Did you know your Crown is more responsible for sexual development than your sacral chakra?

Did you know how turmeric helps healing your chakras?

Did you know how your tridosha (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) corresponds to your chakra?

Did you know you can make a customised daily routine of diet, yoga, breathing exercise, crystal, sound, cloths and even fragrance to have a balanced awakening of your chakra?

Join this unique course and unlock the love hidden in your chakras!

Cultivate the infinite love hidden in your body. Develop and nurture your mind, body and soul through your five senses.

Learn healing through conscious eating, visuals, sound, yoga, touch and smell.

Human beings understand and remember things by smell, touch, visuals & sounds.

You can learn how to heal, integrate and awaken the inner self & others through these divine powers called five senses.

Course content:

This course is designed & developed by Varsha.

Illuminating Chakra Course is focused on Our seven major chakra, their management, healing, balancing & empowerment through conscious use of our five senses. This technique involves guided meditation, Holistic diet & nutrition, Yoga therapy, Aromatherapy, Crystal Therapy, Sound Healing, Color Therapy and techniques to unlock the unconditional love within by therapeutic meditations, visualizations and Guided imagery. In these two days you will learn how to heal, cleanse and empower each of your major chakra and how to facilitate this healing on your clients.

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