Empower with Gagan !!!

*Daily Webinar series – Empower with Gagan*

1. Abundance
2. Abuse
3. Allowance
4. Are you willing to receive
5.what is true for you

6. Gaslighting is a choice
7. Communicating with Entities
8. Communion with the earth
9. Point of view and its effect on business
10.Entities,demons and techies

11. Doubting is not choosing
12. Energy pull for Money and Business
13. Entities and Addiction
14. Entity removal clearings
15. Immortal soul

16. Limiting Beliefs/oaths/vows/contracts clearings
17. Money and entities
18. Spirits and more
19. Grounded with earth meditation
20. When and where you have chosen to be a door mat

*Start Date: * 21st May 2020 [Monday to Friday]

*Time*: 10:00am to 10.45am

*Venue*: Zoom – Online [ Register in advance for this meeting: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEsceutpjIrE9IQckBbOVg40wxlfC2U7VHU ]

*Cost*: 20,000 INR only

Contact: Vijay Cell/whatsapp: 9440089341/9731330926

Pls send us your query , will answer back within 24Hrs: Thanks in advance for contacting us

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