- ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in ITSM -Change Management

- ITIL® Practitioner Certificate in ITSM -Change Management

Change Management Practitioner

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to provide professional advice and leadership in IT Change Management within their organizations.

Course Content

Implementation Planning
· Making a business case for investment in Change Management.
· Defining objectives and goals.
· Developing and documenting processes and roles.
· Resolving the relationship between Change Management and other IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) disciplines.
· Selecting and acquiring tools.
· Requests for Change (RFCs)
· Sources of RFCs. Details and formats for RFCs.
Assessing Proposed Changes
· Costs, benefits and value for money.
· Impacts and risks.
· Prioritization schemes and Forward Schedule of Changes.
· The use of the CMDB.
Making Decisions
· Advice, approval, authorization and accountability.
· The Change Advisory Board (CAB).
· Organizing and chairing CAB meetings.
Streamlining the Process
· Progressing and controlling urgent changes.
· Simplifying decisions and actions through Change Models and Standard Changes.
Overseeing Implementation and Release
· Tracking changes through their entire lifecycle.
· Managing changes on a holistic basis.
· Scrutinizing release and rollout plans.
· Obtaining assurance of adequate testing.
· Coordinating back out of failed changes.
Ongoing Management
· Selecting and gathering management metrics.
· Defining, preparing and distributing reports on efficiency and effectiveness.
· Auditing and compliance.
Examination Preparation
· Exam case study familiarization.
· Sample examination questions.

What skills will the delegate gain?

This course will enable delegates to:
· Enhance their capability in Goal and objective setting.
· Enhance their capability in defining and documenting processes.
· Enhance their capability in selecting and applying management metrics.
· Enhance their capability in appraising working practices and making justified proposals for improvement.

Who will the course benefit?

IT practitioners who wish to further their understanding of Change Management within the context of supporting IT services.

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