopted this course as
their official ‘in-house’ project management course.
CGIS™ Certified General Insurance Specialist
This course is specifically designed to raise awareness amongst insurance specialists about the
'bigger picture' of the insurance world and in areas where maybe they have not had any prior
experience themselves, but need to know more. Also, it internationalises insurance and brings a
global awareness of processes / practices / procedures / technology / terminology / best
practice and so forth that simply cannot be obtained from a single source (until now) nor from a
single work environment.
This highly popular course appeals to all aspects of the insurance industry and has attracted
delegates from banks, captive insurers, regulators, corporate insurance departments, loss
adjusters plus life and non-life insurance specialists.

IAPM few other Courses .

  • CPTS™ Certified Project Triage Specialist
  • CPSM™ Certified IT Production Support Manager
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Infrastructure)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Mining)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Health Services)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Pharmaceutical)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Government)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Military)
  • CIPM™ Certified International Project Manager (Telecoms)
  • CIOPTM Certified International Operations Professional

Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch4-Date Venue Contact
01 AP Hyderabad 2-May'11 6-May'11 7-JUN'11 10-JUN'11 2-JUL'11 6-JUL'11 2-Aug'11 6-Aug'11 Flat 617, Annapurna block, Aditya enclave, Ameerpet, Hyd-16 Jason-91-40-64568797
02 Delhi Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida 24-Apr'11 25-Apr'11 28-May'11 29-May'11 25-JUN'11 26-JUN'11 23-JUL'11 24-JUL'11 Orange Business services, Equant Solutions IndiaPvt. Ltd, Tower B, 8th Floor, DLF Infinity Tower -Phase II, DLF Cybercity, Sector 25, Gurgaon -122002, India Arun : 9810 328046
03 Karnataka Bangalore 7-May'11 8-May'11 4-JUN'11 5-JUN'11 2-JUL'11 3-JUL'11 6-Aug'11 7-Aug'11 DBS House 26, Cunningham Road ,Opp Indian Express Building, Bangalore - 560 052 Vijay : 96636 06107
04 Maharashtra Mumbai 21-May'11 22-May'11 18-JUN'11 19-JUN'11 16-JUL'11 17-JUL'11 20-Aug'11 21-Aug'11 DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, Fashion Street. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School Mr.Vasudev
05 Maharashtra Pune 30-Apr'11 1-May'11 2-JUN'11 3-JUN'11 30-JUL'11 31-JUL'11 2-Aug'11 3-Aug'11 Hotel Raviraj , Deccan Gymkhana Mr.sameer
06 Tamilnadu Chennai 14-May'11 15-May'11 11-JUN'11 12-JUN'11 9-JUL'11 10-JUL'11 13-Aug'11 14-Aug'11 DBS House 31A, Cathedral Garden Rd ,Between Hotel Palmgrove and Valluvarkottam Nugambakkam,Chennai - 600034 Mr.Solomon
07 Westbengal Kolkata 30-Apr'11 1-May'11 2-JUN'11 3-JUN'11 30-JUL'11 31-JUL'11 2-Aug'11 3-Aug'11 DBS House 10/2, Hungerford Street,Opp. Exit Gate of Saturday Club,Kolkata - 700017 Mr.Sandeep
08 Kerala Trivandrum 21-May'11 22-May'11 18-JUN'11 19-JUN'11 16-JUL'11 17-JUL'11 20-Aug'11 21-Aug'11 DBS center Mr.Manoj
09 Kerala Cochin 24-Apr'11 25-Apr'11 28-May'11 29-May'11 25-JUN'11 26-JUN'11 23-JUL'11 24-JUL'11 DBS center Mr.Manoj
10 Tamilnadu Coimbatore 7-May'11 8-May'11 4-JUN'11 5-JUN'11 2-JUL'11 3-JUL'11 6-Aug'11 7-Aug'11 DBS center Mr.Balaji
11 Gujarat Baroda 2-May'11 6-May'11 7-JUN'11 10-JUN'11 2-JUL'11 6-JUL'11 2-Aug'11 6-Aug'11 DBS House Mr.Alok
12 Gujarat Ahmedabad 14-May'11 15-May'11 11-JUN'11 12-JUN'11 9-JUL'11 10-JUL'11 13-Aug'11 14-Aug'11 DBS center Mr.Alok

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