Security-conscious organizations choose FireEye for industry-leading protection against the next generation of threats that cross vectors and attack with advanced malware, zero-day, targeted APT attacks. FireEye’s Malware Protection Systems (MPS) supplement traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV and Web gateways, whose signatures and heuristics cannot stop this next generation of threats.

Today’s defenses – even next-generation firewalls – leave significant security holes in the majority of corporate networks. These traditional tools were designed for the known -not the increasingly predominant unknown threats specifically devised to evade detection. By combining signature and signature-less detection, and integrating inbound and outbound protection, FireEye combats today’s stealthy Web and email threats with near-zero false positive rates.

Web security – Web MPS appliances inspect and protect inbound and outbound Web traffic using a dynamic, real-time Virtual Execution (VX) engine to detonate zero-day attacks and halt their spread and negate their ability to steal data resources.
Email security – Email MPS appliances inspect every attachment and URL for malicious software exploits using our patent-pending VX engine to identify the zero-day, targeted APT attacks within spear phishing emails.
Malware analysis – FireEye’s Malware Analysis appliances give threat analysts hands-on control over the powerful VX engine where they can deeply inspect advanced malware embedded in common file formats, email attachments, and Web objects.
Malware Protection Cloud – A real-time global exchange of threat data helps preempt emerging, zero-day attacks.
Central Management System – The FireEye CMS consolidates the management, reporting, and data sharing of FireEye appliances. It serves as the local distribution hub for the malware security intelligence auto-generated within your FireEye deployment.

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