Cotr1-Contracting Officer (Technical) Representative -refresher

Course Purpose
This “refresher” course provides the most current insight for enhancing functional knowledge and technical performance for the Contracting Officer’s (Technical) Representative (COR/COTR), Task Administrator, Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO), Quality Assurance Evaluator (QAE), or other contractor oversight positions. The course presents and discusses new laws and regulations, as well as recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Inspector General (IG) cases that pertain to the federal government oversight process. In addition, this course reemphasizes procurement integrity and ethics issues
The course starts with a refresher “quiz” on hot topics and current contract management issues. Participants and the instructor discuss real-life scenarios and ever-changing challenges for the COR/COTR. This course encourages interactive exchanges of information to enhance knowledge by sharing experiences and forming networks for the future.
Target Audience
All federal government COR/COTRs, or similar professionals that desire to stay current in their contract administration function and/or must complete a refresher course every two years to maintain their current certification.
To refresh the COR/COTR with:
New laws and regulations
Emerging initiatives in contractor oversight
Recent trends in acquisition
Emphasize the importance of teamwork between the technical/engineering community and the contracting community for effectively conducting the contracting process
Raise the level of awareness of non-contracting personnel to their value and importance in the contracting process
Reinforce the different responsibilities of the Contracting Officer and the COR/COTR

Re-Examination of the Federal Government Acquisition Process
An Update & Review of Current Legislation Regulations and Policies
Another Look at Federal Government Contracts and Contracting
Discussion of Performance Experiences from View of the Contracting Officer and the COR/COTR
Identification of Current Duties & Responsibilities of the COR/COTR & Potential Changes that May Impact Performance
Administration Experiences Including Delinquencies and Disputes
A Refresh of COR/COTR's Role in Tracking Contract Funding
Highlights for the Current Emphasis on Effective & Timely Contract Close-Out

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