Clearing Class

1. Clearing Ancestral
2. Clearing Black magic removal
3. Clearing blame
4. Clearing blocks to welcoming abundance
5. Clearing clutter
6. Clearing demon
7. Clearing doubt and fear
8. Clearing Entities
9. Clearing Entity removal
10. Clearing family blocks
11. Clearing fear of growth
12. Clearing fear of numbers
13. Clearing fear of rejection
14. Clearing fear of success
15. Clearing feeling stuck
16. Clearing financial illusions
17. Clearing Homes /spaces
18. Clearing indecision
19. Clearing lack of self worth
20. Clearing Limiting Beliefs/oaths/vows/contracts
21. Clearing money zapping decisions
22. Clearing self sabotage
23. Clearing the fear of change
24. Clearing the fear of scarcity
25. Clearing your financial mess
26. Discover the ultimate you
27. Generate your future self
28. Getting clear on the future
29. Getting clear on your values
30. Turning Blocks into profits

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