Spectramind provides Digital Forensic Investigation Solutions

Computer (or ‘Digital’) Forensics: The practice of gathering, analyzing, and preserving data from digital media (computers, mobile phones, etc) in an authentic, accurate and complete form so that it may be acceptable as evidence in a court of law. This evidence may include, but is not limited to, deleted emails or files, computer logs, indecent images, spreadsheets and accounting information.

Given the pervasiveness of computers in our lives, it is hardly surprising that a nexus exists between crime and computers. As personal computer use has exploded, so too has the number of people willing to use computers to commit crime or wrongdoing. As a result, almost any type of investigation and litigation today may rely on evidence obtained from computer systems.

Computer Forensics

Digital evidence from computer forensic analysis can prove to be a deciding factor in a legal case. It may be used to show that a crime has been committed, identify suspects, defend innocent parties, or help understand the motives and intent of individuals.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Mobile device forensics are methods how evidences are taken from a mobile device. The memory image can be an evidence and is used for further investigations. An investigation is made after a crime incident or device failure to recover important data.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is the use of scientifically proven techniques to collect, fuse, identify,examine, correlate, analyze, and document digital evidence from multiple, actively processing and transmitting digital sources for the purpose of uncovering facts related to the planned intent, or measured success of unauthorized activities meant to disrupt, corrupt, and or compromise system components as well as providing information to assist in response to or recovery from these activities.

Satellite Phone Forensics

Satellite Navigation,often known as Sat-Nav, GPS Nav, is used commonly as a route finder on all forms of transport, marine Sat-Nav is used to help ship steer accurately, aircraft GPS, (aircraft Sat Nav is used to accurately pinpoint the position and direction of aircraft), standard Sat Nav is used in vehicles to give drivers directions and provide accurate route analysis,and by people who walk, run or orienteer

Wi-Fi Forensics

The wireless forensic process involves capturing all data moving over the network and analyzing network events in order to uncover network anomalies, discover the source of attacks, and investigate breaches on computers and wireless networks to determine whether they are or have been used for illegal or unauthorized activities.

Voice Analysis

Video Analysis

Credit Card Analysis

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