Data Analysis Training

Topics SubTopics
Introduction to Data Science What is Data Science , Disciplines that make up Data Science ,What does a data scientist do with the data? , Data Science Applications (Churn Analysis, Segmentation and Profiling, Recommendations etc.,)
Understanding Data Understanding Data ,Understanding Data Types,Importance and utility of big data (unstructured data),Qualitative and Quantitative Data
Working with R Basic Data Types,Vector,Matrix,List,Data Frame,Data Import and export,Control Structures,Some important R Packages
Data Munging Data Pre-processing,Handling variety of file formats,Handling missing values,Type Conversion
Data Wrangling R's apply and plyr Packages
Exploratory Data Analysis and Statistical Graphs/Charts Univariate Analysis,Central Tendencies : Mean, Median, Mode,Dispersion : Range, Variance, Standard Deviation,Other Measures : Quartile and Percentile, Interquartile Range
EDA (Additional Characteristics of Data) Skew, Kurtosis and Moments,Relationship between attributes : Covariance, Correlation Coefficient,Unreasonable effectiveness of Data,Anscombe's quartet
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