Certification Enterprise Architecture (CEA) Programs

Certification Enterprise Architecture (CEA) Programs

Introduction :

Many organizations spend several million dollars on Enterprise Architectures without possessing fully qualified staff able to do things right the first time. This increases the risk of failure for themselves and/or their clients. FEAC™ believes the keys to EA success reside in understanding and leveraging the culture of the organization, budgeting processes, developing a realistic Statement of Work (SOW), selling it internally, implementing and integrating program elements, and measuring progress. In government, it also involves tying Enterprise Architecture to the CPIC, Exhibits 300 & 53, security, and mapping it to the five OMB FEA Reference models for reporting purposes.

The FEAC™ Institute understands all of these various needs, whether government or public sector, and can help you or your organization obtain the skills you need to communicate and succeed in your Enterprise Architecture career or community. We offer the following programs for different levels or needs of your educational process

Applicants must possess the ability to undertake college-level study. A general knowledge of business, program planning or IT planning and conceptual thinking is desirable. Each course offers separate exams and assignments but they must be taken in consecutive order. Courses can be taken while pursuing a full-time job but are extremely intensive and therefore require a great deal of effort outside of daily life.

20 CEU credits offered in 5 courses
Four graduate level courses (4 CEU credits per course)
Final Practicum course (4 CEU credits) - students work as a team on a small piece of an existing/future enterprise architecture project that can directly relate to their work environment
10 week program offered in 3 parts
Session 1 consists of 40 hours in-class and 60 hours online

Session 2 consists of 40 hours in-class and 60 hours online
Orals consists of a final certification (CEA) examination and Practicum presentation onsite

Course 1: Federal Enterprise Architecture FEA(F)

Course 2: Department of Defense Enterprise Architecture (DoDAF)

who should attend :

Our certification programs are for anyone who is serving as or wants to be qualified as an Enterprise Architect. This would include roles such as:

  • Chief Enterprise Architect
  • EA Project or Program Manager
  • EA Team Leader
  • and other related EA Participants such as:

Commercial and Government Sector Employees, Contractors, and Integrators who want to understand:

  • How to develop an EA from planning through implementation.
  • How to develop a set of core and supporting EA products.
  • EA project or program management and integration.
  • How to develop or leverage federated architectures within and across enterprises.
  • Linking EA to Budget, Capital Planning and Systems Development/Engineering Lifecycles.
  • Incorporation of security, privacy and information assurance into EA, at all levels.
  • OMB FEA Reference Models and their use in agencies and other organizations.
  • The value added attributionof EA throughout organizations.
  • Relationships of data and model driven architectures and how to select supporting EA tools.
  • Enterprise initiatives including SOA, ERP and BPR and their EA relationships.
  • The difference, in the federal government, between compiance and mission driven Architectures
  • Skills required in their existing planning and architecture positions
  • How to pursue a new and different career path in business, mission or IT organizations
  • EA in the context of existing expertise in a specialized area of knowledge or professional practice
  • Executives and Managers who must gain appreciation for or understand:
  • The value of an EA for their company, agency or organization.
  • The rationale for legislation (Clinger-Cohen or Sarbanes-Oxley) requiring or impacting an organizations need to use EA
  • How to articulate what EA contributes to meeting organizational goals
  • How to take ownership of and provide leadership for their company/agency EA
  • EA ROI and how to measure it.
  • How to align the EA with Strategic Plans and use it to drive the Acquisition and Management of IT resources.

Organizations that want to:

  • Kick-start EA teams and get new employees, working on EA, up to speed fast.
  • Become more agile in abilty to support mission program needs
  • Reduce stovepipes and stovepiped thinking (eveyone has to have their own support)
  • Improve the bottom line (consolidate costs and service centers)
  • Respond to Government EA driven contracts and RFPs better
  • Work smarter than your competition
  • Use EA to reduce risks throught all IT and mission support services
  • Bid smarter (by understanding EA, as requirements)
  • Become organizationally more self aware by understanding and documenting core mission processes and capabilities
  • Better manage customer and stakeholder expectations

**CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, and yes, even COOs (all CXOs) **are reminded that you are routinely expected to control, or asked to cut costs, table projects and curtail spending—actions that could either hurt or help your organization. While cost-control isn't necessarily a bad thing, it can, at the wrong time cause a missed opportunity or a loss of competitive advantage. In government it could mean a news making mistake or a program budget disaster. CXOs can view "lean times" not as calamities but as opportunities for gaining control of chaotic IT investments and aligning them more with your core business or mission. The FEAC™ Institute programs showcase industry and government sector proven techniques and strategies, applying EA for cutting costs without sacrificing innovation or transition to more agile organizations. Those who need to justify and underscore decisions, by spending wisely, saving scarce resources, and learning how to keep customers satisfied despite more targeted spending, should be in this program. An investment in Enterprise Architecture enables you to develop a holistic picture and comprehensive systems view of your organization which will aid greatly in planning, visioning and decisionmaking.

Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch4-Date Venue Contact
01 AP Hyderabad - - 23-Apr'11 27-Apr'11 7-may'11 11-may'12 4-Jun’12 8-Jun’12 Ameerpet/Hightechcity Jason-91-40-64568797
02 Delhi Delhi/Gurgaon/Noida - - 28-Apr'12 29-Apr'12 26-May’12 27-May’12 23-Jun’12 24-Jun’12 Nehru place / Noida sector 6 Arun : 9810 328046
03 Karnataka Bangalore - - 5-May’12 6-May’12 26-MAY’12 27-May’12 2-June'12 3-June'12 DBS House 26, Cunningham Road ,Opp Indian Express Building, Bangalore - 560 052 Sundar Raj
04 Maharashtra Mumbai - - 21-Apr’12 22-Apr’12 19-May’12 20-May’12 16-Jun’12 17-Jun’12 DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, Fashion Street. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School Mr.Vasudev
05 Maharashtra Pune 19-May'12 20-May'12 - - - - 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 Level-5, Tech Park-1, Airport Road, Yerwada, Pune - 411 006, India Mr.Manish
06 Tamilnadu Chennai - - 14-Apr'12 15-Apr'12 12-MAY'12 13-MAY'12 9-Jun’12 10-Jun’12 DBS House 31A, Cathedral Garden Rd ,Between Hotel Palmgrove and Valluvarkottam Nugambakkam,Chennai - 600034 Mr.Solomon
07 Westbengal Kolkata - - 30-Apr'12 1-May'12 30-May'12 31-May'12 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 DBS House 10/2, Hungerford Street,Opp. Exit Gate of Saturday Club,Kolkata - 700017 Mr.Sandeep
08 Kerala Trivandrum - - 30-Apr'12 1-May'12 30-May'12 31-May'12 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 DBS center Mr.Manoj
09 Kerala Cochin - - 30-Apr'12 1-May'12 30-May'12 31-May'12 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 ThomasMount ,ICTA Building,Changampuzha Nagar P.O.,Cochin- 682 033 Mr.Manoj: 9995881093
10 Tamilnadu Coimbatore - - - - 30-May'12 31-May'12 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 DBS Center Mr.Balaji
11 Maharashtra NAGPUR - - - - 30-May'12 31-May'12 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 DBS House Mr.Yogesh -9890952752
12 Gujarat Ahmedabad 16-Apr'12 17-Apr'12 - - - - 30-Jun'12 1-Jul'12 Aakruti Complex,Nr. Stadium Cross Road, Navrangpura,Ahmedabad-380009, Gujarat, INDIA Mr.Alok
13 Africa Johannesburg 29-MAY'12 31-MAY'12 - - - - - - Johannesburg,Africa Mr.Kamanbedu
14 Brazil São Paulo 26-JUN'12 28-JUN'12 - - - - - - Rua Rosa e Silva, No. 137, Apt - 4,Santa Cecilia,São Paulo, Brazil. CEP - 01230-020 Mr.Abhishek Ph - (55) - (11) - 87154930
15 Philippines Manila 24-JUL'12 26-JUL'12 - - - - - - Makati ,Philippines Mr.Sandeep : (+63)-917-872-3931
16 Nepal Khatmandu 28-AUG'12 30-AUG'12 - - - - - - Khatmandu Mr.ARun
17 Republic of Mauritius mauritius 25-SEPT'12 27-SEPT'12 - - - - - - mauritius Mr.ARun
18 Srilanka Colombo 1-MAY'12 3-MAY'12 - - - - - - Colombo,Srilanka Ms.Buddhini
19 Canada Toronto 23-OCT'12 25-OCT'12 - - - - - - 203 Royal Appian Cres, Concord ON 14K513 Mrs.Vala Ph.4169391252
20 USA Boston 16-Apr'12 17-Apr'12 - - - - - - Boston,USA Mr.Gaurav
21 UK London 21-DEC'12 23-DEC'12 - - - - - - London,UK Mr. BV Rao -0044-7891461544
22 USA California 16-Apr'12 17-Apr'12 - - - - - - 12128 Skylark Rd Clarksburg MD 20871 California ,USA Mr.Prashanth Ph : 001 - 240-257-2624
23 Bangladesh Dhaka 27-NOV'12 29-NOV'12 - - - - - - Dhaka Mr.Arun
24 ARMENIA GEORGIA 8-MAY'12 10-MAY'12 - - - - - - TIBLISI,Armenia Mr.Abata
25 Honkong Honkong 27-NOV'12 29-NOV'12 - - - - - - Honkong Mr.Peter
25 SAUDIARABIA RIYADH 28-MAY'12 30-MAY'12 - - - - - - RIYADH Mr.Rasheed 96626860652
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