EFQM European assessor Training (Certificate Training)

The EFQM Excellence Model, developed by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), is an internationally used TQM concept. The EFQM Model enables organizations to analyze themselves systematically. All the necessary elements for business excellence (process quality, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, leadership quality, etc.) are analyzed. Through a self-assessment according to the EFQM Model, an organization learns about its strengths and identifies potential improvements. The results of this assessment are the basis for further actions.
• Understand the basics of Total Quality Management
• Understand the EFQM Excellence Model
• Understand the assessment process for the EFQM Excellence Award
• Understand the self-assessment process (case study)

• Overview of Total Quality Management
• Overview of the EFQM Excellence Model
• Overview of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
• Different approaches for deploying a self-assessment process
• EFQM Levels of Excellence
• EFQM Excellence Award Levels
• RADAR logic
• Assessment process (based on case study work)

• Get a realistic view of the quality of your organization
• Identify where to focus improvement efforts
• Learn how to bring initiatives together into a single framework
• Encourage the sharing of good practice
internally and externally
• Understand the drivers behind business results

Who should participate?
This workshop is designed for CEOs, Department Managers, Managers working in the field of Quality.

Participants who successfully complete the workshop receive the official EFQM certificate "EFQM European Assessor". Active participation during and adequate preparation prior to the workshop (about 10-15 hours work) are required in order to receive the certificate.

Duration : 2 days

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