Estimating for Business Analysts

This is a hands on workshop that teaches planning and estimating techniques to business analysts. Participants first discover how to properly identify project deliverables, and then determine the key activities needed to produce those deliverables. After reviewing a number of estimating concepts and techniques, students derive the level of effort and duration for each activity. The aim is for students to be able to answer two key questions: What will it take to produce the deliverables? How long will it take?

▪ Our facilitators bring real-world experience to every workshop.
▪ Participants will be led, not lectured, through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises.
▪ Our workshops provide an experiential environment where participants can take risks and make adjustments based on their results before approaching large projects.
▪ Our workshop is consistent with the International Institute of Business Analysis’ Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK® Guide).

▪ Identify project deliverables ▪ Estimate level of effort to
produce the deliverables
▪ Determine duration
▪ Identify risks and account for them in the planning process

DURATION: Traditional - 1 day. Virtual - 8 hours.
CAPACITY: 20 people.
WHO SHOULD ATTEND: BAs who need to be able to estimate the level of effort and duration of their project deliverables; BAs who participate in
the project planning and scheduling process.
PDUS: 7 credits. CDUs: 8 credits

Scope Planning


Initiation Scope Planning
Introduction and Fundamentals
▪ Programs and projects
▪ PMI basic concepts
▪ The BA role in project planning ▪ Overview of planning
Estimating Tecnhiques
▪ The estimating road map
▪ Typical BA deliverables
▪ Identifying the activities to
produce the deliverables
▪ Effort versus duration
▪ The estimating challenge
▪ Estimating techniques
Determining Level of Duration
▪ Estimating duration from effort ▪ The Gannt chart
Risk Management
▪ What is risk
▪ What is risk management
▪ Assessing risks and incorporating
them into the plan

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