Certified Member of the Board of Directors (CMBD)

Training Topics

A1. Governance, Risk, Compliance and the role of the Board of Directors
A2. The Sarbanes Oxley Act and the responsibilities of the Board of Directors
A3. Understanding the European Union: What every Board must know (European Union - 500 million people, unique legal and regulatory environment)
A4. Understanding the European Sarbanes Oxley - the 8th Company Law Directive, the Market Abuse Directive and the Transparency Directive of the European Union
A5. The Basel ii Accord and the new international standards in credit, market and operational risk. After the current market crisis, the Basel ii rules become more important
A6. The Dodd Frank Act and the major changes in corporate governance and risk management

Duration : 2 days [9am to 5pm]

1000 USD [training and exam]

Call : vijay - 0-94400 89341

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