Conscious Parenting Conscious Kids

This class will not give you any formulas on how to parent, but It will allow you to begin to see parenting in a entirely new way. With the amazing tools of Access you can start to parent with ease, by asking questions. Parenting can stop being a job and begin to be a joy. This class will assist you in sifting through all the parenting advise you have ever been given. So you can ask what would work for you and your children. When you begin to parent from conscious awareness you can easily negotiate the big concerns of parenting like daycare, breast vs. bottle, homework, adolescence, illness, discipline, tantrums, etc and stop parenting from limitation and begin to parent from infinite possibilities for you and your children.

What if you had allowance for your children and could recognize and facilitate their gifts talents and abilities with ease. What if you had allowance for you as a parent? What if there was no right or wrong to parenting? What if you did not judge yourself or your children for what they are choosing to create. What if you could create an extraordinary life for you and also be an extraordinary parent? What if you could stop parenting from fear, force and control and start to parent from the question, allowance, and choice? In this workshop you will start to perceive the true gift you and your children are for each other and step into the joy of creating an extraordinary family.

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