Cloud computing is the next big thing in IT. Get a head, start on Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Windows Azure at SPECTRAMIND. Azure simplifies maintaining and operating applications by providing on-demand computing capabilities and storage to host, scale and manage web services.

With Windows Azure

Automate deployment and management of applications
Integrate into existing environments with standards - based compatibility
Incrementally incorporate the cloud in to your architecture
At Spectramind, we invite you to get ready to take up the higher ground

Course Objectives

Understand and Identify various services under the Windows Azure Platform
Identify the key features of Windows Azure
Explore the components of Windows Azure
Understand and implement Windows Azure Storage and its forms i.e. tables, blobs, and queues
Build and Deploy Applications and Services on Windows Azure platform
Appreciate and Use Microsoft SQL Azure (Database on Windows Azure Platform)
Building Applications using Microsoft SQL Azure
Explore and Implement Windows Azure AppFabric
Explain the features of Access Control List (ACL) service
Explain the features of Windows Azure Platform AppFabric Service Bus

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3-Day Certification Program for Cloud Infrastructure Operators Introduction SPectramind is pleased to offer the first three modules in an overall training and certification program to provide current AppLogic customers with a deep and clear understanding of the features and capabilities this powerful cloud computing platform provides. SPectramind BootCamp is a fast-track, intensive three day hands-on training for IT professionals who maintain and provision SPectramind based cloud computing infrastructure.


Specifically designed for IT Administrators, Data Center
Staff, System Administrators, Systems Integrators

At Course Completion

After completing this course, students will be able to:
− Install AppLogic in local and remote datacenters
− Add and remove resources
− Obtain and apply hot-fixes
− Integrate external hardware into cloud systems
− Use metering data for billing and charge-backs
− Perform crash recovery and debugging
− Configure a virtual run-book
− Build and use appliances
− Create template applications


Course attendees should be familiar with datacenter
OSs, Linux command line utilities/operations such as
yum, screen, vi, ifconfig, ping, nslookup, ssh, rsync and
scp. In addition attendees should have knowledge of:
− L2 and L3 networking configuration, routing,
− Use of public key-based authentication for ssh
access to servers.
− SSL certificates and DNS setup
− Disk layout, partitioning schemas, RAID
− Local and remote server management.
The fee of 25,000INR per person covers the 3-day hands-on
training and certification tests.

Course Outline

Module 1: Basic AppLogic for Cloud Operators
This unit provides an overview of AppLogic, focusing on
how to build and configure hardware and network
infrastructure for use with AppLogic. Topics include:
− Basic hardware and network infrastructure
− The installation process and the application of
− How to add and remove servers and other day to
day operational tasks and Best practices
Module 2: Advanced AppLogic for Cloud Operators
This unit, for which the module Basic AppLogic for Grid
Operators is a prerequisite, covers advanced AppLogic
topics such as crash recovery, debugging and migration.
Topics include:
− Installing and operating multi-grid services (incl.
multiple datacenters)
− Grid maintenance and reconfiguration
− Integrating external hardware into an AppLogic
− Using the 3Tera metering system for billing
− Best practices
Module 3: Basic AppLogic for Cloud Applications
This unit presents how to take full advantage of the power
of the AppLogic platform to design, architect and deploy
applications. It also provides an introduction to the
AppLogic appliance and application template catalog.
Topics include:
− Configuring, editing, provisioning, copying and
migrating of applications with AppLogic
− Overview of the standard appliance catalog
− Using appliances to build applications
− Creating new appliances
− Creating template applications
− Virtual run book
− Best practices


Next SPectramind training and certification program will take place in Hyderabad, INDIA, Tuesday, March 2, through
Thursday, March 4, 2011. To sign up or get more information, please send and email to ni.oc.oohay|pmpaqscyajiv#ni.oc.oohay|pmpaqscyajiv
*Cancellation and no show policy: You may cancel a class with no cancellation charge up to 10 business days prior to the class start date.
You can send a substitute student to your scheduled class in your place or reschedule the class at no additional fee for up to 6 months.
You need a laptop with WiFi in order to access your servers.

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