What is CBPP®?
CBPP® (Certified Business Process Professional®) is a protected professional designation of an individual who is certified to know and practice the subject matter of Business Process Management. It is based on a standardised certifcation program that is recognised worldwide. The person recognized as expert or practitioner is certified to meet the standards of BPM knowledge and experience, (there is not a company or a business unit that is certified). The certification program builds on the “Guide to the Business Process Management Common Body of Knowledge” (BPM CBOK™). The International Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) assumes the overall responsibility for the maintenance of the BPM CBOK™ and for the development of the certification program to achieve the designation CBPP®. In Europe EABPM partners with ABPMP International to maintain the BPM CBOK™ in German and French language and operate the certifcation program in these languages.

What competencies will be demonstrated with the certificate CBPP®?
With the certification CBPP® an individual has demonstrated practice, experience and knowledge in the nine subject matter areas of the BPM CBOK®:
• Business Process Management
• Process modeling
• Process analysis
• Process design
• Measurement of process effectiveness
• Transformation of processes
• Process management and organization
• Process management in organizations
• Process management technologies

What advantages derive from the certification CBPP®?
The completed CBPP® cetification substantiates expertise and competence in Business Process Management and the incumbent obtains a unique professional distinction of high standards. It is granted in accordance with worldwide standards and on the basis of certification requirements and norms that are identical internationally. This ensures that the CBPP® cetification is recognized accross national borders. It helps employers and stakeholders to recognize professional and technical qualifications and relevant subject matter expertise of a BPM practitioner, and it allows the BPM practitioners and experts to speak the same professional language in their area of activity.

Who is the target audience?
Individuals who practice Business Process Management as their main occupation and/or have long-standing experience, and want to prove their expertise and know-how by passing an internationally recognized certification.

How can the certificate CBPP® be acquired?
In a first phase of registration and admission test the practical and professional experience will be verified on the basis of detailed information, testimonials and documentation. The relevant standards an requirements are currently worked out. The validation by an independent admission body guarantees that high standards are met. In a second phase the interested person is requested to pass a written exam that requires both knowledge in all subject matter areas of the BPM CBOK™ and job-related experience.

What training / experience is required?
In addition to the written exam the admission test is the second important part to obtain the CBPP® certification. The demands are high in relative terms. A job-related practice of 5′000 hours or 4 years of activity in the area of process management is required. However no explicit type of base training is necessary. Specific degrees or qualifications allow for time-credits against the 5′000 hours of job-related practice up to a maximum of 2′500 hours.

Who stands behind the certification CBPP®?
Behind the scene of the BPM CBOK™ and the CBPP® certifications is a worldwide network of Business Process Management experts, who are organized in the International Association of Business Process Management Professionals (International ABPMP).
The European partner organization “European Association of Business Process Management” (EABPM) is supported by national associations in different European countries such as:
• deutsche Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management (gfo), Germany
• Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Organisation und Management (SGO), Switzerland
• Österreichische Vereinigung für Organisation und Management (ÖVO), Austria
• Afope (Institut de l’Organisation en Entreprise), France
• C2P (Club des Pilotes de Processus), France

Is the CBPP®certificate comparable to certifications in project management IPMA/PMI?
From the view of the level of requirements the CBPP® certificate equates approximately to the IPMA level C-certification and the PMP® of PMI. The exam is like the PMP® exam a test in writing by answering questions.

Are there different levels of cetificats?
At the CBPP® exam the general knowledge of and the practical experience in Business Process Management application is verified. In future further specific certifications will follow e.g. expert in BPM-technologies, process design und process modeling.

Questions to the process of certification
When are exams scheduled?
The first certification in Europe will be carried out in December 2009 in German language. A closed group of participants will pass the exams. In 2010 and following years a number of exam cycles are planned in German speaking countries, which will be announced to the public in due course. The announcement of first exams in French will follow.

Where are the venues of exams?
The current plan is that in three to five locations in Germany (e.g. Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, etc.) exams will be offered, in Austria il will be one locatio (Vienna) and in Switzerland one location in each language zone (Zürich, Geneva later in French). The exams may also be organized for companies inhouse.

In what language can the certification be aqcuired?
The first certification in 2009 in Europe will be in German. On demand the certification-exam may also be passed in English. The partner associations in France, afope and C2P, currently work on offering the certification-exam in French shortly.

Where can I register?
Companies that wish to register 5 or more exam participants may send their applications to register a group of candidates for the first certification in December 2009. Interested companies contact: in Germany gro.oreufg|ofni#gro.oreufg|ofni ; in Austria ta.oveo|oveo#ta.oveo|oveo ; in Switzerland hc.ogs|nierev#hc.ogs|nierev .

When is registration deadline?
Registrations are accepted up to approximately 2 months prior to the scheduled date of exams.

What is the process of the exam?
The exams take approximately 3 hours and consist of 120 questions that need to be answered by selecting the single right response from a range offered (multiple choice). Candidates pass the first exams by answering the questions set out on paper. Later the multiple choice answers will be technology-enabled and it will be possible to pass the exams on line.

What is the cost of the certification?
The cost for the admission test is approximately € 100/CHF 150 and for the certification exam approximately € 600/CHF 900. Individual members of the associations gfo/ÖVO/SGO and companies registering a certain number of candidates may benefit from discounted exam fees. The precise terms and conditions and applicable prices are available from the supporting national organizations gfo, ÖVO and SGO (France afope and C2P).

What happens if one fails the exam?
Within the period of one year from the date of confirmation of admission the candidate may retry to pass the exam.

Is the certificate permanently valid?
The CBPP® certificate is valid for three years. The periodic re-certification ensures maintaining a high level of professional qualification.

Why are re-certifications required?
The re-certification proves that the holder of the initial certification is still practicing process management and stays abreast of the subject matter knowledge. It is not necessary to pass an exam again. The re-certification is subject to the proof of a certain extent of learning and development and job-related practice. To obtain re-certification 60 hours of training in relevant subject matters within the 3 years is required

How does the preparation for the exam work?
The most important preparation for the CBPP® exam is an in-depths self study of the BPM CBOK™. Interested people are encouraged to identify their knowledge gaps in the nine sections of the CBOK, which need to be filled prior to passing the exam successfully. The BPM CBOK™ contains referencs to further literature that can be used for self studies, especially in German language.
Are there any preparation classes?
Attending preparatory classes for specific topics may be appropriate depending on the extent of experience and previous trainings of the interested person. This may allow to fill knowledge gaps or sharpen specific subject matter knowledge. Currently a number of training providers offer relevant courses. Later most likely some of them will offer preparation classes which are geared towards the certification exam.
At this time no recommendation is made. For the reasons of independence training and certification are strictly separated. At a later stage interested training institution may apply to become endorsed training providers. The relevant standards and criteria of ABPMP and EABPM are currently under construction.

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