Conflict Management

Conflict Management
Within organizations, it is found that employees are spending twice as much time settling employee disputes as they did a decade ago. What does this mean to you? The necessity of understanding methods to deal with conflicts in the organization.
Conflict Management Training Topics
• What is a Conflict?
• Why Conflict Arises?
• Sources of Conflict
• Conflict Events
• Exercise
• Functional Conflict - Desirability of Conflict
• Levels of Conflict
• Types of Conflict
• Causes of Conflict
• Dysfunctional Conflict - Undesirability of Conflict
• Stages of Conflict
• Exercise
• Managing Conflict
• Practical Tips
• Exercise
• Preventing Conflict
• Tips for managing Workplace Conflict
• Conflict Frames and Orientations
• Reducing Conflict
• Personalities who cause Conflict
• WAC’em method
• Exercise
• International Aspects of Conflict in Organizations
• Conflict Resolution Techniques
• Conflict Stimulation Techniques
• Exercise

Outcome of the Conflict Management Training
Conflict is an inevitable and unavoidable part of our everyday professional and personal lives. Thus, conflict is a critical event in the course of a relationship. Whether a relationship is healthy or unhealthy does not depend much on the number of conflicts between participants, but on how the conflicts are resolved. The participants would be in a better position to understand themselves and the people they interact with leading to amicable atmosphere in the organization thus drastically reducing the conflict resolution time by the line managers.

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