Cyber Law Consultancy

Spectramind has domain specific expertise in the fields like Cyber Forensics, E-Governance, Cyber Security, E-Commerce, Cyber Law, Corporate Due Diligence, Techno-Legal Due Diligence Audit, Corporate Laws, Criminal Laws, Taxation Laws, International Law, Private International Law, Space Laws, Laws For Defense Forces, International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights, etc.

We also deal with the Techno-Legal aspects of Cyber Terrorism, Infrastructure Protection, Cyber Warfare, etc. We provide valuable suggestions and recommendations to the Government of India on numerous counts.


We provide help in hacking incidents by investigating and framing litigations against the hacker for bringing him to the court of law. Also helps you in deriving a fair compensation in case of any cyber contraventions.

We further guide you in framing your policies against hacking attacks and to secure your network.

Our experienced professionals have the expertise in dealing with hackers across the world both legally and technically, which makes our investigation ahead of others.


Cyber Defamation & pornography are on the rise these days. We can help you in taming the further intentions of the defamer and illegal porn shooter. We can also take steps to restrict and penalize the offender by filing litigation against him.


Data theft is the illegal access (reading, editing, or coping) of data without the authorization of the owner. Even reading the mails of your colleague would also amount to the same in the eyes of the law.

We can help in cases of data theft effectively by holding an enquiry, investigation and litigation which would stop such incursions later on.

We also provide training for creating awareness amongst staff with regards to data theft / security breaches and the nature of punishment it attracts according to IT Act or other penal provisions.


We file litigation or appeal before Cyber Appellate Tribunal or any appeal before High Court or if a question of law arises an appeal before Hon’ble Supreme Court can also be entertained by us. We have legal professionals with computer qualifications and experience, in our organization.

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