Cant-Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques

Cost Analysis and Negotiation Techniques builds on the basic pricing skills covered in the Level I Contracting curriculum and introduces methods and techniques necessary to analyze a contractor’s cost proposal and to develop a government negotiation objective. Students will apply the cost analysis techniques to analyze a contractor’s proposal and develop a cost objective. The course also introduces negotiation terminology, styles, and techniques

Target Audience
This course is for intermediate-level contracting personnel who are Level I certified in Contracting and have 2 years of contracting experience

Students who successfully complete this AMCI equivalent course will be able to:
Determine when cost analysis should be used;
Identify the use and application of a contract audit;
Make a determination on a contractor’s estimating and accounting systems;
Calculate a cost objective for direct material, direct labor, other direct costs,
indirect costs, facilities cost of money, and profit/fee;
Calculate a price/cost objective using simple regression analysis, learning curve analysis, and statistics; and
Outline the process for conducting contract negotiations. .

Decision Making and Problem Solving
Mission Support Planning
Solicitation Preparation
Response Evaluation and Award
Performance Assessment
Contract Modification and Negotiation Exercises
Contract Closeout

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