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Spectramind is an ISO 9001:2000 certified Data Recovery Company specialising in Data Recovery Tools,Training and Services. Spectramind has over 10 years experience in data recovery. We are aware of the pitfalls of data loss and the risks to business. Months or years of work can be lost in seconds due to disk failure,fault or virus attack.Spectramind has the knowledge and experience to get your data back quickly and efficiently. Our range of low cost services for lost data recovery ensure that you can resume your business or save your job with minimum downtime.

We offer a complete range of file recovery software and utilities for Windows, Linux, Unix, Novell Netware, Apple Macintosh operating system and support various file systems including FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, Ext2, Ext3, ReiserFS, NWFS, Net386, NSS, HFS, HFS+, UFS, FFS, VxFS, EAFS, HTFS etc. This also includes file repair utilities for repairing corrupt MS Office files; corrupt OpenOffice files, corrupt database files of MS Access, Paradox, Palm Pilot Contact database, FoxPro database, corrupted backup files created using MS Backup, and corrupt compressed files.

Apart from data recovery solutions, we have extended our software range to email recovery, email migration, Outlook tools, PDF tools and monitoring solutions, so that no problem may remain unsettled. Be it recovery of emails from Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail and Lotus Notes mailboxes or successful migration from one email client to other, we have solution for every requirement. With our email migration software range, every user can attain successful and complete migration from Outlook to Notes, GroupWise to Exchange server, Lotus Notes to Outlook and Outlook Express to Lotus Notes.

Our range of small but powerfull tools include solutions for Outlook and PDF users. For Outlook users a comprehensive range of tools is there, which helps them to meet requirements like PST repair and recovery, PST compress and compact, PST split, Outlook duplicate removal and Outlook password recovery. As far as PDF tools are concerned, all requirements such as PDF repair and recovery, PDF restriction removal and PDF split and merge can be easily fulfilled.

The hard drive data recovery software offered by Spectramind ensures safe and accurate data recovery against the numerous threats like accidental file deletion and disk formatting, partition problems, virus or trojan problems, software malfunctions, or employee sabotage etc.

Our professional range of data recovery software are available for online purchase. We deliver the product both electronically and through physical shipment (CD media), against the small shipping and handling charges. Our dedicated support team offers solution to all your queries related to product usage, functioning and probability of data retrieval before and after the product purchase. We also offer post sales guidance to solve the technical problems faced while performing the data recovery using our products

We are equipped with the entire infrastructure required to bring your data back to life. To recover data both from the physical and logical crashes, we provide data recovery services for almost all the storage media and Operating Systems.

The data recovery engineers at Spectramind software are highly proficient in recovering data from the varied levels of data storage servers which includes; RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disk) Servers, Microsoft Exchange Servers, Database Servers.

The problem of recovering data from various types of physical crashes like; Firmware of drive gets corrupted, Failure of hard drive controller card, or generation of bad sectors on disk surface has been effectively solved by our engineers. We resolve the critical cases of data recovery using our proprietary data recovery software and hardware tools to solve these kind of problems which occur due to the failure or malfunctioning of internal parts of the hard drive.

Our data recovery software uses QFSCI (Quick File System Component Identification) technology, for performing faster and precise recovery of data from the damaged or corrupt part of the hard drives or other data storage media. Due to the effectiveness and easy user interface of our software, our software is being used worldwide by most of the professional data recovery service providers.

Data Recovery Services and hardware tools provided by Spectramind include manufacturing and supplying Data Recovery Tools or Equipment as well as Data Recovery Training. The Data Recovery Training is available in different packages to suit each student according to their needs, enabling students to walk away after training to perform Hard Disk Data Recovery in the same way as Spectramind . Spectramind offers many different Hard Drive Data Recovery Services and will give you and honest estimation, unlike some companies who will give you false information aboun 100% success rates, Hard Drive Failure can mean in cases where your platters are scratched that some data is irretrievable. Our staff will be happy to help with your enquiry either by phone or if you call in at the office, we will welcome you and work hard to recover your data for you.

Spectramind provide a professional, cost effective and prompt data recovery service from crashed hard disks and other computer based media. We perform data recovery from servers, desktops, laptop / notebook computers, tapes, flash media, DVDs and CDs. We are specialists in data recovery from all versions of Windows,Macintosh (Mac OS) and Linux operating systems as well as other proprietary OS’ such as Sun Unix, AIX, Irix, HP-IX, etc.

We can recover data from all models of hard disk drives, RAID servers, NAS, SAN and other storage. In addition we can recover lost data from most any electronic device or media including: magnetic tape, memory cards, flash drives, floppy disks, and optical media. , All data recovery cases are personally handled by our trained engineers who ensure that you are able to recover your data accurately and quickly. All work is performed on site in our labs using state of the art clean room techniques our class 100 clean room. Your data is treated as totally confidential and adhere to strict procedures to ensure security of your data. We use proprietary tools and custom developed data recovery tools backed by a strong in house Research & Development team.

  • We have 10 years experience in data recovery.
  • Our success rate is greater than 90% on all the drives we receive.
  • We have a Class 15 clean room which means that even if there is a problem inside your drive we can repair the damage to perform your data recovery.
  • We have over 500 spare drives in stock that we use for immediate access to spare parts when needed. This accelerates the repair time considerably due to the fact that in most cases we don't have to search for parts with external companies.
  • We provide a full evaluation for repair and data recovery within one business day. There is no charge for Estimates.

Service on all makes and models

We are equipped to recover data from any of the following Devices or Media:

  • RAID Arrays (all types)
  • IDE, UATA & SATA Hard Drives
  • SCSI Hard Disk Drives
  • Laptop Hard Disk Drives
  • All Floppy Diskettes
  • Optical Drives
  • Zip and Jazz Drives
  • Memory Media (Flash, SD, SM, Stick)
  • 4mm DAT
  • DLT
  • Travan
  • Exabyte 8mm
  • LTO
  • QIC
  • DDS
  • Floppy Disks

Recovery from any Operating System

We have practically every version of any operating system on-hand:

  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Microsoft MS-DOS, Win95, Win98
  • Novell Netware (2.0, 3.11, 3.12, 4.11, 5.1 and up)
  • Apple Macintosh (OS 8, 9, OS X)
  • IBM OS/2, OS/2 Warp
  • SCO/ATT Unix/Xenix
  • Linux
  • Digital Equipment (DEC)
  • Silicon Graphics
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Solaris
  • Wang
  • Banyan Vines
  • AS/400
  • RISC/6000

Server and Network Appliances

We are equipped to recover data from any of the following Servers:

  • Compaq Proliant Servers (Smart Array 5300, etc.)
  • Quantum Snapserver
  • Maxtor Maxattach (NAS devices)
  • IBM Netservers
  • Dell PowerEdge Severs (PERC array controllers)
  • Gateway 900 Series Servers
  • RAID Towers

and more …

Technology is rapidly changing everyday, and Spectramind is committed to investing to acquire and adopt the latest technologies in our Data recovery services. Our technical team is constantly seeking out new technologies.

Hard Disk Failure

Broadly speaking a hard disk can fail in four ways that will lead to a potential loss of data:

  • Firmware Corruption / Damage to the firmware zone
  • Electronic Failure
  • Mechanical Failure
  • Logical Corruption

Combinations of these four types of failure are also possible. Whether the data on the hard disk is recoverable or not depends on exactly what has happened to the disk and how bad the damage is. Please note that over time, all hard disks will develop bad sectors which can lead to data loss and drive inaccessibility.

Firmware Corruption / Damage to the firmware zone

Explanation: Hard disk firmware is the software code that controls, and is embedded in, the physical hard drive hardware. If the firmware of a hard disk becomes corrupted or unreadable the computer is often unable to correctly interact with the hard disk. Frequently the data on the disk is fully recoverable once the drive has been repaired and reprogrammed.

Firmware failures - How to diagnose: Common Symptoms

The hard disk will spin up when powered on, but be incorrectly recognised / not recognised at all by the computer
The hard disk will spin up & be recognised correctly by the computer but the system will then hang during the boot process
Actions to take

Recovering data from hard drives with firmware failure requires low level reprogramming / manipulation of the hard drive. It is not possible for a PC repair shop to do this. TECHLOGIC have our own specialist equipment that allows us to successfully recover data from hard drives with firmware faults.

Electronic Failure

Explanation: Electronic failure usually relates to problems on the controller board of the actual hard disk. The computer may suffer a power spike or electrical surge that knocks out the controller board on the hard disk making it undetectable to the BIOS.

Electrical failures - How to diagnose: Common Symptom

The hard disk will not spin up when the drive is powered on - it will appear dead & not be recognised by the computer

Actions to take

Spectramind can recover data from all types of electrical hard drive failure.

Although electronic failures can happen to any type of hard disk, we find that Quantum Fireball drives are particularly susceptible to power spikes and quite often it's possible to see visible electrical burn damage around one of the chips on the controller board. Usually, the data on the hard disk has not suffered any damage and a 100% data recovery is possible.

Mechanical Failure

Mechanical hard disk failures are those which develop on components internal to the hard disk itself. Often as soon as an internal component goes faulty the data on the hard disk will become inaccessible.

Mechanical failures - How to diagnose: Common Symptoms

When powered on, the hard drive will immediately begin to make a regular ticking or clicking sound

Actions to take
Recovering data from hard drives with mechanical failure requires the drive to be worked on in a clean room as the drive has to be taken apart and investigated in lab conditions. Spectramind have a fully equipped Class 100 clean room which we use to recover drives with mechanical problems.

Do not be tempted to open a hard disk if you suspect a mechanical fault: there is nothing you will be able to do and you will contaminate the internal clean air environment. There is also a good chance that during this process you will destroy any chance that we have of successfully recovering the data.

Logical Errors

Often the easiest and the most difficult problems to deal with, logical errors can range from simple things such as an invalid entry in a file allocation table to truly horrific problems such as the corruption and loss of the file system on a severely fragmented drive.

Logical errors are different to the electrical and mechanical problems above as there is usually nothing 'physically' wrong with the disk, just the information on it.

Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services provides recovery service on a full range of hard disk drives and operating systems including IDE, EIDE, SATA and SCSI hard drive assemblies all makes and models of laptops and notebooks.
Operating Systems:
o UNIX (select families)
o Novell
o Windows
o Linux
o And more!
Personal computers, workstations, laptops, PDA's and even digital cameras that store data on hard drives, removable magnetic media or flash RAM cards, all suffer from the same failures, some of which are:
o Unable to boot
o Virus attacks
o Inaccessible drives or partitions
o Unable to run or load data
o Data corrupted
o Hard drive failure
o Hard drive crashes
o Fire and water damage
o Surface contamination and damage
o Accidental deletion of data
If the media is inaccessible we will first test the components and closely examine the drive platters to determine the extent of physical damage, which enables us to layout a course of action for each individual drive.

Hard drive recovery

Involves replacing failed components such as read/write head assemblies, logic control components and drive motors in a clean room environment. In most cases, the recovery process involves restructuring the data by examining the low-level data sectors and determining what fixes to file system structures are needed to gain access to the logical data. Using highly sophisticated techniques and proprietary equipment and software, our engineers are able to fix and recover data from these raw images of all operating systems.
We use only non-destructive hard drive data recovery processes that use drive sectors cloning
This means we pull data from your drive on a sector by sector basis, and we work directly on the clone. This will ensure your drive is not damaged further and that a second image of the original structure can be acquired if needed. The typical time for hard disk recovery is 3-5 Business Days to complete. It can take longer to process if we have a slow read or hard to find parts.

After determining what steps will be necessary to complete your.
Hard drive recovery
we will contact you . No work will be done without your approval. As soon as you approve the recovery, our engineers will continue with the recovery effort, validate the data and place it on a suitable replacement media, whether that is another drive, CDROM, DVD, any other media of your choice.
Spectramind hard drive recovery process meets manufacturer’s requirements and will not void your original warranty.
We recover data from all hard disk manufacturers:
o Western Digital
o Hitachi
o Seagate
o Toshiba
o Maxtor
o Fujitsu
o Samsung

Raid Recovery

What is RAID :-
RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. It is a method of combining several hard drives into one unit. This method offers fault tolerance (the ability of a system to continue to perform functions even when one or more hard disk drives have failed) and higher protection against data loss than a single hard drive.
Why do we need RAID System?
RAID provides real-time data recovery when a hard drive fails, increasing system uptime and network availability while protecting against loss of data. Another advantage of the system is that multiple disks working together increase overall system performance. Any individual or company could benefit from having a RAID system in place.
There are several ways to store data using the different RAID levels:
o RAID 0, also known as data striping, distributes data across drives which results in higher data throughout. However, since it has no data redundancy, it does not protect against data loss.
o RAID 1, also known as drive mirroring, works by simultaneously copying data to a second drive so no data is lost if there is drive failure.
o RAID 2 ,uses Hamming error correction codes and is proposed for use with drives which don’t have built-in error detection.
o RAID 3, stripes data at a byte level across several drives storing parity (a form of data protection used to recreate the data of a failed drive in a disk array) on a single drive.
o RAID 4, stripes data at a block level across several drives, with parity being stored on one drive. The parity information allows for recovery from the failure of any single drive.
o RAID 5, is similar to RAID 4 except for the fact that it distributes parity among the drives. With the use of RAID systems, there is no reason to be intimidated by computer systems.
RAID Level Summary:-
Level Techniques Description Min. Drives Failure Conditions Pros/Cons Uses
RAID O Disk striping (no fault tolerance) Data is broken into stripes which
are sent to each disk in the array. 2 When one drive fails, the entire array is compromised. Offers Best performance No fault tolerance. Video editing and production
RAID 1 Disk mirroring Data on one drive is mirrored on another. 2 If one drive fails, data is not lost. If both drives fail, the data is lost. 100% redundancy of data/Slower performance and 50% loss of storage space. Accounting, payroll, financial
RAID 2 Byte level striping with Hamming code ECC Data is split at the bit level over a number of data and ECC disks. Up to 14+ Only one drive may fail and still be recoverable "on the fly". On the fly data error correction/Extremely high cost. No commercial uses
RAID 3 Byte level striping with dedicated parity Data is striped at the byte-level, across multiple disks. 3 When more then one drive fails, the array is compromised. High read/write data transfer rates/Complex controller design Image and video editing
RAID 4 Block level striping with dedicated parity Data is striped in blocks across data disk, with parity store on a separate disk. 3 When more then one drive fails, the array is compromised. High Read/Low Write data transaction rates. General purpose
RAID 5 Block level striping with distributed parity Data and parity are striped in blocks across all disks. 3 When more then one drive fails, the array is compromised. High Read data transaction rates/ Complex controller design Web, database or file servers

RAID Storage Techniques:-
Each RAID level uses one or more of the following techniques to write and read data from an array:
Striping is a technique which offers the best performance of any RAID configuration. In a striped array, data is interleaved across all the drives in the array.

An analogy may be helpful in understanding how striping works.

Imagine you asked a friend to write down all the numbers between 0 and 100. It would probably take him a few minutes to jot them all down. Now imagine that instead of asking just one friend to write down the numbers, you asked ten friends to divide the numbers up equally amongst themselves so that one writes down 0 to 9, another 10 to 19, and so on and so forth until all were assigned a task. It would take a fraction of the time. This is how striping works. By splitting up the data and distributing it across multiple drives, you increase performance.

Performance in a striped array is dependant on the stripe width (the number of drives in the array) and the stripe size (the size of the chunks of data being written across the array). Striping can occur at two different levels: byte level and block level. Byte level striping involves breaking up the data into bytes and storing them sequentially across the hard drives. Block level striping involves breaking up the data into a given block size. These blocks are then distributed in the same way across the array as in byte level striping.

So, what stripe size should you use to wring the most performance out of your RAID? Well, that depends on what type of application you're using it for.

Larger stripes mean fewer accesses to the disk. For this reason, larger stripes are useful for I/O-intensive (Input/Output) applications such as database servers. Smaller stripes on the other hand, mean that data can be accessed more quickly because data chunks are smaller. Consequently, smaller stripes are better suited for throughput-intensive applications such as video production and editing.
Although a striped array may offer the best performance of any RAID configuration, it provides no redundancy. If one drive in the array fails, all of your data will be lost and you may need to consider RAID data recovery options.
That's where mirroring comes in. With mirroring, whatever you write to one drive, gets written simultaneously to another. Thus, you always have an exact duplicate of your data on the second drive. This is one of the two data redundancy techniques used in RAID to protect you from data loss. The advantage of this technique is that when one hard drive in the array fails, the system can still continue to operate since there are two copies of the data. Downtime is minimal and rebuilding the data from the good copy is relatively easy.
Mirroring also provides a small performance boost over a single non-arrayed drive. Since the mirrored pairs contain the same data, the RAID controller can read data from one drive while simultaneously requesting data from the other. Of course, write speeds will be slower than with other techniques because data must be written twice, once on each drive.
Parity is an error correction technique commonly used in certain RAID levels. It is used to reconstruct data on a drive that has failed in an array.
Here's how it works: your RAID controller adds a parity bit to all binary information being written to the array. Basically, this is just an extra bit of data tacked onto the actual data.
There are two types of parity bits: even parity bit and odd parity bit. An even parity bit is set to 1 if the number of ones in a given set of bits is odd (making the total number of ones even). An odd parity bit is set to 1 if the number of ones in a given set of bits is even (making the total number of ones odd).
Parity block
A parity block is used by certain RAID levels. Redundancy is achieved by the use of parity blocks. If a single drive in the array fails, data blocks and a parity block from the working drives can be combined to reconstruct the missing data.
Given the diagram below, where each column is a disk, assume A1 = 00000111, A2 = 00000101, and A3 = 0000000. Ap, generated by XORing A1, A2, and A3, will then equal 00000010. If the second drive fails, A2 will no longer be accessible, but can be reconstructed by XORing A1, A3, and Ap:

A1 XOR A3 XOR Ap = 00000101
RAID Array
A1 A2 A3 Ap
B1 B2 Bp B3
C1 Cp C2 C3
Dp D1 D2 D3

Note: Data blocks are in the format A#, parity blocks Ap.
Can RAID fail?
RAID certainly offers more data protection than non-RAID disk systems. However, the management of the disks and the data distribution across them can be complex. Complex redundant systems can suffer failure, most often not a fault of the technology used or the design of the array, but most likely because of its failure to correctly apply these systems which leads to a single point of failure causing disastrous data loss.
No matter how well designed or implemented the RAID system is, there is still a factor that can cause RAID data array problems, the human factor. The more complex the system, the higher the likelihood for mistakes to occur. Note the following:
o Multiple drives can fail in an array.
o Arrays are normally boxed in a single case, so physical damage can affect multiple drives and the control electronics.
o Many people don't back up RAID systems because they're 'fault tolerant' - however they're not 'fault proof'.
Think of a RAID system as an insurance policy for your data protecting you against drive failure. Drive failure entails employee downtime, lost sales, customer costs, lost opportunities, data restoration and re-entry costs, and intangible costs due in part to work day disruptions not to mention the cost of RAID data recovery.
RAID Recovery Process
o In a RAID system incase more than two hard disks are failed then there are chances that the RAID will not mount and it gives the error message,
o First we need to inspect the number of hard drives and in this array whether they are in working condition or not working condition.
o we need to make non working hard disk drives to working condition, Mirror each drive to certified, clean hard disk drives if the hard disk drives are working condition still we need to , Mirror each drive to certified, clean hard disk drives.
o Un stripe the drives to create RAID volume , Rebuild original boot record and low level file system components , Perform entire rebuild of the file system.
o Then we will use the relevant software’s to recover the data depending on the logical problem.
o Snap shot of data will be sent to the user to check and verify, else user will be invited to our office to check the data and there integrity after the user satisfaction we will copy the data on to certified, clean hard disk drives/ Tape Media/CD/DVD e.c.t
RAID Data Recovery Charges
Data Recovery is a risky process. There are many variables that need to be accounted for in our evaluation and time estimates. We will do our best to perform the recovery within specific time frames. However, events outside our control can cause delays in recovering your data including buy not limited to availability of parts or hidden defects.
To provide for shared risk we have divided the fees into 2 parts, an attempt fee and a recovery fee. The attempt fee is due and payable at authorization of the recovery by you, the client. The recovery fee is due on completion of the recovery before data is released. We will do our best to assure you that we have a level of recovery that is acceptable.


The most trusted data recovery company serving world wide and the world for well over a decade. Spectramind’s Lab is equipped with state of the art equipment, years of data recovery experience to provide the best possible recovery service; whether your storage media is physically damaged or logically corrupt Disk Doctors can help.
Our engineers are among the most experienced and professional data recovery engineers in the world. Spectramind’s have performed thousands of business saving data recovery jobs. In our Lab we have only one target in front of us, and that is to bring our clients halted operations back into action with quick and cost effective recoveries.
If you or your business is experiencing an unpleasant incident of data loss, recovering it yourself with off the shelf data recovery utilities can further damage the disk, complicate the future recovery efforts, and make it lot more expensive. Please, leave it up to the experts; and call one of data recovery engineers directly at +91 9440089341
The most catastrophic damage caused to media in the high paced businesses is failure of company servers, SAN (storage area network), NAS (network attached storage) and RAID Array. In this highly stressful situations at critical times many company lose their time and money on the severity and size of damage caused to storage media.
Hard drive defects table - P & G Lists
Defects Table - What are the P List and G List ?
The defects table in a hard disk drive consists of two lists: the P List and the G List. They contain records of all the defective (or 'bad') sectors in the hard disk & provide in-built data error prevention measures.
Bad sectors fall into two categories; those created during the manufacturing process and those which develop when the drive is in operation. Hard drives are designed to identify and contain bad sectors by the use of two defect tables.
The P-list table
Bad sectors encountered during post-manufacture testing are contained within a defect table known as the P-list (“permanent” or “primary” defect table). P-list sectors have no effect on drive access speed as they are automatically omitted by the drive electronics.
The G-list table
The G-list or “growth” defect table contains sectors which have become corrupted while the drive is in use. Although data operations are automatically redirected to uncorrupted sectors, the G-list table does reduce drive access speed and it may become necessary to replace the drive.
Hard disk drive failure due to firmware problems
There are a number of hard drives that have apparent firmware issues. Damage is sustained to either the firmware code itself, or to some of the hard drive parameters located on the hard disk platter surface that are accessed by the firmware.


Normally media problem hard disk drives will be considered as read/write head crashed or it will be physical bad sector drives it may be laptop or desk top or SCSI/ SATA/SAS/FCAL. Here in which we do read write head replacement as well as physical bad sector removal. We have class 100 clean room to perform all these operations there are cases where we have recovered data from below mentioned pictures hard disk drives. Here the hard disk was totally damaged with the flood and fire case we could able to recover theses type of hard disk drives.


Notebook Data Recovery services is a fully equipped lab for all your data recovery needs. No matter how you lose you data, we at Spectramind’s data recovery services can help you get your precious data back. We use advanced techniques and software developed by our technical staff to recover data form all kind of lap top disk drives, removable media, and any operating system.
In today's competitive business environment, data is the life line of any business, small or large corporate or individual. If your business or home computer or any other memory storage devices has lost the data, we can help to get your data back.
We use advanced data recovery technologies and techniques to recover inaccessible data from all types of Notebook disk drives, desktop disk drives. Whether you need a solution for logical or physical problem with disk drive, We can help. Notebook Data Recovery Services as well as micro drives has experienced and trained staff to work upon your disk drive. Notebook Data Recovery Services, fully understand the situation of a company or a person involved in a data lost scenario. Our prime object is to provide Data Recovery on a competitive price to ease the burden of our clients.


Spectramind’s is a family of email recovery utilities for damaged files and deleted messages created by Microsoft Outlook* (later referred to as "Outlook") and Microsoft Outlook Express* (later referred to as "Outlook Express") software. Spectramind’s utilities are based on the highly effective Intelligent Rebuild Email recovery technology that allows Spectramind’s software users to repair damaged *.pst and *.dbx files and restore lost e-mail messages just in three steps.
for Outlook recovers accidentally deleted Outlook e-mail messages, contacts, notes, tasks and other items, and repairs damaged Outlook data files (*.pst) files where Outlook stores folders with the data. The recovered data can be saved in the *pst, *.msg, and *.eml formats that Outlook can open and import.
When doing any operation, including Outlook data file recovery, for Outlook never deletes from disks, writes to, or modifies in any way original Outlook data file. for Outlook Express is a tool designed to undelete accidentally deleted Outlook Express e-mail messages and recover damaged *.dbx files where Outlook Express stores folders with email messages. The messages are recovered in the .eml format and can be simply imported into Outlook Express mail and news bases.
Excel file recovery software to repair and rebuild the damaged excel file. Excel recovery software scans the damaged .xls file and extracts maximum of data from it to a new usable excel file. Two recovery modes; Single file recovery and Multi file recovery modes enable quick repairing of the corrupt excel files.
Spectramind’s tools designed to recover corrupted Microsoft Word documents. It extracts text even from heavily damaged *.doc files and never deletes from disk, writes to, or modifies the original document files when performs any operation including Microsoft Word document recovery. The recovered documents can be saved as Word *.doc or plain text *.txt files.
Get access to password-protected PDF files quickly and efficiently! Instantly unlock restricted PDF documents by removing printing, editing and copying restrictions! Advanced PDF Password Recovery recovers or instantly removes passwords protecting or locking PDF documents created with all versions of Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF application.
We can also recover the data from the corrupted *.jpg and image files recovery due to the physical damage of the memory card or hard disk ect.


Spectramind’s Recovery provides services for anyone who is in search of digital photo recovery solutions for SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick (smart media), MMC-SD, miniSD, PCMCIA, Microdrive, USB Flash Drive, JetFlash, SD or PC Card image storage devices. We handle all types of media recovery, targeting all types of memory stick recovery services and professional data recovery. If you have accidentally deleted images, videos or audio files from your media, formatted the media, or pulled out the media during a write process, we can recover your files. We recover files that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format, deletion or corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction. We recover data and photos from electrical failures and damaged devices. We recover lost photos and lost data from any type of microchip or board damage. If data recovery software recovers pictures, but they are only in thumbnails, we can still recover full version of the photos. Formatted memory is usually recoverable as long as little or no data is overwritten. If the computer/camera asks you to format or initialize, or if you have received an error saying "Media is not formatted. Would you like to format now?", please do not format the media, this may erase all your images. Stop the use immediately, and do not take any more pictures or transfer the data to the device, as the previous images or data can be overwritten.
We are a complete data recovery, as well as a digital photo recovery, company, dedicated to digital image recovery as well as other data recovery needs. If you are a professional photographer, marketing agency, news agency, journalist, security specialist or anyone who require digital photo recovery, data recovery services, you are in the right place. We do our best to keep customers satisfied.


Tape Drive Repair Link :-

We repair all major tape drive brands from Cipher, Dell, Exabyte, Fujitsu, HP, IBM, Quantum, Seagate, Sony, and all others.
Our technicians thoroughly inspect by initial tear down and cleaning, then replacing and repairing worn, defective parts. Once our repair process is completed, a final bench test is ran using factory test specifications to insure the highest quality of tape drive repair.

Spectramind’s stands behind our tape drive repairs with a 3-month warranty on parts and labour. We can often times offer an exchange if you need a replacement tape drive overnight. Our normal tape drive repair time is 5-7 days and we can offer a 2-3 day expedited service.

The tape is an important part in the computer industry. This is the most type of the storage device. The tape is basically a magnetic storage device. The tape is used for the storage of the data. Presently the market has taken the space for the hard disk drives in contrast with the tape drives. The tape drives are there from at least half a century or so. The tapes where first used in the early 1950’s. The most important reason for the usage of the tape drive is cost effectiveness. It is much cheaper than the other storage media. Usually used for the back up or archival of the data. The capacity of the tape is much higher. And it still considered as the reliable efficient form of data storage. The storage system that was first implemented was on the reel to reel systems. This utilized the linear method of recording known as the serpentine. Later in the following years the open reel systems changed to the closed or single serpentine recording.

Spectramind’s can recover the data from any tape media even if it is fungus infected , or flooded tape medias and some extent physical damaged medias too.

We’ve been in the business of tape recovery from the beginning, since 2000 and still going now. Our professional services have been sought repeatedly by some of our oldest customers, who still come to us for reliable and guaranteed recovery services at great value.
Our capabilities in Tape Recovery Services include
We support all manufacturers of Tapes including Imation, Fuji, HP, Maxell, Quantum, Sony, TDK, Compaq etc.
o DLT III, DLT IV, DLT-1 and Super DLT tapes up to 220GB capacity.
o LTO Ultrium tapes up to 200GB capacity.
o 4mm DAT format DDS, DDS-2, DDS-3 and DDS-4 tapes up to 40GB capacity.
o Exabyte 8mm 112m and 160m tapes and Mammoth (Exabyte 8900) up to 40GB capacity.
o Seagate AIT and AIT-2 tapes up to 100GB capacity.
o Travan TR-1, TR-3, TR-4 and TR-5 tapes up to 20GB capacity.
o IOmega® Ditto 2GB QIC tapes.
o QIC Mini-Cartridges DC2000-DC2120 with 40, 80MB and 250MB capacity.
We’ve dealt with most causes of tape backup system data Loss like
o Tape drive failure has corrupted tape headers.
o Tape media stretched or snapped.
o Fire or water damage.
o Media surface contamination and damage.
o Accidental reformatting or erasure of tape.
o Accidental overwriting of headers.
o Tape backup software corruption.

SPECTRAMIND provides Computer Forensic Services to various Government and Law Agencies. These organizations are in need of data which are of help to them in getting some evidences in some cases. our cyber forensic experts supports these organizations with the data that is needed by them so that these can be put as an admissible evidence.

Our computer Forensic Services covers all areas of Computer fraud, computer misuse, internet/email abuse etc. We assist these organizations in finding the vital facts related to these cases.

Hard drive failure involves physically or intentionally damaged hard drive hiding the evidence with intention to obstruct legal investigation on an employee or individual’s computer system. This type of frauds include unlawful data duplication, bankruptcy data investigation, private investigation of personal computer - PDA,digital deception, unfaithful employees, falsification, murder, industrial surveillance, theft, assault, IP theft, computer break-ins etc.
In the belongings of civil and criminal cases, you may suspect that the information that you require has been corrupted, tampered, deleted, hidden or is missing. And due to this corporate IT, information security organization, various government and law agencies are often required to perform computer forensics duties on their jobs as Computer Forensic Services. In such cases SPECTRAMIND cyber forensic experts provides digital investigation , analysis , computer forensic data recovery and cyber forensic tools and services to recover data from all types of computer or cyber related crime with the help cyber forensic tools. Even sometime criminals are such a witty and clever that they throw their laptop in the sea or lake in order to conceal the evidence and facts of the offense done .But the cyber forensic experts at SPECTRAMIND are much more intelligent than the accused that they even recollect the data from the wet laptops or hard disks .
Our computer forensic data Recovery services easily detect the computer crimes, frauds thus helping in successful prosecution of computer forensic Experts and specialist to recover the data from storage media in search of deleted, hidden or maliciously or accidentally damaged data
Our cyber forensic Laboratory is technically sound to carry out activities of Computer Forensic. We are capable of recovering data in cases such as:

• where data has been deleted
• where old data has been partially overwritten
• where disk has been formatted

Often it is the data which is not visible contains the evidences to prove or disprove the case. Then we process this data and with our vast experience in the field of data recovery we can process data from almost all file Systems.Spectramind also offers Forensic data recovery course with hardware tools .Our forensic Data recovey course with hardware tools helps you in data recovery from various possibilities of Cyber frauds .

Contact to hire our services

Privacy of Data

All Data is treated with utmost confidentiality as standard. If you require something in writing we have a Non Disclosure Agreement which can be faxed across to you also.

We Provide computer forensic services for the following field :

Water Damage Hard Drive Recovery

Disturb due to water damaged or Intentionally Destroyed hard drives? Don’t, worry. Here we are to support you in water damaged and forensic data recovery
Hard Drives can fail for many reasons like unusual disaster including lightning Strikes, fires and floods, and among them Flooding has always been a problem. In such cases the hardware will most often have been badly affected, or even partially destroyed… As the computers most sensitive element is the hard disk drive, it is practically always the first item to suffer the user's impatience .Miserably for an individual or company, the hard disk drive is of course the place where all their essential and very important data is kept.
Another type of hard drive failure involves physically or intentionally damaged hard drive hiding the evidence with intention to obstruct legal investigation on an employee or individual’s computer system. This type of frauds include digital deception, unlawful data duplication, bankruptcy data investigation, private investigation of personal computer - PDA, unfaithful employees, falsification, murder, industrial surveillance, theft, assault, IP theft, computer break-ins etc.
In the belongings of civil and criminal cases, you may suspect that the information that you require has been corrupted, tampered, deleted, hidden or is missing. And due to this corporate IT, information security organization, various government and law agencies are often required to perform computer forensics duties on their jobs as Computer Forensic Services. In such cases SPECTRAMINDprovides digital investigation , analysis , physical data recovery and cyber forensic tools and services to recover data from all types of computer or cyber related crime. Even sometime criminals are such a witty and clever that they throw their laptop in the sea or lake in order to conceal the evidence and facts of the offense done .But the experts at SPECTRAMINDare much more intelligent than the accused that they even recollect the data from the wet laptops or hard disks .
Our computer forensic services easily detect the computer crimes, frauds thus helping in successful prosecution of computer forensic specialist to recover the data from storage media in search of deleted, hidden or maliciously or accidentally damaged data
From the use of enterprise computer forensics tools to analyze and trace evidence left behind by computer criminals, to the recovery of data from totally damaged and destroyed hard drives including water damaged hard drive all are done by our hardware data recovery experts at HDRC
Recovering data from physically-damaged and logically damaged hardware can involve multiple techniques. Some damage can be repaired by replacing parts in the hard disk. This alone may make the disk usable, but there may still be logical damage. A wide variety of failures can cause physical damage to storage media The hard drives and other storage media may get damaged due to water and all of your business and evidence related critical data could become inaccessible and unusable
. When it comes to the loss of your valuable data and information, the situations become drastic. If your hard disk drive has failed and you are not able to access your important data, our professionals and expertise at SPECTRAMINDcan assist you in recovering your critical and very important hard disk data. Providing you with some initial tips to handle the situation as what to do and what to not?.
• Do not effort or try to recover the data yourself.
• Do not dry the hard disk drive out
• Do not shake the equipment.
• Do not attempt to clean the equipment using household appliances
• To minimize your chances of data recovery from a water damaged PC, do not try to power it on.
• Make sure you place your drive submersed in water in a sealed container to prevent further corrosion.
Most physical damage cannot be repaired by end users. For example, opening a hard disk in a normal atmosphere can let airborne dust to settle on the platter and become caught between the platter and the read/write head , causing new head crashes that further damage the platter and thus compromise the recovery process. Furthermore, end users generally do not have the hardware or technical expertise to make these repairs

Burned Hard Drive Data Recovery

Is it Possible to Recover the data from burned or fire damaged hard drive?
Yes it is Possible with SPECTRAMIND
To prevent natural disaster like lightning strikes, fires and floods, are beyond human nature. Natural disasters, can prove to be the loss of your business, property and financial position . It is painless to recover the Business, property and financial loss through Insurance but how your important and critical data on a storage media like hard drive that have been damaged or burned in natural disasters can recover ?
Your hard drive may contain all your customer database, financial records ,inventory files and manufacturing data. Due to this disaster many businesses have faced bankruptcy and loss . There are some problems which are ahead of human hand but the technology is the blessing for human being. And here is the SPECTRAMIND has a Solution for all your problem.
Recovery of data from fire damaged hard drive or physicaly damaged hard drive is not an big issue for SPECTRAMIND The experts of SPECTRAMIND are well efficient and experienced enough to retain the data from burned or crashed hard drive .
Burned hard drive often results in some data loss and in most cases you may not be able to recover all the lost data. Hardware will very often have been partially or totally destroyed .On the other hand, the physical damage can also result in the damage of the logical structures of the file system which prevents file system structures from being completely written to the hard drive. Each fire damaged drive must be cautiously cleaned to prevent infectivity of the platters by soot and to repair smoke damage that the drive may have incurred. In tremendous cases, hard drive electronics can become so damaged that it's essential to completely rebuild them, which requires delicate and precise microcode repair.
Recovering data from fire damaged drives can be a complicated and time consuming process, When a drive has been burned or damaged by fire, it's important to get it to a data recovery company as quickly as possible. At SPECTRAMIND we are equipped to deal with many problems. We have the knowledge to identify the remnants of the drive and if the platters are intact can recover your data for you. Sometimes the damage can cause bad sectors and slow the recovery process down. In order to retain the data from hard disk SPECTRAMIND is well equipped with the more advanced tools :
• Platter exchange tool.
• Read /write head change tool
• Spindle motor replacement tool
• Magnet exchanger
• Computer forensic tools

SPECTRAMINDis a best and affordable hard drive data recovery company where all the experts and efficient technicians are able to retain the critical and very crucial data from burned hard drive . SpectramindAlso offers following services.:
• Physically damaged hard drive recovery
• Water damaged hard drive recovery
• Burned hard drive recovery
• Crashed hard drive data recovery
• dropped hard drive data recovery
• head crashed hard drive recovery
• media crashed hard drive recovery
• spindle motor jam data recovery
• computer foreinsic data recovery
We recover the data from Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung Toshiba, Seagate & Maxtor hard drives and more.
If you would like to learn how to resolve this type of data recovery issue, this topic is covered in our online physical data recovery training course
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Dropped Hard Drive and Laptop Data Recovery

With our 10 years of experience in hardware and data recovery We have been come across to various circumstances where client have gone through drastic situation where they have to face a major dilemma for slight a bit of carelessness in which there condition has become very miserable. And they have to face a heavy loss in one or the other issue.
In one of the Incident One of our client have to give presentation in the annual meeting, and all his important data and presentation report has been kept in a laptop but one week before the presentation suddenly his laptop fell down .After pulling the laptop when he tried to restart the laptop he noticed some kind of noise is coming and after properly analyzing he find that something wrong e happened with the Hard Disk. He was terribly upset and evoke that he failed to backup and according to the local technician all his vitally important and crucial data have been lost .but now it’s too late to worry about.
But as soon he Heard about the SPECTRAMINDhe rushed to us with a Hard Drive in such a condition where data recovery was not possible due to the sever mechanical damages, but our experts at SPECTRAMINDassured him not to be bothered .They first tested the hard drive in our lab in order to understand the main problem in it and after analyzing they recover all his important and vital data before his presentation. He expressed a gratitude and thanks as all his important data we have recovered from dropped and physically damaged laptop which was beyond recovery .This is not the only dilemma of one client .Some or the other day the same situation is faced by most of the clients where hard disk or laptop have been dropped due to any reasons and faced the same situation .But SPECTRAMINDis always standing by to support you with an effective and affordable data recovery in case of dropped and damaged hard drive .
It can happen to anyone, anywhere, intentionally or unintentionally, most of the time criminals use to throw the laptop or computer Hard Drive from the top floor in order to destroy the evidence for any of the offence done .But in such a condition also It is possible for SPECTRAMINDto retain the data from damaged and dropped hard drive and thus helping in a legal proceedings of government and law agencies as a forensic support.
Whenever the laptop or Hard Drive falls the first thing that gets damaged is Read Write Head and spindle motor Which in turn enhance the disturbance by giving the clicking and buzzing sound whenever the clients try to start the computer and in such a condition Hard Drive fails in detection.
We cure Where others start praying , because sometimes it becomes impossible for the other hardware data recovery companies to recover the data from such a drastic situation but where all company fails their SPECTRAMINDaccomplish triumph to recover the data in any situation .
SPECTRAMINDis also capable of managing in the following situation:
• Hard Drive Not detected by BIOS
• Clicking sound in hard drive l
• scratching or grinding sounds
• Not Powering on at all
• No Spinning, Power Surge
• Hard Drive crash / stopped working without warning
• Fire, Water, Flood, Tea, Cold Drink, Coffee and other Liquid Damage
• If detection is in hard drive but it is not showing detection in control panel
• Freezing or locking up the computer.
• Lost partition/corrupted partition.
• Hard Drive showing 0 MB capacity or wrong capacity.
• Accidental Deletion of Data .
• reformatting of partitions.
• Hard disk is unable to be accessed.
• Virus attack and corruption..
• Inaccessible drives and partitions. .
• Unable to boot computer.
• Windows blue screen or rebooting
• Clicking/knocking sounds (damaged heads) .
• Seized spindle motor (buzzing sounds)
• Data corrupted, data error
We recover the data from Hitachi, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, Samsung Toshiba, Seagate & Maxtor hard drives and more.
If you would like to learn how to resolve this type of data recovery issue, this topic is covered in our online physical data recovery training course
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Ip Tracing

SPECTRAMINDprovides IP Tracking Services :

An IP is such an information which can reveal many important facts about a computer located on a network such as Internet, Intranet, Ethernet, LAN, WAN etc.
Actually IP is the primary network protocol used on the Internet, developed in the 1970s. On the Internet and many other networks. IP supports unique addressing for computers on a network. Data on an IP network is organized into [ipackets]. Each IP packet includes both a header which specifies the source, destination, and other information about the data and the message data itself.

Every device connected to a network, be it a local area network (LAN) or the Internet, is given an Internet protocol number. This address is used to identify the device uniquely among all other devices connected to the extended network.
In simple word IP is the actual address of a computer on a network and every transaction of data between two or more computers on a Network use IP Addresses. So by tracking the IP we can reach to that computer which is used to act the criminal activities like Email Spoofing, SMS Spoofing, URL Spoofing, IP Spoofing, Phishing etc.
The terms :

Email Spoofing is when a spoofer falsifies the information about whom an e-mail is from. Most spam (unsolicited e-mail) uses e-mail spoofing with the primary intent to trick the recipient into viewing the e-mail. A good example is the thousands of e-mail claiming to be from eBay that are really spam. The spammer usually does not spoof to hide their location. In fact the spammer will go to much greater lengths to hide their actual location using a variety of techniques- so that they can not be found.

Text/SMS Spoofs are sent by either e-mail or through a web site. The sender inputs your number and then inputs the number or name they want you to see on the caller ID. They then input their message and send. See Text/SMS Spoofing for more in depth data.

URL Spoofing - When the address (A.K.A., domain name or URL) displayed in the address 'location' bar at the top of a browser is not really the web page being displayed it has been spoofed. For example the user may see www.citibank.com in the address location bar but really be on the web page www.iamgoingtorobyou.com.

IP Spoofing - (Internet Protocol Spoofing) - Data sent over the internet (such as an e-mail) is broken up and sent in small pieces of information called packets. These packets once received are reassembled by the recipient. Each packet contains information about who the packet is from and who the packet isto, among other data. Spoofers can falsify who the packet is from to trick the recipient. This type of spoofing is often used to gain access to machines which use IP authentication to verify identity. See IP Spoofing for more in depth data.

Phishing is a type of deception designed to steal your valuable personal data, such as credit card numbers, passwords, account data, or other information.

Con artists might send millions of fraudulent e-mail messages that appear to come from Web sites you trust,like your bank or credit card company, and request that you provide personal information.

Use our services for the help of your organizations or in legal aspects. We are the experts in these fields as we have years of experience in the recovery of computer data, computer forensics, and computer related investigations .We regularly provide expert opinion to the different organizations

Analysis of Data

SPECTRAMINDprovides Analysis of Data :
Types :

Manipulation - Along with Data Recovery we can analyze the data on computer systems to determine if a user or a disgruntled employee intentionally tampered with data. There are many telltale signs that show activities of potential manipulation. We can perform an analysis on specific content and compare it to known facts for comparison as well as analyze file sizes on actual vs. temporary files.

Civil Litigation - Forensic analysis is not limited to criminal activity. Uses of forensic analysis could include divorce, bankruptcy, small claims, discrimination, and harassment to name a few. Our experts can participate in civil litigation as expert witnesses. They can also give testimonials and participate in depositions pertaining to information discovered during the Forensic investigation.

Computer Criminal Investigation - We also perform controlled criminal investigations against suspects’ computer equipment from assistance in pre-warrant preparations to post-seizure handling. Cases may include, but are not limited to, financial fraud, drug & embezzlement record keeping, homicide, and child pornography.

Corporate Computer Investigation - Uses of Forensic analysis on a corporate level may include cases in search of evidence for sexual harassment, espionage, information theft, embezzlement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and internal/confidential information. Searches are performed for various types of data proving that an employee, or someone who had access to the computer equipment, carried out corporate mischief.

Computer monitoring and Surveillance - We offers expert analysis regarding computer activity and the best practices in performing controlled computer surveillance and monitoring for activity assessment.

Computer data Theft - Whether it is at the large corporate level, small business level, or individual level, We offers Expert analysis identifying information theft. From trade secrets to personal information, files and data that has been reviewed, and then removed from a system may be recovered and have its activities analyzed.

Stenography Tracking

Spectramind provides Steganography Tracking services :

Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one apart from the sender and intended recipient even realizes there is a hidden message.

Today, the term seismography includes the concealment of digital information within computer files. The wordseismography is of Greek origin and means "covered, or hidden writing". Generally, a steganographic message will appear to be something else: a picture, an article, a shopping list, or some other message. This apparent message is the cover text. For instance, a message may be hidden by using invisible ink between the visible lines of innocuous documents.

Generally it is used to secure the important information but like many security tools, seismography can be used for a variety of reasons, some good, some not so good. Legitimate purposes can include things like watermarking images for reasons such as copyright protection. Digital watermarks (also known as fingerprinting, significant especially in copyrighting material) are similar to seismography in that they are overlaid in files, which appear to be part of the original file and are thus not easily detectable by the average person.

Unfortunately, seismography can also be used for illegitimate reasons. For instance, if someone was trying to steal data, they could conceal it in another file or files and send it out in an innocent looking email or file transfer. Furthermore, a person with a hobby of saving pornography, or worse, to their hard drive, may choose to hide the evidence through the use of seismography And, as was pointed out in the concern for terroristic purposes, it can be used as a means of covert communication. Of course, this can be both a legitimate and an illegitimate application. So we are here to provide the services to find out such type Seismography

Financial fraud Tracking

SPECTRAMIND Financial Fraud Services :

We provide services for the detection of financial fraud like hiding the actual Business Transaction to avoid paying income tax or sales tax.

We can track the password of the locked or protected data and reveal the hidden records.

Whatever software (Tally, Excel) anybody use to record their data they couldn't hide their records from us

SPECTRAMIND provides HDD Duplication services (MD5 Hash):

A primary server or workstation that is most important to your business. That is the system that you would want to have saved every time. Think a moment if it went down what would happen to your business, would it suffer? Off course ! It will.

Now imagine a scheme like Insurance policy, yes! here you got it.

Hard Disk Duplication is an insurance policy without the recurring monthly payments. You can save your business by saving your Important data on your most important computers.

These days Hard drive duplication is becoming the more popular method of backing up data from a HDD for security reasons and will make a perfect clone of the target hard drive. We provide you the byte by byte copy of most hard drives and make a clone that can be used for backups in case of a hard drive failure or use it for the investigation of cyber crimes.

This service is not intended to replace your normal backup procedure. Should your hard drive go down you would simply swap out that drive, reload your latest backup and your 're up and running.

Without the clone handy, you would have to find a replacement drive, install the operating system with drivers, redo your configuration, and reload all your software before you could reload your last backup. Now consider this, is a copy of your operating system software, programs, and drivers for your systems hardware readily available? Did you keep any notes on your system configuration? What about all the updates to your system since you've been using it? This process could take anywhere from 4 hours to two weeks to complete and most would require some professional help to get this done. Can your business afford to be down for a few hours? Days? Weeks? No! Never! You can't loose.

Our MD5 Verification Service :
We computes a complete MD5, 128 bit authentication of source and destination drives to ensure that:
1. Source drive has not been changed
2. Source and destination drive match after capture.
3. Source and destination do no match prior to capture. MD5 signatures appear on the printed report.
Our Forensic MD5 service is designed specifically for the requirements of law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation of forensic computer data. The MD5 is simply the best forensic hard disk data recovery system for law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime investigation and prosecution.
Use our services to save your important data and time.

Data recovery services available in following cities pls contact : vijay :0091 9440089341

Data Recovery 24 Parganas
Data recovery Agra
Data recovery Ahmedabad
Data recovery Ahmednagar
Data recovery Aizwal
Data recovery Ajmer
Data recovery Akola
Data recovery Alapuzha
Data recovery Aligarh
Data recovery Allahabad
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Data recovery Morena
Data recovery Morigaon
Data recovery Muktsar
Data recovery Mumbai
Data recovery Mumbai City
Data recovery Munger
Data recovery Murshidabad
Data recovery Muzaffarnagar
Data recovery Muzaffarpur
Data recovery Mysore
Data recovery Nadia
Data recovery Nadia South
Data recovery Nagaland
Data recovery Nagaon
Data recovery Nagapattinam
Data recovery Nagaur
Data recovery Nagpur
Data recovery Nainital
Data recovery Nalanda
Data recovery Nalbari
Data recovery Namakkal
Data recovery Nanded
Data recovery Nandubar
Data recovery Narmada
Data recovery Narshingpur
Data recovery Nashik
Data recovery Navsari
Data recovery Nawada
Data recovery Nawan Shehar
Data recovery Nawapara
Data recovery Nawarangpur
Data recovery Nayagarh
Data recovery Neemuch
Data recovery Nilgiris
Data recovery North 24 Parganas
Data recovery North Cachar Hills
Data recovery North Goa
Data recovery Orissa
Data recovery Orraiya
Data recovery Osmanabad
Data recovery Pakur
Data recovery Palakkad
Data recovery Palamu
Data recovery Pali
Data recovery Panchkula
Data recovery Panchmahal
Data recovery Panipat
Data recovery Panna
Data recovery Papum Pare
Data recovery Parbhani
Data recovery Patan
Data recovery Pathanamthitta
Data recovery Patiala
Data recovery Patna
Data recovery Pauri Garhwal
Data recovery Perambalur
Data recovery Phek
Data recovery Pilibhit
Data recovery Pithoragarh
Data recovery Pondicherry
Data recovery Poonch
Data recovery Porbandar
Data recovery Pratapgarh
Data recovery Pudukottai
Data recovery Pulwama
Data recovery Pune
Data Recovery Punjab
Data recovery Puri
Data recovery Purnea
Data recovery Purulia
Data recovery Rai Bareilly
Data recovery Raichur
Data recovery Raigarh
Data recovery Raipur
Data recovery Raisen
Data recovery Rajasthan
Data recovery Rajgad
Data recovery Rajkot
Data recovery Rajnandgaon
Data recovery Rajouri
Data recovery Rajsamand
Data recovery Ramanathapuram
Data recovery Rampur
Data recovery Ranchi
Data recovery Ratlam
Data recovery Ratnagiri
Data recovery Rayagada
Data recovery Rewa
Data recovery Rewari Sirsa
Data recovery Ri Bhoi
Data recovery Roger
Data recovery Rohtak
Data recovery Rohtas
Data recovery Roop Nagar
Data recovery Rudra Prayag
Data recovery Rural Bijapur
Data recovery Sabarkantha
Data recovery Sagar
Data recovery Saharsa
Data recovery Sahenganj
Data recovery Sahib
Data recovery Salem
Data recovery Samastipur
Data recovery Sambalpur
Data recovery Sangli
Data recovery Sangrur
Data recovery Sant Kabir Nagar
Data recovery Sant Ravidas Nagar
Data recovery Saraikelakharswan
Data recovery Saran
Data recovery Sarguja
Data recovery Satara
Data recovery Satna
Data recovery Sawai Madhopur
Data recovery Sehore
Data recovery Senapati
Data recovery Seoni
Data recovery Serchhip
Data recovery Shaharanpur
Data recovery Shahdol
Data recovery Shajahanpur
Data recovery Shajapur
Data recovery Shekhpura
Data recovery Sheohar
Data recovery Shimla
Data recovery Shimoga
Data recovery Shivpuri
Data recovery Shravasti
Data recovery Shyopur
Data recovery Sibsagar
Data recovery Siddharth Nagar
Data recovery Sidhi
Data recovery Sikar
Data recovery Sikkim
Data recovery Sikkim East
Data recovery Sikkim North
Data recovery Sikkim South
Data recovery Sikkim West
Data recovery Simdega
Data recovery Sindhudurg
Data recovery Sirmaur
Data recovery Sirohi
Data recovery Sitamari
Data recovery Sitapur
Data recovery Sivagangai
Data recovery Siwan
Data recovery Solan
Data recovery Solapur
Data recovery Sonbhadra
Data recovery Sonepat
Data recovery Sonepur
Data recovery Sonitpur
Data recovery South 24 Parganas
Data recovery South Garo Hills
Data recovery South Goa
Data recovery Srinagar
Data recovery Sultanpur
Data recovery Sundargarh
Data recovery Supaul
Data recovery Surat
Data recovery Surendranagar
Data recovery Tamenglong
Data recovery Tamilnadu
Data recovery Tawang
Data recovery Tehri Garhwal
Data recovery Thane
Data recovery Thanjavur
Data recovery The Nilgiris
Data recovery Theni
Data recovery Thiruvallur
Data recovery Thiruvananthapuram
Data Recovery Thiruvannamalai
Data recovery Thiruvarur
Data recovery Thoubal
Data recovery Thrissur
Data recovery Tinsukia
Data recovery Tirap
Data recovery Tirunelveli
Data recovery Tkamgarh
Data recovery Tonk
Data recovery Toothukudi
Data recovery Trichirappalli
Data recovery Tripura
Data recovery Tuensang
Data recovery Tumkur
Data recovery Udaipur
Data recovery Udhampur
Data recovery Udhamsingh Nagar
Data recovery Ujjain
Data recovery Ukhrul
Data recovery Umaria
Data recovery Una
Data recovery Unnao
Data recovery Upper Dibang Valley
Data recovery Upper Siang
Data recovery Upper Subansiri
Data recovery Uttar Dinajpur
Data recovery Uttar Pradesh
Data recovery Uttara Kannada
Data recovery Uttaranchal
Data recovery Uttarkashi
Data recovery Vadodara
Data recovery Vaishali
Data recovery Valsad
Data recovery Varanasi
Data recovery Vellore
Data recovery Vidisha
Data recovery Villupuram
Data recovery Virudhunagar
Data recovery Wardha
Data recovery Washim
Data recovery Wayanad
Data recovery west Bengal
Data recovery West Champaran
Data recovery West Garo Hills
Data recovery West Kamang
Data recovery West Khasi Hills
Data recovery West Siang
Data recovery West Singhbhum
Data recovery Wokha
Data recovery Yamuna Nagar
Data recovery Yanam
Data recovery Yavatmal
Data recovery Zunheboto

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