Governance for Agile Projects

Requirement Summary
The course outline defined below is the proposed starting structure for the Governance for Agile Projects course

Course Detail

Course – Governance for Agile Projects
Target Group
Business Sponsors, Steering Committee Members, Programme Managers, Programme Office Managers, Business Managers, Project Managers and Team Leaders.

Learning Objectives
Many companies are now considering or have begun to implement an Agile project framework not only for software systems development but also for pure business change projects. However, it is being discovered that the products and practices of Agile frameworks do not generally fit with ‘traditional’ project governance frameworks, such as PRINCE 2.
What is also of concern is that there is no one thing that is Agile, no one book that covers all aspects of Agile and none of the frameworks addresses Agile governance issues directly.
Agile is a set of common principles and shared techniques amongst several recognised Agile frameworks or methods; an organisation can choose to use just one framework/method or produce a bespoke framework/method based on best practice and terminology from two or more of those available.
This I day Governance for Agile Projects workshop covers the principles, processes, people and products that Agile practitioners generally subscribe to and looks at how governance frameworks can be adapted.
Pre-requisite Knowledge:
Delegates should have had some exposure to projects and project governance within their own organisation in any capacity.

Pre-requisite Learning Solutions:
Learning Solution Level
Basic / Introduction
1 Day

Interactive discussion sessions based on slides supported with notes handouts.

On completion, delegates will be able to
· Understand the concepts and principles of agility
· Understand the basics of small-team agile processes
· Understand common Agile Practices and Techniques
· Understand the type of Products expected in an Agile environment
· Adapt existing governance frameworks to accommodate Agile frameworks

Session 1: Introduction to Agile Development
· Benefits
· Reasons For Project Failure
· Agile Principles
· Agile Elements
· Agile Frameworks

Session 2 : Essence of Agile
· People
· Practices
· Facilitated Workshops
· Requirements Handling
· Prioritisation (MoSCoW Rules)
· Timeboxing
· Products

Session 3: Adapting Governance Frameworks
· Directing a Project
o Setting Senior Management Expectations
o Resource Management
· Project Initiation
o Project Vision and Objectives
o Stakeholder Identification and Management
o Business Case
o Project Plan
· Stages
o Stage Planning
o Reporting Cycles
· Post Implementation
Measuring the Benefits

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