Cia -Certified Internal Auditor

The CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) has served as the ONLY internationally accepted designation for internal auditors.

CIAs assist and advise management and boards of directors in accomplishing overall goals and objectives.

The examinations The CIA exam is administered by The Institute of Internal Auditors, which is a worldwide organization of 50,000 internal auditors.

Number of exam parts : 4

Duration of each exam part :3 1/2Hours

Total exam duration (all four exam parts) : 14 hours

Passing score (each exam part) : 75%

Average pass rate by exam part : 45%

The best way to prepare and pass the CIA exam is to use the Gleim products (books and question bank CDs).

You will be provided with easy to handle 40 Gleim study units, i.e. 10 study units for each of the 4 parts of the CIA exam.

There are 40 study units grouped into four parts:

Part 1

1.Introduction to Internal Auditing
2.Charter, Independence, and Objectivity
3.Standards and Proficiency
5.Planning and Supervising the Engagement
6.Performing the Engagement
7.Managing the Internal Audit Activity
8.Information Technology Auditing

Part 2

1.Problem Solving
2.Decision Making
3.Pronouncements on Engagement Information
4.Types of Engagement Information
5.Flowcharting and Data Gathering
6.Using Electronic Media
7.Working Papers
8.Communicating Results
10.Statistics and Sampling

Part 3

1.Control Concepts
2.The Controlling Process
4.Measuring Performance
5.Decision Analysis (Operations Management) I
6.Decision Analysis (Operations Management) II
7.Information Technology I
8.Information Technology II
9.Information Technology III (Using Electronic Media)
10.Information Technology IV (Control)

Part 4

1.Standards and Statements
3.Liabilities and Equity
4.Financial Accounting - Special Topics
5.Finance I
6.Finance II
7.Managerial Accounting - Cost Behavior and Allocation
8.Managerial Accounting - Additional Topics
9.Regulatory Environment I
10.Regulatory Environment II

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