Calypso Training and Consulting

Spectramind Calypso product coverage and skill includes

  • Solution Suites
  • Cross Asset
  • Treasury
  • Derivatives
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Management

Individual Solutions for:

  • Fixed Income (Bonds, Repos, Securities)
  • Treasury (Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Loans and deposits)
  • Derivatives (Interest Rate, Credit, Equity and FX)
  • Equities, Commodities and Calypso eXotic structured Product (XSP)

Domain Skills

  • Foreign Exchange
  • Foreign Exchange Derivatives
  • Money Market
  • Fixed Income
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Equity & Equity Derivatives
  • Commodities
  • Structured Products

Cross Asset Front & Back Trading Platform Experience

Front Office
Fixed Income
FX & Money Market

Middle Office
Risk Aggregator
Limits Management

Back Office
Confirmations & Settlements

Scope of work:
Customized Development using the Calypso API and CalypsoML.

Developing Add-on modules using Calypso Tool kit
Enhancing existing modules using calypso Tool kit

Back-Office and or Front Office Work:
Data migration,
Data import-export,
Transformation across different applications or platforms

Calypso Product Coverage:

  1. Pricing & Analytics
  2. Product Structuring
  3. Trade Capture
  4. Position Management
  5. Trade Events
  6. Risk Analysis
  7. Trade Blotter
  8. Valuation Reports
  9. P&L Analysis
  10. Limit management
  11. Risk Aggregation
  12. Data Configuration Feed
  13. Data Migration to Calypso
  14. Curve Generation
  15. Manage Static Data


  • Support
  • Upgrading
  • Implementation of front to back office
  • Onsite Advantage

Contact :

Vijay : Cell:0-9440089341

Phone : 91-40-64568797

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India Course Dates, Venue & Timings:

Sl.No. State City Batch1-Date Batch2-Date Batch3-Date Batch4-Date Batch5-Date Batch6-Date Batch7-Date Batch8-Date Venue Contact
1 Telanagana Hyderabad 12-Feb’18 19-Feb’18 7-Apr’18 8-Apr’18 5-May’18 6-May’18 2-Jun’18 3-Jun’18 Flat # 617, 6th Floor, Annapurna Block, Aditya Enclave, Ameerpet, Hyderabad-500016, Telangana, India Mr. Jason
2. Karnataka Bangalore 3-Mar’18 4-Mar’18 7-Apr’18 8-Apr’18 5-May’18 6-May’18 2-Jun’18 3-Jun’18 SPECTRAMIND, DBS center, Cunningham road, Bangalore Mr. Vijay
3. Tamilnadu Chennai 10-Mar’18 11-Mar’18 14-Apr’18 15-Apr’18 12-May’18 13-May’18 9-Jun’18 10-Jun’18 SPECTRAMIND,CHENNAI, CitiCentre , Level 6, 10/11 Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600 004,India Mr. Yogdasan
4. Maharashtra Mumbai 17-Feb’18 18-Feb’18 17-Mar’18 18-Mar’18 21-Apr’18 22-Apr’18 19-May’18 20-May’18 SPECTRAMIND,DBS Heritage,Prescot Road,Opp. Cathedral Sr. School,Fort, Mumbai 400001. DBS Heritage (From Airport instruct the car / cab driver to drive to Fort, FashionStreet. It’s near Siddharth College, Budha Bhavan. Also there are schools like J. P. Pettit School & Cathedral Sr. School Mr. Anwar
5. Uttar Pradesh Delhi 24-Feb’18 25-Feb’18 24-Mar’18 25-Mar’18 28-Apr’18 29-Apr’18 26-May’18 27-May’18 SPECTRAMIND,Paharpur Business Centre, 21, Nehru Place Greens, New Delhi - 110019 Mr. Sanjay
6. Maharashtra Pune 3-Mar’18 4-Mar’18 7-Apr’18 8-Apr’18 5-May’18 6-May’18 2-Jun’18 3-Jun’18 SPECTRAMIND,Panchasheel tech park,Yerwada, Pune Mr.Raju
7. West Bengal Kolkata 3-Mar’18 4-Mar’18 7-Apr’18 8-Apr’18 5-May’18 6-May’18 2-Jun’18 3-Jun’18 SPECTRAMIND Kaushik

Contact Details:

Mr. Vijay

Mobile: 0091 94400 89341

Phone: 0091 040-6456 8797

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