Certified Agile Business Analysis

Certified Agile Business Analysis

Module 1: What is Business Analysis?
• Business analysis and the Business Analyst
• The scope of business analysis
• The competencies of a Business Analyst

Module 2: What is Agile?
• The traditional SDLC
• The Agile Manifesto
• The 12 principles

Module 3: Common Agile approaches
• Scrum and XP
• The link with Kanban and Lean
• Roles in Agile
• BA roles in Agile

Module 4: BA techniques in Agile projects
• BABOK and the Agile extension
• The Agile framework

Module 5: See the whole
• Business capability
• Personas
• Value stream mapping

Module 6: Think as a customer
• Story decomposition, mapping & boarding

Module 7: Determine what’s of value
• The product backlog
• Business value definition

Module 8: Get real with examples
• Behaviour driven development
• BDD and test automation

Module 9: Understand what’s doable
• Relative estimation
• Planning workshop
• Real options

Module 10: Stimulate collaboration and continuous improvement
• Collaborative games
• Retrospectives

Module 11: Avoid waste
• Lean
• Just In Time

Module 12: Review and close
• Plenary
• What next

At the end of the course, successful participants will be able to:

Identify the role of the business analyst in Agile software development projects
Participate in Agile teams developing software
Articulate the BA’s responsibilities to both the enterprise and the Agile team
Understand the BA’s contribution to the Agile process analysis frameworks
Identify BA specific techniques that contribute to the delivery of artefacts that add value to the enterprise initiating Agile projects
Appreciate the importance of, and how to contribute to, continuous improvement through retrospectives

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